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Thread: Parole for Murderers

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    As far as I am concerned, at 15 or 16 everyone knows right from wrong, and if someone that age commits a murder, they should be tried as an adult and receive the same punishment as an adult.

    Sure paying for sex with a minor is disgusting. But that guy was still a human being, he still has the same right to not be murdered as anyone. Every single human being has the exact same right not to be murdered, from the day they are born til the day they die. Children have this right just the same as adults do, and criminals have it as much as people who have never even had a traffic ticket. This is an undisputable fact in the law, as well as morally.

    You think not every murder is the same? Maybe so, but every murder is a murder. You wanna weigh certain murders against one another and decide some deserve death, some deserve life in prison, and in others the killer should walk free? I guess that's your prison, but that mindset is the reason why we only have 20 something executions a year and 30 something death sentences. People with this kind of thinking are the reason why we have court rulings like Furman, Atkins, Hurst, etc. It is also the reason why mass murderers and rapist-murderers are getting lighter sentences.

    So in short, you have a right to that opinion. But the next time someone like Brian Golsby is spared a death sentence, instead of getting mad at the jurors, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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    Well I guess you're not happy about this then.
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    All of them won't stay wise longtime , to live in society today ,it is an hard work. If they don't have the will, they will be back to jail soon or late.
    "dp is not a crime, dp it is justice "

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