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  1. Death Penalty Off the Table for Allen McCoy in 2010 MO Slaying of Aubury Lee Finch
  2. Death Penalty Off the Table for Jesse Warren in 2010 GA Shooting Spree
  3. Death Penalty Sought for Leroy Anthony Johnson in 2009 CA Murders of Gary De Bartolo and Sandra De Bartolo
  4. Potential Death Penalty for Sun Cha Warhola Charged in 2010 UT Murders of Her Two Children
  5. John Ewell Charged in the 2010 CA Murders of Leamon and Robyn Turnage, Possible Death Penalty
  6. Death Penalty Sought for Lucky Ward a/k/a Lawayne Jackson in 2010 TX Murder of Reita Lafaye Long and Carlos T. Rodriguez
  7. Death Penalty Sought for Sabrina Powell, Noel Dale in 2010 GA Slaying of 12-year-old Jaytavious Mahone
  8. John DeSisti Dies Awaiting Trial in 2006 PA Murders of Carol and David Keefe
  9. Blue Alert law goes into affect
  10. New Virginia DNA searches possible
  11. Cold Case Homicide Solved - 1979 Murder of Norma Page, FL - Steve Herman Bronson Freed Due to Mental Incompetence
  12. Soering lawsuit questions McDonnell's authority to revoke transfer to German prison
  13. 3 Teens Charged in 2011 CA Slayings of A Husband, His Wife and Their Daughter
  14. Rodney Stutzman Found Incompetent to Stand Trial in 2011 Slayings of Mervin and Viola Stutzman
  15. Law Enforcement News
  16. Hells Angels fugitive captured in Argentina
  17. Jesse John Crow Commits Suicide While In Custody
  18. Father Beheads Daughter's Rapist: Hero or Monster?
  19. Police Analyzing Skull Found in NY Serial Killer Case
  20. Cross State Killer Muziwokuthula Madondo yet to be charged for 2011 OH Slayings of Jacquelyn Hilder and Zanzele Mdadane
  21. U.S. forces kill elusive terror figure Osama bin Laden in Pakistan
  22. There is nothing more deplorable than a MOTHER killing her children
  23. Potential Death Penalty for Gary Gilbert in 2010 VA Slaying of Natasha Gross
  24. Murderer sues state after prison staff brought him back to life when his heart stopped beating
  25. Disemboweling video: Will U.S. Supreme Court release prison footage of Joey Estrella slaying?
  26. Potential Death Penalty for Avtar Grewal in 2007 AZ Slaying of Navneet Kaur
  27. Carl Guilford kills Vegas jail cellmate with pencil
  28. Death Penalty Sought for Gregory Evans in 2011 GA Beating Death of 19-month old Janaysia Stevenson
  29. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty Against Alberd Tersargyan in 2009/10 CA Slayings
  30. 20-Year Sentence for Monster Who Trained Dog To Rape in Colombia
  31. Dead man appeals his murder conviction
  32. Donald Rudolph charged with killing mom, sister and mom’s boyfriend in triple slaying in Weymouth, MA
  33. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty Against Jeronimo Ramirez Martinez in 2010 CA Double Homicide
  34. Okla. mom won't face charges for shooting intruder
  35. Ex-Miss. Gov. Barbour pardoned dozens
  36. As many as 356 killed in Honduras prison fire
  37. Death Penalty Sought for O'Brian McNeil White in 2012 NC Slayings of Naomi Wright and Abdelgadir Mergany Abdelganir
