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  1. Terry Hye, Jr. - Mississippi
  2. Jordan Brown, PA
  3. Texas Youth 13, to Face 10 Years for 2010 Capital Murder of Girlfriend's Parents
  4. Santos Hernandez Jr. Florida
  5. Andrew Conley - Indiana
  6. 3 teens face felony murder charges after accomplice dies
  7. 17-Year-Old Christian Speaker Charged in Fiesta Murder
  8. 16-Year-Old Dustin Michael Wallace Sentenced to Life in Oregon Rape/Murder of 5-Year-Old
  9. Tevin Ward - Mississippi
  10. Jonathan Belton - Michigan - Life Without Parole
  11. Michael Richard Swanson, 17, Found Guilty In 2010 Slayings of Vicky Bowman-Hall, and Sheila Myers
  12. Life Without Parole OK For Juveniles, Texas Court Rules
  13. Richard Sharp Shelton Sentenced to LWOP
  14. Mark Jones, 14, Charged With Open/Felony Murder in 2010 MI Slaying of 73-Year-Old Merlyne Wray
  15. Maryland Judge Considers Waiving Juvenile Status in Cheltenham Slaying
  16. Collier County teen faces life if tried as adult
  17. David Reuben Green III and Alexis Morgan Green Plead Guilty In 2009 NC Slaying Of David Reuben Green Jr
  18. Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Life Sentences For Juvenile, Antonio Andrews
  19. Supreme Court (WI) considers life sentence for teen
  20. Teen wants a new trial in Katy dad's (Dr. Richard Lohstroh) death
  21. Emily Ball Receives 15 years for Role in 2009 Slaying of Travis White
  22. Teens Dewayne Kemp and DeAngelo Johnson Accused In Deadly Home Invasion Face Judge
  23. Corey Futrell Charged in 2008 VA Slaying of Bobby Whiting, Potential LWOP Sentence
  24. Anthony Hill, 16, Charged in 2010 GA Slaying of Sentos Vincente, 19
  25. Jamie Daquan Lowery - North Carolina
  26. Juvenile Nicholas Lemmon Lindsey Jr Sentenced to LWOP in 2011 FL Slaying of Police Officer David Crawford
  27. Jesaden Lor, 17, Charged in 2010 CA Slaying of Frank Battaglia , 73 , Faces LWOP
  28. Teenager guilty of murder in Lynchburg beating death
  29. Warren Williams Charged in 2010 FL Shooting Death of Dad
  30. 12-year-old boy accused in deaths of his parents, injured siblings (Burlington Colorado)
  31. States Prosecute Fewer Teenagers in Adult Courts
  32. Kyle Smith faces double-murder charge in grandparents' deaths
  33. Raul Castro (15) Sentenced to 33 Years to Life in 2009 CA Slaying of Alex Mercado (4) Faces LWOP
  34. Jurico Readus Guilty in 2006 TN Slaying of Luis Reyes
  35. Shawn Tyson Sentenced to Two Life Terms in 2011 FL Slayings of 2 British Tourists
  36. Lawyers for Juvenile Lifers Convicted of Murder Urge Supreme Court to Overturn Sentences
  37. 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez Sentenced in 2011 FL Slaying of 2 Year-old
  38. Virginia Teen, Raheem Johnson, Sentenced in 2011 VA Slaying of Timothy Irving
  39. Tyler Hadley Sentenced in 2011 FL Slayings of Mary Jo and Blake Hadley
  40. 14-year-old U.S.-born boy found guilty of beheading four people in Mexico
  41. High court rulings eliminate capital punishment in Deaver slaying
  42. Have you guys heard of Efren Paredes? He got LWOP at 15 and is allegedly innocent (link)
  43. 13 Year Old Crystian Rivera Charged in 2011 OK Slaying of 9 Month Old sister
  44. Luke Woodham asks for clemency
  45. Joshua Young Found Not Guilty in 2011 KY Slaying of Trey Zwicker
  46. Parole Protest - Venancio Medellin
  47. Thomas Michael "T.J." Lane Sentenced in Ohio High School Shooting
  48. Emily Starnes and Consandra Tyree Arresīted in Murder of N.C. Cab Driver
  49. Md. police: Boy, 12, being charged with murder
  50. Judge Denies Teen Murder Suspect Bail
  51. Immanuel Gage Allen Sentenced in 2012 AL Slaying of 11-month-old Gemma Leshae Moore
  52. Jake Evans Sentenced in 2012 TX Slaying of Mother and Sister
  53. 17-year-old Kahlil Kennedy Charged with Capital Murder in 2013 MS Slaying of Janie Fullilove
  54. De'Marquis Elkins Sentenced in 2013 GA Slaying of 13-month-old Antonio West
  55. Gibson Jr. and McBee Charged As Adults in 2013 AZ Murder For Hire
  56. Alan Tanguay sentenced to LWOP for murder committed when he was 16
  57. Konrad Schafer Charged as Adult in 2013 FL Slaying of David Guerrero and Eric Roopnarine
  58. Tyler Holder Accused of Murdering 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher
  59. James Edward, Jr. and Chancey Luna Charged as Adults in 2013 OK Slaying of Christopher Lane
