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  1. Outgoing Gov. Strickland grants mercy to 39 convicts
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  5. Are Europeans Un-Civilized Barbarians Who Oppose the DP?
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  10. Similarities between the mythical Jesus and Hercules..absolutely amazing!
  11. How to Spot Psychopaths: Speech Patterns Give Them Away
  12. Exotic Animals on the Loose in Ohio After Park Owner Found Dead
  13. REPORTS: Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead
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  15. Murder Homes
  16. Leap-Day Birthdays: Famous (and Infamous) Feb. 29 Births
  17. Wales Win Grand Slam
  18. Friday the 13th: Facts Behind the Superstition
  19. The worst?
  20. New Injection Tool Could Make Needles Obsolete
  21. Just by chance
  22. Iran apologizes for citing Onion spoof Obama poll as fact
  23. For Sale
  24. The President is RE-ELECTED!!
  25. Would Appreciate The Help
  26. Do you like what you see? Changes in the sites design.
  27. Merry Christmas
  28. Happy New Year
  29. The wisdom of psychopaths
  30. UK and - EU split in 2017?
  31. Police Brutality in South Africa
  32. Guns
  33. Nooooooo!
  34. Cinco de Mayo
  35. Need help
  36. Just when you think burglars don't have ethics...
  37. Literally doesn't mean "literally" anymore?
  38. Good News (for a change)
  39. When fingers are outlawed...
  40. White House turkey duel freaks out social media
  41. Nelson Mandela
  42. Urban Grounds
  43. Christmas
  44. Happy New Year 2014!!!!
  45. Chinese Prison Labor
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  48. Sochi 2014 Medal Count
  49. What a difference.......
  50. Happy Birthday
  51. Time to Abolish the European Union
  52. Soccer/Football
  53. I got a puppy
  54. Psychologists Studied the Most Uptight States in America, and Found a Striking Pattern
  55. Just for fun: What is your Zodiac sign?
  56. ‘To Commute, Or Not Commute..?’
  57. Obama's executive amnesty/how are your immigration laws?
  58. Forum search function not working
  59. Scottish independence referendum
  60. Belgian murderer Van Den Bleeken wins 'right to die'
  61. Ebola
  62. Genetic basis for violence?
  63. Murderpedia...........
  64. Interrogation Techniques 101
  65. Happy New Year!
  66. Murderers with the middle name of "Wayne"
  67. Flags
  68. Holiday
  69. Causes of Murder and a Plug for a Great Radio Program
  70. What’s your view? Evaluating controversial scientific findings
  71. Does the gun pull the trigger? Evaluating controversial scientific findings
  72. Video game effects - Myth or reality?
  73. Help Needed
  74. What was Angela Merkel thinking?
  75. 2016 Presidential Candidates on the Death Penalty
  76. Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays to everyone on here
  77. 2016
  78. Voat
  79. Americans: Who did you vote for/are you going to vote for in the 2016 Presidential Primaries? (as of 03/16/2016)
  80. Turkey Coup
  81. UN experts say US owes reparations for slavery
  82. Trump Appointees
  83. Euthanasia drug found in dog food prompts recall
  84. 2017 Year-End Holidays
  85. Happy Mother's Day!
  86. Inside a 'body farm': Studying decomposed bodies to better solve crimes
  87. Super Bowl
  88. Judge strikes down North Carolina bills because of Gerrymandering
  89. Posting at an associate's request, figure it belongs here.
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  91. Photos from President's Rally in Wildwood, NJ
  92. Coronavirus Outbreak
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  94. The Secret War against Drug Dealers in the Philippines
  95. First-of-the-month chat wednesday, april 1st!
  96. Any republicans who have a remote shot at winning in 2024?
  97. Minneapolis Riots / Atlanta Shooting
  98. Sports During A Pandemic
  99. My Dog
  100. National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
  101. 2020 Elections
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