  38. Shazer Fernando Limas Charged in 2012 CA Slaying of Arlet Hernandez, Two Sons Still Missing
  39. Families face parole hearing ordeal in Virginia Beach
  40. Exonerated Florida Man, Alan Crotzer, Arrested For Attempted Murder and Eventually Released to Death of Alleged Victim
  41. Possible Federal Death Penalty for Calvin Jordan in 2010 AL Slaying of Jason Jackson
  42. Troy McWhorter Charged with Murdering Shonda Alexander in 2004 in Texas
  43. Doctor sentenced to 90 years for raping 7-year-old boy
  44. Escaped Convicted NC Murderer James Ladd Apprehended
  45. Potential Death Penalty for Robert Durst in 2000 CA Slaying of Susan Berman
  46. Conn. man kills masked teen, learns it's his son
  47. Feds Seek Death Penalty Against Wilmar Rene Duran-Gomez and Efrain Rodriguez-Mendoza in Death of 2 Honduran Nationals
  48. Jon Christopher Blaylock Found Mentally Competent in 2005 CA Slaying of CO Manuel Gonzalez
  49. 4 convicted in NY cop Eddie Byrne's 1988 death denied parole
  50. Feds deal 'devastating blow' to Aryan Brotherhood prison gang
  51. School Shootings
  52. Murders Abroad
  53. Manhunt Ends with Cop Killer Christopher Dorner's Death
  54. LAPD Detectives Investigating Body Found in Hotel Water Tank
  55. Potential Death Penalty for Shelby Shell in 2013 KY Slaying of Ronnie King
  56. Cory Allen Dies Before Trial in 2012 AZ Slaying of Linda Pirelli-Brown
  57. Death Penalty Trial Postponed for Landon Broussard in 2012 LA Slaying of Julian Madera
  58. Jerrod Murray Ordered Back to Mental Facility for 2012 OK Slaying of Generro Sanchez
  59. Police Officer Jason Ellis Ambushed and Murdered
  60. Justifiable Homicide
  61. Leona Swafford Murdered, Killer At Large
  62. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty Against Ryan Jones in 2013 GA Slaying of his Parents and Brother
  63. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty Against John Deloney in 2013 OH Slaying of Richard Evans
  64. Roderick Roshund Lewis Accused in 2013 MS Prison Stabbing Death of Kelvin Bowen
  65. Don't want mug shot online? Then pay up, sites say
  66. Anna Benson, the hot 'Baseball Wives' star, once implicated in a murder
  67. Federal Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for James Wayne Ham in 2013 TX Murder of Postal Worker Eddie “Marie” Youngblood
  68. American nun's killer released from Brazil prison
  69. Wilbert Thibodeaux Deemed Mentally Unfit for Trial in 2013 LA Slaying of Eddie Lyons and Sgt. Rick Riggenbach
  70. Drew Alan Friis Charged with Capital Murder in 2013 CA Slayings of 2 Homeless Men
  71. Mom jailed in connection with baby's death wants out to give birth to another
  72. No Charges for Texas Father Who Beat to Death Daughter's Molester
  73. Aaron Alexis Washington Navy Yard Shooter
  74. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Charles Burks in 2013 AL Slaying of Angela Mikel
  75. Potential Death Penalty for Cedric Mason in 2013 MS Triple Slaying
  76. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty For Ummad Rushdi in 2013 PA Slaying of Infant Hamza Ali
