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  1. Roper v. Simmons
  2. Graham v. Florida
  3. Meadoux v. Texas
  4. J.D.B. v. North Carolina
  5. Boulde, Colorado DA backs bill to adjust juvenile life sentences
  6. North Carolina Bill Aims To Up The Prosecution Age For Juveniles
  7. Appeals court allows life sentences for juveniles
  8. New York Judge Seeks New System for Juveniles
  9. US Supreme Court Justices Will Hear 2 Cases of Life Sentences for Youths
  10. SCOTUS - Juveniles Cannot Receive Mandatory LWOP
  11. Alabama Senate passes bill that would give juveniles convicted of capital murder a chance at parole after 40 years
  12. Federal Ninth Circuit issues important ruling interpreting Miller for California's teen killers
  13. Texas Appeals Court Tosses Out Sentence for Terrell Maxwell in Austin Murder
  14. Ohio Supreme Court case focuses on what evidence the defense gets when a juvenile faces trial as an adult
  15. Potential Life Sentence for Jae Williams in 2009 San Jose CA Murder of 15-year-old Michael Russell
  16. No Second Chance: Why juvenile offenders stay locked away
  17. With new law on the books, Louisiana courts prepare to re-sentence hundreds of juvenile murderers
  18. Law changes force dozens of old death penalty, juvenile cases back into courtrooms
  19. State Supreme Court strikes down life without parole for juveniles