Summary of Offense: Convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Michael Phelan and three others during the armed robbery of a Taco Bell restaurant in Irving, Texas on January 26, 1991.

San Miguel and 17-year-old friend, Jerome Green, waited outside a Taco Bell restaurant that was closed and locked for the night. When an employee opened the door to take out the trash, the pair went inside and forced the assistant manager, Michael John Phelan, to wait for a time-lock safe to open. Then they herded Phelan, employee Theresa Fraga, 16, and Theresa's cousin, Frank Fraga, 23, into a walk-in freezer. Theresa Fraga was also pregnant at the time.

The robbers noticed Son Trang Nyugen, 35, a friend of the Fragas who was waiting to take them home, sitting in a vehicle outside and also forced him into the freezer with the other victims. San Miguel and Green then left the restaurant with the money. A few minutes later, San Miguel decided to go back inside the restaurant and the freezer where his hostages were.

In a confession to police, San Miguel said he "asked them to give him a good reason why he shouldn't kill them", then shot them each in the head at close range with a nine-mm pistol.

San Miguel was pulled over in his car later that morning and police found bundles of money in a Taco Bell sack and a pistol later determined to be the murder weapon. Accomplice Jerome Green pled guilty and was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment and has been eligible for parole since 2004.

Michael John Phelan, 28, Theresa Fraga, 16, Frank Fraga, 23, and Son Trang Nyugen, 35

Manner of execution:
Lethal injection

Time of Death:
6:19 p.m.

Last Meal:
Pizza (beef, bacon bits, and multiple types of cheese), 10 quesadillas (five mozzarella cheese and five cheddar cheese), five strips of open-flame grilled beef, five strips of stir-fried beef, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, sweet tea, double fudge chocolate cake, broccoli, and grapes

Final Statement:
"It's going to be all right," he said. "Ironic, isn't it, you know?" he noted while his arms were outstretched on the death chamber gurney. "I'm a cross. Y'all take care of each other. I'll be watching over you." Asked by the warden if that was all he had to say, San Miguel replied, "Yeah."