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  1. Drug method errs by avoiding pain
  2. Justices coddle cold-blooded killers
  3. Death row procedure injects intimacy into execution
  4. Our view:
  5. A justice’s blind eye to the truth
  6. The Executioner's Drugs
  7. Death penalty foe overlooks moral duty
  8. Kevin Cooper is a murderer
  9. White: Death penalty needed to deter horrific crimes
  10. Dudley Sharp: Far more innocents would die without the death penalty
  11. Death penalty debate shakes Connecticut
  12. Governor, save inmate's (Kevin Cooper) life (Los Angeles Times Position)
  13. 'Twas the night before potassium chloride (Harvey Robinson, PA Death Row)
  14. The future for juveniles denied parole
  15. Favors the death penalty
  16. The death penalty: it's time for capital punishment to become Texas history
  17. OUR VIEW: Let's hope the declining number of executions in 2010 is a trend that will continue into this new year(al.com)
  18. Support for death penalty is strong
  19. Cop killers deserve death penalty
  20. Will Texas courts reconsider the case of executed man? (Cameron Todd Willingham)
  21. Illinois Death Penalty Repeal
  22. Death penalty may not deter, but does punish
  23. A cop who was shot wants the death penalty restored (New Jersey)
  24. ROBERT DeWITT: Fixing the death penalty
  25. Lethal injection is a humane judicial sentence
  26. Public supports death penalty
  27. Death penalty is punishment, not a crime deterrent
  28. Texas governor goes to bat for exonerated man
  29. HERE’S THE POINT: It’s not a deterrent, it’s justice
  30. With a man's life at stake, DNA test is appropriate: (Tyrone Noling)
  31. Reject John Bradley (Anti op-ed from the Houston Chronicle)
  32. Limit death penalty appeals to three years
  33. Many Texas death row prisoners want to apologize, Canadian study finds
  34. A judge shouldn't have been able to disregard a jury's recommendation and impose a death sentence...
  35. George Cullins' unfinished job
  36. Keeping the tragic truth from the public a bad idea
  37. Death penalty opponents lack understanding
  38. Death Penalty (New Jersey)
  39. Offensive comic strip
  40. Obama tries to obstruct executions
  41. Why Illinois may be so attractive to murderers
  42. Organs from inmates? That idea should be DOA
  43. Jesus on trial: Would he be sentenced to death today?
  44. I Welcome the Democrats to The “Support Capital Punishment” Club
  45. Capital punishment is morally justified
  46. Now that he’s running, Kaine can’t run from Soering decision
  47. ‘Cop killer' usually cognizant of execution probability
  48. Why bringing back hanging is the right thing to do
  49. Life without parole not same as death sentence
  50. Here's a capital idea: murder = death penalty
  51. Tragedy in Port St. Lucie about much more than its commercial potential
  52. A New York Times OP-ED I feel comfortable posting!
  53. Executions Should Be Televised
  54. Even worst defendants deserve a real defense
  55. Asheville's Susan Reinhardt speaks her mind about mothers who kill their babies
  56. Lawrence Russell Brewer: Knucklehead of the Week
  57. Statistics Show Death Penalty Not Racist
  58. Civilized society demands the death penalty
  59. Editorial: Killer Confirms Death Penalty Was Deterrent
  60. Editorial: A killer sets an example
  61. Consider victims of murder
  62. Death-penalty appeal draws giggles in the court of last resort
  63. The Death Penalty: Valid Yet Targeted
  64. Inmates a main concern
  65. No 'innocent' ones executed
  66. A goofy death penalty ruling that even this board can't back
  67. The (former) executioner's song
  68. Death penalty clemency process might be next target after Portage man's execution
  69. LETTER: Kill them on TV
  70. Pro-Murderer Mindset of The New York Times
  71. Against the death penalty, won’t say why
  72. Death Penalty Takes Home the Gold
  73. Criminal justice appeals can be plenty maddening
  74. Courts should hear from families
  75. Deterrents to crimes need to be stronger
  76. Armed Civilians Reduce Murder and Violence
  77. Cleared death-row inmates need help adjusting to the world outside prison
  78. Fix, don’t abolish, Florida’s broken death penalty system
  79. Death penalty must be repealed
  80. Death penalty ensures killers won't kill again
  81. Death penalty deters criminals, limits suffering
  82. Humane institutionalization can help the mentally ill and protect society
  83. Should felony-murder rule be overturned?
  84. Nasty old men don’t deserve a break just because they’re old
  85. With death penalty, let punishment truly fit the crime
  86. Another thrill kill: 88-year-old WW2 vet beaten to death by black teenagers
  87. The death penalty doesn’t have to line up like algebra
  88. Oregon's death penalty isn't a problem; its legal system is: Guest opinion
  89. Life Sentence Doesn't Deliver Punishment
  90. Why Don't We Just Shoot Condemned Inmates?
  91. Op-Ed: Serial Killer to die in April
  92. Not Really, But Sort Of In Defense Of The 'Pillowcase Rapist'
  93. Darrow was 'attorney for the damned'
  94. Don't shed tears for a killer's 'botched' execution [Letter]
  95. Does Oklahoma’s botched execution argue for firing squad?
  96. In Defense of Capital Punishment
  97. The Shaky Case against the Death Penalty
  98. To Obama: Leave the Death Penalty Alone
  99. Death penalty opponents ignore facts and voters' wishes
  100. Botched execution nothing to lose sleep over
  101. Family secret: What the left won’t tell you about black crime
  102. Euthanasia in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland
  103. Time to impose harshest of penalties on most brutal crimes
  104. 47 people executed under flawed Florida statute
  105. Goldberg: Death penalty opponents are being dishonest in their arguments
  106. Doctors at an Execution? Medical Ethics Says No
  107. Opinion: The death penalty is evil
  108. America Is Drawing Inspiration from the Opioid Crisis to Find New Ways to Carry out the Death Penalty
  109. Gay Panic Defense
  110. The Strange Case of Doctor Halprin and Mr. Tharpe
  111. The Future of the Death Penalty: Do All Black Lives Really Matter?
  112. LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Death penalty for cop killers
  113. Death penalty is punishment for the wicked
  114. The Sudden and Unexplained Rapture of America’s Federal Judiciary