  77. Potential Death Penalty for Rosario Melici and Michael Marotta in 2013 FL Slayings of Barbara Russo and Philip Russo
  78. Bethany Arceneaux, Kidnapping Victim, Rescued By Family Members Who Killed Her Captor
  79. The "Knockout" Game
  80. Postal Worker Tyson Barnette Killed While Delivering Mail in Maryland
  81. Tashawna Monae Caldwell Charged with Capital Murder in 2013 TX Toddler Slaying
  82. Sentence in Texas teen's fatal DWI wreck stirs ire (totally pathetic)
  83. Canada high court strikes down all restrictions on prostitution
  84. Corporal Kevin "Gale" Stauffer Killed in The Line of Duty, Suspect Killed
  85. Police union draws fire over swearing toddler 'thug' video
  86. Death Penalty Pursued for Potential TX Serial Killer Steven Hobbs
  87. Death Penalty Sought for Paul Aaron Ross in 2004 PA Murder of Tina S. Miller
  88. Possible Death Penalty for Joseph Raetz in 2012 OK Murder of Robert Bailey
  89. Nathaniel Dennis Charged with 2012 AL Slaying of Earnest Russell Douglas
  90. Antonio D. King and Santago Davis Charged with Capital Murder in 2014 AL Slaying of Nephew Sayquawn Lamer Wiggins
  91. Jason Derek Brown - FBI most wanted for armored car robbery and murder
  92. Potential Death Penalty for Alex Crisp in the 2014 NC Slaying of Amanda "Summer" Johnson
  93. Missing Malaysian flight 370... AMAZING mystery!
  94. Marlon Alexis Galo Soriano Charged with Capital Murder in 2014 TX Slaying of Rueben Portillo
  95. DA to Seek Death Penalty for Franc Cano in 2013 CA Murders of Four Women
  96. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Robert Erik Bell in 2012 GA Triple Murders
  97. Potential Death Penalty for Joseph Frank Bova II in 2013 FL Murder of Mother of 6, Zuheily Roan Rosado
  98. Death Penalty Sought for Richard Tyrone Garcia, Armando Osegueda and Joseph Luis Jauriqui in 2012 CA Triple Slaying
  99. Potential Death Penalty for Bryan Shackerford, Andre Smith & Antwoine Smith in 2013 TX Murder of Cinthia Cruz-Alcantara
  100. Potential Death Penalty for Darius Smith in 2007 TX Murder of 2-year-old son Zion
  101. Potential Death Penalty for Cole Millington, Pardeep Singh and Kultar Singh Dhatt in 2013 CA Slaying of Amripal Sandhu
  102. Dennis Wayne Brown Dies in Jail Before Trial in 2014 TX Slayings of Noel Devin and Mac Devin
  103. Potential Death Penalty for Angel Espindola in 2013 CA Slaying of Juan Garcia
  104. Charges Dropped for Norman Clark in 2011 TN Slaying of Brittany Eldridge and Her Unborn Son
  105. Potential Death Penalty for Travon Lewis Stokes in 2014 CA Slayings of Kavin Johnson, Terry Freeman and David Lawler
  106. Potential Death Penalty for Binh Hung Nguyen in 2012 TX Murder of Jeffrey Madrid, Francisco Romero and Christopher Santos
  107. Potential Death Penalty for Tyree Law in 2014 AL Murder of Darius Moore
  108. Potential Death Penalty for Michael Antonio Williams in 2014 AL Racing Murder
  109. Potential Death Penalty for LaRunne Richardson in 2014 FL Triple Murder of Woman and Two Children
  110. Death Penalty Sought for Vinh Van Nguyen in 2014 KS Triple Murder
  111. Death Penalty Sought for Ronald Haskell in 2014 TX Murders of Six
  112. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Miguel Ruiz Lobo in 2014 FL Murder of 11-year-old Martha Guzman
  113. Potential Death Penalty for Alonzo Stewart in 2014 MS Murder of Ruth Helen Harrion
  114. Brandan Butler Found Guilty in 2014 LA Double Murder
  115. Matthew Lara Charged With Capital Murder in 2014 TX Fetus Death
  116. Potential Death Penalty for Michael Kennedy for 2014 AL Slaying of Deborah Diane Prater
  117. Family of 5 shot to death at Virginia home
  118. The Michael Brown case (Ferguson, MO)
  119. Prosecutors to Seek the Death Penalty for Accused Serial Killer Alexander Hernandez in 2014 CA Quintuple Murders
  120. Death Penalty Trial Postponed for Karl Karlsen in 1991 CA Murder of his wife Christina Karlsen
  121. Death Penalty Pursued for Amond J. Rainey in 2014 OH Slaying of Two-Year-Old Josiya Eves
  122. Federal Death Penalty Pursued for John Travis Millner in 2009 KY Prison Slaying of Vincent Earl Smith
