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  1. Death Penalty Trial Underway for Christopher Redondo in 2010 AZ Murder of Lt. Eric Shuhandler
  2. Edward Younghoon Shin Found Guilty in 2010 CA Slaying of Christopher Smith
  3. Trial Underway for Joshua Archie in 2012 MS Murder of Bobby Adams
  4. Death Penalty Trial: Brandon B. Howell Found Guilty in 2014 MO Quintuple Slaying
  5. Death Penalty Trial Underway for Charles Merritt in 2010 CA Quadruple Murder
  6. Death Penalty Trial: Karari Ritchie Found Guilty in 2009 FL Slaying of Tikkitress Johnson
  7. Ronald Rosser Found Guilty in 2015 TX Slaying of Richard Moore
  8. Death Penalty Trial Underway for Grover Cannon in 2015 LA Murder of Officer Thomas LaValley
  9. Jose Luis Rosales, Sr. Convicted of Manslaughter in 2015 AL Slaying of Two-Year-Old Son Jose Luis Rosales, Jr.
  10. Death Penalty Trial Underway for Branden Frazier in 2016 PA Slaying of Benito Nicoletti
  11. Death Penalty Trial Underway for John Hernandez Felix in 2016 CA Murders of Two Officers
  12. Death Penalty Trial: Charles Thomas Stacks Found Guilty in 2015 NC Murder of 2-Year-Old Jaxson Sonny Swain
  13. Death Penalty Trial: Joseph McAlpine Found Guilty in 2017 OH Murder of Michael Kuznik and Trina Tomola
  14. Mistrial Declared for Jesus Busso-Estoppellan in 2011 AZ Murder of Tyler Webster and Olek Wladyszewsk
  15. Death Penalty Trial: Lisandro Posada-Vazquez Pleads Guilty in 2017 VA Murder of Raymond Wood
  16. Mistrial Declared for Brian Flores in 2015 TX Murder of Joshua Rodriguez and Victoria Dennis
  17. Death Penalty Trial: Jury Selection Underway for Guadalupe Vela in 2015 TX Murders
  18. Kwame Adom Carpenter Found Guilty in 2015 CA Murder of Moureen Gathua and Kyan Gathua-Carpenter
  19. Death Penalty Trial: David Godwin Found Guilty in 2016 NC Murder of Wendy Tamagne