  60. John Dillon Sentenced in 2012 AL Slaying of Katelyn Arnold
  61. WWII vet Delbert Belton, 88, beaten to death by teens in Spokane, Washington
  62. 13 and 15 year old boys charged with capital murder in the shooting death of 19-year-old Christopher Lewis
  63. Jessica Marcum Sentenced in 2013 KY Slaying of Infant Sister
  64. Michael Anthony Sentenced in 2013 OK Slaying of Alyssa Dawn Wiles
  65. Austin Sigg: Confesses to murdering, dismembering 10-year-old girl
  66. Juvenile Charged With Murder After Apparent Arson Kills Elderly Couple
  67. James Collins, 13-year-old, murders father (1963)
  68. Trial Set for Adrian Navarro-Canales in 2013 NV Slayins of Mother and Brother
  69. Daniel William Marsh Sentenced in 2013 CA Slaying of Elderly Couple
  70. William Brandon Aydelott Found Not Guilty in 2013 FL Slaying of Sharon Aydelott
  71. Meagan Dakota Grunwald Sentenced to 30-Years to Life in 2014 UT Murder of Sheriff's Sgt. Cory Wride
  72. Jose E. Reyes Sentenced in 2014 TX Occult-Linked Slaying of Corriann Cervantes
  73. Samuel Sheinbein shot and killed in an Israeli prison
  74. Attorneys set to argue before appeals court Wednesday over T.J. Lane's sentence
  75. A killer at 12, Evan Savoie sentenced to 20 years in prison for 2003 murder in Ephrata park
  76. Marcell Dockery charges upgraded to felony murder after death of Officer Dennis Guerra
  77. 16-Year-Old Simeon Adams Sentenced to 55 Years for Robbery and Felony Murder in 2014 IN Shooting Death of Nathan Trapuzzano
  78. 14-year-old Charles Price III in court in Atlanta, GA after stabbing his grandmother 57 times
  79. Crews of New York: NYPD cracks down on 'crews' of teens linked to 40 percent of city shootings
  80. Youth prison guards resorting to force more often
  81. Anthony Jamerson charged with 2 counts of capital murder in the deaths of Tommy Lee Thurman and Satish Patel
  82. Charges Against Ethan Morse Dismissed in 2013 CA Slayings of Samantha Parreira, Matthew Fisher and Bernabed Canela
  83. 12-year-old Sharron Sherman Townsend Sentenced to 30 Years for the Murder of 54-Year-Old Thomas Trent
  84. Jamarion Lawhorn, 12, Sentenced to 8 Years Probation for Fatal Stabbing in 2014 MI Murder of 9-year-old Conner Verkerke
  85. Angel Sanches, a Juvenile and Illegal Alien, Charged with Capital Murder in the Death of 5-Year-Old Cousin Katherine Gonzalez
  86. Cops: Boy, 10, kills woman, 90, for yelling at him
  87. David Villapando Charged with Capital Murder in 2014 TX Slaying of Vu Hoan Vuong
  88. Tyfine Hamilton, Brandon Smith, and a third boy who remains unnamed: Charged in murder of dog walker
  89. Maddie Clifton's killer, Joshua Phillips, could go free, family fears
  90. Supreme Court decision gives 13 Lancaster juvenile killers chance at freedom
  91. Prosecutor wants school shooting case moved to adult court
  92. Kevin Thurmond - Florida
  93. D.A.: 15-year-old indicted in 6-year-old’s murder, rape
  94. Alabama grapples with new sentences for juvenile lifers
  95. Scotty Sloane who raped and murdered woman granted parole in Nevada
  96. Mid-South teen convicted of capital murder gets life in prison
  97. Could we have prevented the Ballenisles stabbing?
  98. Delilah Evans Sentenced to LWOP for MI Murder of her mother
  99. Trial begins for Arkansas teen accused in Little Rock killing
  100. Murder suspect, 14, has a slim criminal record but a documented history of defiance
  101. School Shooter 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis Arrested in 2018 TX Murders of Ten
  102. These murders rocked the Whatcom community. Now the teen killers will be resentenced.
  103. Clara Jeanne Barna was found dead at her home, 2 teens charged with capital murder
  104. Antonio Armstrong, Jr. - Texas
  105. Trevor Charles Charged with Capital Murder in 2018 VA Triple Murder
  106. Date set for Baldwyn youth's capital murder trial
  107. Nickalas Kedrowitz Charged with Murder in 2017 IN Slaying of 11-Month-Old Nathaniel Ritz and 23-Month-Old Desiree McCartney
  108. Teen stabbed mom and sister to death as they screamed for help on 911 call, Alabama cops say
  109. Gregory Ramos Charged in 2018 FL Murder of Gail Cleavenger
  110. Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life for murder, granted clemency: A look at her case
  111. 12-year-old boy now charged with Capital Murder in 2018 TX Slaying of John Duane VanMeter