  123. Death Penalty Sought for Daniel Nelson Robinson in 2014 GA Slaying of Bill Davitte
  124. Potential Death Penalty for Duryea Bennett in 2014 AZ Murder of One-Month-Old Natalyah Bennett
  125. Jacob Bersson Charged in 2014 CA Murder of Lawrence "Larry" Bressler and Denise Bressler
  126. Terrorist Attacks in Canada
  127. Potential Death Penalty for Lance Berning in 2014 FL Murder of 24-year-old Jennifer Hedges
  128. Quaniesha Carter Charged in 2014 AL Robbery and Murder of 26-year-old Xxavier Moses
  129. Potential Death Penalty for Toonerville Gang Member Eduardo Rodriguez in 2001 CA Murder of 26-year-old Margie Mendoza
  130. Death Penalty Off the Table for Harry Little, Sr. in 2014 MO Slaying of Sylvia Brown
  131. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Michael Jones in 2014 FL Slaying of Diana Duve
  132. Potential Death Penalty for Frederick W. Johnson in 1984 TX Murder of 14-year-old Sharon Darnell
  133. Death Penalty Pursued for Donald Hugh Davidson, Jr. in 2014 FL Murder of 35-Year-Old Roseann Kasama Welsh
  134. Quinton Tellis Charged in 2016 LA Murder of Ming-Chen Hsiao
  135. Prosecutor to Seek Death Penalty for Michael Vernon Hayes in 2013 KY Robbery-Murder of 23-year-old Jovon Dawson
  136. Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops in Garner ‘revenge’
  137. Potential Death Penalty for Aleasha Cox in 2014 TN Murder of 50-year-old Cleate Davis
  138. Potential Death Penalty for David Martinez in 2014 CA Murder of 45-year-old Police Officer Shaun Diamond
  139. Terrorists killed 12 and injured many more in Paris attack
  140. Death Penalty Sought for Bryan Patrick Miller in 1992 and 1993 AZ Murders of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas
  141. Potential Death Penalty for Akeeme Hayes in 2015 OH Murder of 54-year-old Patrick Feeney
  142. Death Penalty Sought for Apolinar Altamirano, an Illegal Alien, in 2015 AZ Murder of 21-year-old Grant Ronnebeck
  143. Prosecutor to Seek the Death Penalty for Demorris Hunter in 2002 FL Murder of 38-year-old Teresa Green
  144. Last Meals in the News
  145. DA to Seek Death Penalty Against Alejandro Benitez in 2012 CA Murder of 16-month-old Kaden Bernard
  146. Death Penalty Sought for James Edward Williamson in 2012 NC Murder of 65-Year-Old Kim Flournoy
  147. Craig Hicks Charged with Murder in 2015 NC Murder of Three Muslim Students
  148. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Amanuel Menghesha in 2015 GA Murder of Police Officer Terence Avery Green
  149. Potential Death Penalty for Manuel Garcia in 2015 TX Murder of Samuel White, 53, and Patrick Moore, 58
  150. 'Zebra Killer' J.C.X. Simon Found Dead in Prison Cell
  151. Potential Death Penalty for Anton “Leo” Stragaj in 2014 FL Murder of 74-Year-Old Steven Schwartz
  152. Potential Death Penalty for Michael Meeks in 2015 MS Murder of Jeannette Gray and Wayne Williams
  153. New Jersey Centenarian Killed Wife With Ax Before Committing Suicide
  154. Craigslist Killers
  155. South Africa: Thousands march demanding justice for slain teacher and the reinstatement of the death penalty
  156. Charges Dropped in 2O15 TX Biker War that Killed Nine
  157. Jeffery Ryan Conlin Dies of Wounds After 2015 TX Slaying of Police Officer Richard Martin
  158. Death Penalty Sought for Carlos T. Cruz in 2015 AZ Murder of 3-Year-Old Alexandra Velazco Torsetto
  159. Death Penalty Sought for Joseph Christopher Cowan in 2015 AL Robbery and Murder of Antonio Hernandez and Joshua Davis
  160. Death Penalty Sought for Reginald Louis Jackson and Roderick Martin in 2013 FL Slayings of Annette Anderson and Tyrone Walker
  161. Robert Seman Commits Suicide before Trial in 2015 OH Slayings of Corinne Gump, Judith Schmidt and William Schmidt
  162. Death Penalty Sought for Ferjus Bernard Moore in 2014 NC Slaying of Cheryl Bethea
  163. Death Penalty Sought for Ronnie Adrian “Jay” Towns in 2015 GA Murder of Elrey “Bud” Runion and June Runion
  164. Potential Death Penalty for Curtis Levon Jackson in 2015 NC Murder of 32-Year-Old Curtis Lamont Mitchell
