On this thread you share the stories of some death row inmates you think are the worst of the worst. Here would be some of my picks.

Kenneth Allen McDuff: In 1966 he abducted three innocent teenagers and tortured them before killing them and raping the girl. He was sentenced to death but the supreme court temporarily abolished it (Should of heard of his case before they made that horrendous decision). In 1989 due to population caps put on by a federal judge Kenneth was free. (Ridiculous as his release was it was not the worst but we'll get to that person later). In 1992 he abducted and killed three women over the course of several months. In 1993 he was given a death sentence that he could not escape was executed in 1998. (5 years which even by Texas standards is very quick).

Daniel Hittle: In 1984 Hittle killed his parents over a argument. In 1989 due to population caps he was freed (He killed his parents and only got five years in prison!). Once freed he began using cocaine but when he couldn't pay for his drugs his dealer cut off his supply. In retaliation he planned to murder her. In march 1989 he drive towards her residence but was pulled over by police. He shot the officer who pulled him over and drove to the dealers house where he shot her,her 4 year old daughter and 4 guests. In 1990 he was sentenced to death and was executed in 2000. (Out of all the cases I heard of his case had the most aggravating factors. Prior murder,kid murder, multiple murder, police killing and the house was robbed).