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  1. The Colonial Parkway Killer
  2. Natalee Holloway
  3. Jennifer Odom
  4. 1991 Austin, TX yogurt shop murders - 4 teens killed
  5. Barnett murder S/W Missouri
  6. Goggin Family Murders of Yakima WA on Feb 17th 2011
  7. West Mesa Serial Killer
  8. Alcasser teenage girls case, Spain
  9. Monica Pritchett Rollins and her 6-year-old son Dalton Scott Rollins Murdered in Alabama in 2002
  10. Shirley Steiner
  11. 20 years later, police and relatives seek answers in death of Arlington girl who inspired Amber Alerts
  12. Kerry Ann Graham and Francine Trimble
  13. Who killed Eileen?
  14. Here are the names of Charlotte’s homicide victims
  15. Lake Annecy murders: Everything we know five years on from the unsolved killing of a Claygate family in southern France
  16. TV show explores one of Lismore's unsolved murders
  17. 'Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.' Episodes 5 & 6: Beef Intensifies Between Bad Boy and Death Row
  18. New suspect composites released in Washington teen's 1991 cold case murder