  165. Potential Death Penalty for Zachary Stanford in 2015 MS Slayings of Peggy Faries and Robert Faries
  166. Death Penalty Sought for Andrew Wayne Young in 2015 NC Slaying of His 13-Month-Old Daughter Ruby-Rayne Delana Young
  167. Bruce "Buddy" Keys Charged With Capital Murder in 2015 MS Beating Death of 90-year-old Mims Bowen
  168. Latravis Wright Charged with Capital Murder in 2015 AL Beating Death of 5-year-old Zaryen Adair
  169. William Everette Razor III Sentenced in 2007 NC Murder of 39-Year-Old April Kemp
  170. Death Penalty Sought for Martin Martinez in 2015 CA Multiple Murders
  171. Prosecutors to Seek the Death Penalty for Stacy Demar Gray in 2015 AL Kidnapping and Murder of Renee Eldridge
  172. Death Penalty Sought for Cheyenne Jessie in 2015 FL Murder of Meredith Jessie, 6, and her grandfather Mark Weekly, 50
  173. Death Penalty Sought for Christopher Matthew Henderson in 2015 AL Multiple Murders
  174. Death Penalty Sought for Rhonda Carlson in 2015 AL Multiple Murders
  175. Death Penalty Pursued for David Ray Conley III in 2015 TX Slayings of Eight
  176. Federal Murder Charges Dismissed for Dwane Taylor in 2014 MO Slaying of Erin Davis and 2015 MO Slaying of Juanita Davis
  177. Death Penalty Sought for Cordaro McGhee in 2015 OH Slaying of Jean Elliott
  178. Prosecutors pursue Death Penalty for John Leo Davis in 2015 AZ Slaying of Michelle Davis
  179. TV Reporter and Cameraman Killed on Live TV in Virginia
  180. Willie Lewis Hayden, Jr. Charged in 2001 OK Murder of 37-Year-Old Vera Louise Gowers
  181. Potential Death Penalty for Luis Fuentes in 2015 CA Slaying of his Three Sons
  182. Death Penalty Off the Table for Alan Tysheen Eugene Lassiter in 2015 NC Murder of 3-Year-Old Daughter Calista Lassiter
  183. Death Penalty Sought for Victor Lamar Cruger in 2015 FL Slaying of Ernestine Griner Hines
  184. Potential Death Penalty for Edwin Salinas and Carlos Palacios in 2015 TX Murders of Jose Torres and Lazaro Esparza
  185. Potential Death Penalty for Jerrold Micah Burnett for the 2005 AZ murder of Chad Cassidy
  186. Potential Death Penalty for Yoselin Rivas in 2015 TX Murder of 2-Month-Old Madelynn Skyler Sanchez
  187. Potential Death Penalty for Veronica Johnvae Houck and Jamar Kenty Webb in 2015 NV Murder of 71-Year-Old Young Suk Sanchez
  188. Death Penalty Sought for Jeffrey Brown in 2014 AL Sexual Torture Murder of 1-Year-Old Hoss Wayne Benham
  189. Potential Death Penalty for Kenneth Rasmuson in 1981 and 1986 CA Murders of Jeffrey David Vargo and Miguel Antero
  190. Illinois mom who watched 3 kids drown fights for new family
  191. Honor killing in America: DOJ report says growing problem is hidden in stats
  192. Potential Death Penalty for Donnie Lee Abernathy in 2015 AL Triple Murder
  193. Potential Death Penalty for Jonathan Kendrick in 2015 FL Murder of 78-Year Old Loretta Jackson
  194. Potential Death Penalty for Robert Lewis Dear in 2015 CO Triple Slaying
  195. Potential Death Penalty for Ricky Hathorn in 2015 FL Murder of 45-Year-Old Lara Kuchar
  196. Mass Shooting in San Bernardino
  197. Potential Death Penalty for Jamarkus Meshawn Smith in 2015 NC Sexual Abuse and Murder of his Three-Year-Old Daughter
  198. Death Penalty Off the Table for Nicole G. Nachtman in 2015 FL Slayings of Myriam Dienes and Robert Dienes
  199. Death Penalty Sought for Miguel Contreras-Perez in 2012 CO Slaying of Mary Ricard
  200. Barry Joe Coleman Charged with Capital Murder in 2015 VA Slaying of Nancy Carolyn Smith
  201. Lakeisha Holloway Charged in 2015 NV Slaying of Jessica Valenzuela
  202. Potential Death Penalty for Clarence Durell Dear in 2015 CA Burning Death of 41-Year-Old Dawn Hensley
  203. Travon Harmon Charged with Capital Murder in 2016 AL Double Murder
  204. Death Penalty Trial Delayed for Melvin Scherrer in 2012 MO Murder of Sam “Tick” Francis
  205. Jonathan Vasquez Charged with Capital Murder in 2015 TX Slaying of 71-Year-Old Saul Cruz
  206. Death Penalty Sought for Jamaal John Smith in 2016 FL Triple Murder
