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  13. A cheeseburger, french fries and a strawberry milkshake
  14. Dahmer vs Gacy (2011): The Ultimate Smackdown
  15. Art Imitates Life: Five Killers and the Horror Movies They Inspired
  16. Werner Herzog’s "Into the Abyss"/"On Death Row"
  17. On the Case with Paula Zahn Showing Murder at Sunset on ID Network Saturday 28
  18. TV show that interviews death row prisoners a hit in China
  19. ID Network
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  21. The Paperboy
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  24. Inside Texas Death Row
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  34. Dying on stage
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  39. Gambino soldier’s alleged ‘Mob Wife’ nuptials targeted by federal prosecutors
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  52. ABC to air Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s docu-series "The Last Defense" in June
  53. I Am A Killer
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  55. Serial Killers Are Set To Dominate Our Screens In 2019
  56. Trial by Fire and My Days of Mercy movies review: two (rare) new dramas about the US death penalty
  57. "Just Mercy"
  58. RIP Ken Osmond AKA “Eddie Haskell”
  59. Dog Valley