View Full Version : High-Profile Non-Capital Punishment Trials

  1. Ingmar Guandique Deported to El Salvador After Chandra Levy Murder Charges Dropped
  2. Gabe Watson "The Honeymoon Killer" Acquitted in 2003 AU Slaying of Tina Watson
  3. Drew Peterson Sentenced to 38 Years in 2004 IL Slaying of Wife # 3, Kathleen Savio
  4. US Army Pfc. Bradley "Chelsea" Manning
  5. Arid Uka, Kosovo Albanian, Gets Life Sentence in Murder of Two U.S. Airmen in Frankfurt, Germany
  6. Albrecht Muth Sentenced to 50 Years for First-Degree Murder in the 2011 DC Death of Viola Drath, 91
  7. Amanda Knox
  8. George Zimmerman FOUND NOT GUILTY in 2012 FL Slaying of Trayvon Martin
  9. "I would do 10 years, it wouldn’t bother me.”
  10. Anders Behring Breivik, Norwegian who Murdered 77 People
  11. Hearing to request new trial for Jeffrey McDonald postponed
  12. Eddie Ray Routh Sentenced to LWOP in 2013 TX Slayings of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield
  13. James "Whitey" Bulger sentenced to 2 life sentences plus 5 years
  14. Aaron Hernandez Kills Himself
  15. Edward Snowden -- Stateless Citizen
  16. Twins to fight parole of women who killed their mother 30 years ago
  17. Serial Killer Salvatore Perrone Sentenced in 2012 NY Slayings
  18. Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel's Conviction Reinstated in 1975 Slaying of Martha Moxley
  19. Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins jailed for 35 years for child sex offences
  20. Charles Severance Sentenced to LWOP in 2003, 2013 and 2014 VA Random Shooting Murders
  21. Markus Kaarma Sentenced to 20-70 Years in 2014 MT Death of German Exchange Student Diren Dede
  22. Justin Wayne Parris gets 70 years for decapitating grandfather with garden shears at Garden Oaks home
  23. David Barajas Found Not Guilty in 2012 TX Slaying of Drunk Driver Jose Banda
  24. Theodore Wafer gets 17 years
  25. Pedro Hernandez Gets 25 Years to Life in 1979 NY Slaying of Six-Year-Old Etan Patz
  26. Marion 'Suge' Knight Gets 28 Years in Prison
  27. Pamela Smart
  28. South Carolina Policeman Michael Slager Gets 20 Years in 2015 SC Murder of Walter Scott
  29. Former NFL Star Darren Sharper Convicted as Serial Rapist Sentenced to 38 years
  30. **WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT** Criminal complaint details brutal slaying of New Mexico girl
  31. Former Auschwitz Guard Oskar Groening Sentenced to four years in prison for 300,000 accessory to murder charges
  32. Larry Nassar sentenced to 40 to 175 years in state prison (on top of a 60-year federal sentence)
  33. Wisconsin Teen Sentenced To 40 Years In Mental Hospital For 'Slender Man' Stabbing
  34. 'Palm Sunday Massacre' gunman who killed 10 people in 1984 discreetly released from prison
  35. Driver in illegal immigrant smuggling case gets life sentence
  36. Canadian Man Lynched in Connection With Shooting of Indigenous Leader in Peruvian Amazon
  37. Cristhian Bahena Rivera Charged in 2018 IA Murder of Mollie Tibbetts
  38. Former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger Faces Possible Homicide Charges in Death of 26-year-old Botham Jean