  207. Potential Death Penalty for Paul Darvis Misikei and Henry Willie Sao in 2016 CA Murder of 59-Year-Old Jim Rudometkin
  208. Death Penalty Sought for Walter Tamayo in 2013 CA Slaying of Steven Brenneman
  209. Death Penalty Sought for Marcial Manuel Casarez in 2015 NV Murder of Jamel Colbert and Shelby Robinson
  210. Daquarias Deshun Dennis Charged with Capital Murder in 2016 TX Slaying of 17-Year-Old Nancy Mata
  211. Judge: Florida has 'no death penalty'
  212. Potential Death Penalty for Luke Fabela in 2014 CA Murder of Shirley Isom and Armie Isom
  213. Death Penalty Sought for Justin Gray Reynolds in 2014 NC Murder of Jeanette Thut and Donna Gore
  214. Death Penalty Sought for Glenn Hogan in 2015 NC Slaying of Joe Shuping
  215. Paula Anderson Charged in 2016 SC Murder of Frances Anderson
  216. Jerand Ross Dies Before being Charged in 2016 GA Slaying of Major Greg Barney
  217. Potential Death Penalty for James Michael North in 2016 NC Murder of 62-Year-Old Christina Louise Kessinger
  218. Death Penalty Sought for Robert Jamal Wiggins, Khaleef Marshall and Devonte Travon Mike in 2016 AL Slaying of Bennie Rudd
  219. Potential Death Penalty for David Montel Cunningham in 2016 AL Murder of 33-Year-Old James Matthew Hill
  220. Death Penalty Sought for Nashid Porter in 2014 NC Murder of 27-Year-Old Obediah Hester IV
  221. Record Increases in Homicides in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Chicago
  222. Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino Facing Death Penalty in 2016 MO Slaying of Randy Nordman Found Dead in his Cell
  223. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Jacob Rex Langston in 2016 FL Triple Murder Including A Dog
  224. Death Penalty Sought for Robert Thomas and Cheron Shelton in 2016 PA Slayings of Six
  225. 3/22/2016 - Brussels attacked (again)
  226. Potential Death Penalty for Dennis James Harris in 2016 AL Rape and Murder of Monique Presnall-Kidd
  227. Potential Death Penalty for Ditty and Keefer in 2015 NC Murder of 2 year-old Macy Grace
  228. Potential Death Penalty for Kwame Fernanders and Quintae Edwards in 2016 NC Murder of 51-Year-Old Destry Horne
  229. 121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration
  230. Potential Death Penalty for Michael Anthony Herald in 2016 FL Murder of John and Nancy Engelhart
  231. Death Penalty Sought for Wagner Family in 2016 OH Slaying of Rhoden Family
  232. Death Penalty Sought for Eric Terril Yount in 2016 NC Slayings of Richelle Lail and Cody Williams Watts
  233. Potential Death Penalty for Raymond Pruitt in 2016 FL Murder of 53-Year-Old Store Clerk, Chung Lun Chiang
  234. Death Penalty Pursued for Leon Woodberry in 2016 FL Murder of 24-Year-Old Shannan Gordon
  235. Death Penalty Off the Table for Derek Connell in 2016 CA Slayings of Kim Higginbotham and Christopher Higginbotham
  236. Texas 2013 West Fertilizer Company Explosion
  237. Unseen scars: Injured officers often endure years of recovery
  238. Death Penalty Sought for Darius Revel Robinson in 2016 NC Slayings of Keisha Livingston, Shamare Harris and Diana Edgerton
  239. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Octavia Rogers in 2016 AZ Murders of Her 3 Sons
  240. Memphis Officer Struck, Killed After 3 Shot in Memphis
  241. Death Penalty Sought for Cesar "Chilango" Torres-Acevedo in 2015 NC Murder of 56-Year-Old Juan Mario Martinez Trujillo
  242. Potential Death Penalty for Reginald “Slim” Wright, Clifton Wade and Chelsea Wilhelm in 2016 TX Murder of Lee King
  243. Omar Mateen commits mass shooting in Orlando night club, kills 49 people
  244. British MP Jo Cox Assassinated
  245. Trial Set for Michael Wright in 2016 PA Murder of their 23-Month-Old Daughter, Lydia Wright
  246. British national tried to assassinate Donald Trump at Las Vegas rally
  247. Death Penalty Trial Delayed for Sigfredo Garcia in 2014 FL Slaying of Dan Markel
  248. Olanda William Taylor Charged With Capital Murder in 2016 TX Slaying of Zachary Benavidez
  249. Terrorism and Related Attacks
  250. Prosecutors Pursue Death Penalty for Joshua Every in 2016 LA Murder of Taylor Friloux