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  1. Defining Serial Murder
  2. Types of Serial Killers
  3. What Makes A Serial Killer Kill?
  4. Essay on Serial Killers
  5. Three known murderers had north state victims (CA)
  6. 1970s serial killers sowed fear in Contra Costa
  7. Jack The Ripper
  8. Murder, Inc.
  9. Shocking Serial Killer Homework Assignment Canceled At Australia High School
  10. African-American Serial Killers
  11. List of American Serial Killers
  12. List of Serial Killers By Country
  13. Japan: Hunt on for serial killer who leaves haiku clue
  14. Female serial killers rare, possibly more dangerous
  15. Swedish serial killer who raped and ate his victims to be freed – because he made it all up
  16. Serial killers: Can science control them?
  17. Executed serial killers.
  18. Serial Killers Fast Facts
  19. What 12 death-row inmates requested for their last meal
  20. More serial killers than you can imagine
  21. School Project
  22. Are serial killers born or made?
  23. How the Examiner reported on the serial killers that struck in our town and region
  24. Cyber serial killers can operate online without fear of being caught, says Donal MacIntyre
  25. Were serial killers created by their childhoods?
  26. How Many Uncaptured Serial Killers Are Out There?
  27. The States With the Most Serial Murder
  28. Modern Life Has Made It Easier for Serial Killers to Thrive
  29. What’s the deal with Vaughn Greenwood?