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  1. 20-year-old hamburger, model of Domino's pizza among items in Indian River County 'murder museum' vault
  2. Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Project: Let Her Fry!
  3. Window display that looked like a lynching tree at Gap store
  4. Texas cattle rustler Roddy Dean Pippin: Give me liberty or hang me in the town square
  5. Arizona man found dead on bus in Boston
  6. Man killed for singing 'We are More American' at Houston karaoke night
  7. Police: Ore. man strips in airport screen protest
  8. Ind. man arrested with 4 kids strapped to car hood
  9. Geez, Get over it already!
  10. Jesus Christ Arrested
  11. Taking out the trash in Dallas
  12. Stephen Gough, 'Naked Rambler,' Allowed To Walk Home Nude From Scottish Prison
  13. Jackmeoff arrested in Broward County Florida
  14. Police: NH woman arrested 4 times in 26 hours
  15. Peabody man free on bail after allegedly firing handgun at his T.V.
  16. Miss. Man Charged in Buttocks Implant Death
  17. 'Batman' charged with obstructing Michigan police
  18. Police: Costumed Pa. girl mistaken for skunk, shot
  19. Charlie Sheen now threatening to shoot people which is new
  20. Trailer Park Woman Donna Lange Smothered Lover with Breasts
  21. Crime don't pay.....in Der Vaterland at least!
  22. Fresh from The Desk of Captain Peacock: All The Brit bits! That are fit bits!
  23. Batman detains suspect wanted by police
  24. 'Hunger Games' camp for children
  25. Joyful Executions gets death penalty from the App Store for "excessively objectionable content"
  26. Men in Sweden warned to beware of testicle-eating fish
  27. New Zealand woman drives for hours sending texts while asleep at the wheel
  28. Aside from the politicians
  29. Topless Woman Ransacks Florida McDonalds NSFW
  30. It’s a boy! US exchange student rescued from giant stone vagina in Germany
  31. Man went to hospital for circumcision and awoke to find penis amputated (Jefferson County / AL)
  32. "Fed Up" Colorado Man, 38, Busted For Killing His Computer In Cold Blood
  33. Netflix and Kill: Man Tells Cops He Slayed Friend After Binge-Watching ‘Walking Dead’
  34. The Escape From Angola Triathlon is Announced and within two weeks is Canceled.
  35. U.K Murderer Dennis Hennessy tried to break into Buckingham Palace
  36. Praying Mantis Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  37. Chinese Man told he was executed years ago
  38. Mother, 62, arrested after son, 6, beat newborn sister to death
  39. Nigerian man arrested for naming dog after the president
  40. Trio facing 1,460 charges of having sex with animals at makeshift Pennsylvania farm
  41. Juror plans to marry man she convicted
  42. Murder Hornets
  43. Victor Alvarez, Conspirator in 1993 NYC Terror Plot, Set For Release