Summary of Offense:
Convicted and sentenced to death for the January 16, 1988 murder of Lula Mae Brooks during the burglary of her home.

Lula Mae Brooks, 80, drowned in her own blood after being stabbed in the head and neck and her throat was slit. She was found dead on the living room floor of her home, killed during the burglary of her home. Roberts lived three houses down from Brooks and confessed to the killing in a statement to Oklahoma City police. Roberts also admitted to 19 other burglaries.

Attorney General Drew Edmondson called Roberts a "walking crime wave" who also confessed to a count of sexual assault. Roberts told police that he entered Brooks' house after he saw the door open. He claimed he stabbed Brooks when she charged at him with a knife. He said he slit her throat with another knife when she came at him a second time. Roberts said he tossed Brooks on the floor and she then asked him to "finish the job," authorities said. Police and prosecutors said Brooks had lost too much blood to speak and that Roberts killed Brooks because she could identify him.

Roberts recanted his confession during his trial and said he confessed because detectives offered him a 15-year sentence to clear up the killing and a string of robberies. Police denied the claim. No physical evidence linked Roberts to the crime.

Lula Mae Brooks

Manner of execution:
Lethal injection

Time of Death:
12:21 a.m.

Last Meal:
Three pounds of barbecued beef ribs, six dinner rolls, one Cornish hen, one cheeseburger, a 7-Up and a strawberry drink

Final Statement:
''What y'all are seeing here today is wrong. This is supposed to be a Christian state. You've just got to ask the Lord to forgive them.''