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  1. Trial Underway for Robert Durst in 2000 CA Slaying of Susan Berman
  2. Mistrial Declared for Erika Sandoval in 2015 CA Slaying of Police Officer Daniel Green
  3. Death Penalty Trial: Jury Selection Underway for Otis Tyrone McKane in 2016 TX Slaying of Police Officer Benjamin Marconi
  4. Mistrial Declared for James Earnest Floyd Jr. in 2017 TX Slaying of John Porter
  5. Jacob Holmes, Jr. Found Guilty in 2009 PA Slaying of Miguel Aponte, Jr.
  6. Death Penalty Off the Table for Jesus Busso-Estoppellan in 2011 AZ Murder of Tyler Webster and Olek Wladyszewsk
  7. Death Penalty Trial: Lisandro Antonio Posada-Vasquez Pleads Guilty in 2017 VA Murder of Raymond Wood
  8. Death Penalty Trial: Bailey Boswell Found Guilty in 2017 NE Slaying of Sydney Loofe
  9. Death Penalty Trial: Billy Wells Pleads Guilty in 2019 FL Slaying of Fellow Inmate William Chapman
  10. Death Penalty Trial: Jury Selection Underway for Alvin Hester, Jr. in 2019 GA Slaying of County Investigator Cecil Ridley
  11. Death Penalty Trial Underway for Andre Maurice Warner in 2016 FL Murder of Adam Hilarie
  12. Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Adrian Ortiz in 2009 CA Slaying of Frederick Rojas