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Death Penalty Trial Tentatively Set for Sheila Keen Warren in 1990 FL Murder of Marlene Warren
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Thread: Death Penalty Trial Tentatively Set for Sheila Keen Warren in 1990 FL Murder of Marlene Warren

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    Death Penalty Trial Tentatively Set for Sheila Keen Warren in 1990 FL Murder of Marlene Warren

    Prosecutors to seek death penalty against accused Wellington clown killer

    Sheila Warren appeared in court Wednesday morning.

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The suspect in the Wellington clown murder cold case made her first appearance in court Wednesday morning. During the hearing, prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty against Sheila Warren.

    Warren was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail Tuesday night. She was arrested at her Virginia home nearly 30 years after the murder.

    Investigators say it was new DNA technology that pinned Keen Warren to the cold case.

    It was Memorial Day weekend in 1990 when a woman dressed as a clown knocked on Marlene Warren's door, handed her flowers and balloons and then shot her in the face.

    27 years later, deputies identified Keen-Warren as the woman behind the make up and clown wig.

    At the time of the murder, deputies say Keen Warren worked for the victim's husband. The two were allegedly having an affair. They married 12 years after the murder.

    Keen-Warren is expected to face a judge Wednesday morning.

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    Woman accused in killer clown case pleads not guilty

    By Marc Freeman
    The Sun Sentinel

    Sheila Keen Warren has pleaded not guilty to the charge that she was the clown costume-wearing assailant who shot to death a Wellington woman 27 years ago.

    Keen Warren, 54, also waived her right to be arraigned on the first-degree murder with a firearm charge and requested a jury trial, according to a filing by her attorney on Thursday. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

    The southwest Virginia woman is being held on no bond at the Palm Beach County Jail, following her first appearance before a judge Wednesday. She was arrested near her home on Sept. 26, about a month after a grand jury indictment concerning the May 26, 1990 slaying of Marlene Warren, 40.

    The defendant and the victim share the same last name but they were not related. Keen Warren is married to Michael Warren – he was Marlene’s husband when she died. The case went cold until 2014, when detectives took a fresh look at DNA evidence.

    Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said last week the murder investigation remains open. Michael Warren, originally identified as a person of interest, has not been charged.

    Defense attorney Richard Lubin says after he learns the facts of the case he could file a request for Keen Warren to receive bond, and be released to house arrest.

    “In Florida, judges have discretion to grant bail in a first-degree murder case, depending on the strength or weakness of the case,” Lubin told reporters.

    Bradshaw and State Attorney Dave Aronberg said the arrest came as a result of the DNA link and recent witness interviews.

    They did not offer any specifics about the evidence, and there is no arrest report filed in the case that outlines what led to the charge.

    Detectives say Marlene Warren answered the door to her home in the Aero Club community to accept a bouquet and two balloons from a clown wearing an orange wig, a red bulb nose, gloves and a smile painted on its white face.

    Immediately, the clown fired at Warren’s face. She died within two days.

    The clown fled in a white Chrysler LeBaron, which was found four days later abandoned at a shopping center parking lot. Keen Warren, who was 27 at the time, also was labeled a suspect back then but was not charged.


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    UPDATE: Family wants 'eye for an eye' in killer clown case

    News Staff

    The state is seeking the death penalty for a woman accused of gunning down a Wellington mother at her front door while dressed as a clown 27 years ago.

    Warren’s mother and stepfather open up about the state’s decision against Sheila Keen Warren, 54.

    “If she killed somebody, and did it on purpose. She deserves to go the way the victim went,” said 87-year-old Shirley Twing, Marlene’s mother.

    “The death penalty is good, if anybody deserves it, my God, she does,” said Billy Twing, Marlene’s stepfather.

    State Attorney Dave Aronberg said the decision was discussed at length with the death penalty committee.

    “The 8 members include every Assistant State Attorney in the Homicide Division, so we have our most experienced prosecutors on this committee,” said Aronberg.

    Aronberg said the team reviewed the statutory aggravating and mitigating factors under Florida law.

    “In our notice of intent to seek the death penalty, we cited two aggravators. One is called CCP, which is cold calculated and premeditated, and the second, pecuniary gain,” said Aronberg.

    Investigators said new DNA testing gave them what they needed to make an arrest.

    “There have been great advancements in the last 27 years,” said Aronberg.

    However, both the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Aronberg will not disclose specifics.

    “When you have a murder case, and one shot at it, you better make sure that the evidence is there, are in place because the fifth amendment to the constitution prevents what’s called double jeopardy, you don’t get two shots at it,” added Aronberg.

    Detectives said Keen Warren dressed up as a clown, brought flowers and balloons to Marlene Warren’s Wellington home.

    When Marlene opened the door, she was shot in the face.

    Marlene’s family want an eye for an eye.

    “It’s a shame, she [Marlene] still had at least 40 to 50 years of life left, and somebody took that away from her,” said Billy. “Even without a death penalty, I don’t think she [Sheila] would not last too long.”

    Criminal defense attorney Richard Lubin is representing Keen Warren, and said she will plead not guilty.”

    Keen Warren is being held in the Palm Beach County jail without bond.


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    Killer clown suspect’s husband insists she didn’t kill his first wife

    By Joshua Rhett Miller
    The New York Post

    The husband of a woman accused of dressing up like a clown and killing his first wife 27 years ago says he stands by the suspect and insists she’s been “falsely accused.”

    Michael Warren, 65, told ABC News’ “20/20” in an exclusive interview that his 54-year-old second wife, Sheila Keen Warren, is innocent in the death of Marlene Warren, who was killed in May 1990 by a person dressed as a clown who handed her balloons and carnations before shooting her in the face.

    “This is very serious and very unfair,” said Michael Warren, who also denied any involvement in Marlene’s Warren death.

    Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg announced earlier this month that prosecutors would seek the death penalty in the case. Sheila Warren was ordered held without bail during a court hearing on Oct. 4, one day after she was extradited from Virginia, where she lived with Michael Warren for years.

    Investigators have said new DNA samples provided enough evidence to make the arrest. Sheila Warren’s attorney, Richard Lubin, told reporters that she “vehemently denies” killing Marleen Warren and plans to plead not guilty.

    Michael Warren has not been charged and Aronberg declined to “specifically” comment on him, saying only that prosecutors will follow the facts in the case and respond accordingly. Shortly after the cold-case killing, detectives publicly identified Sheila Keen — who worked with Michael Warren at the time — as their prime suspect, but a lack of evidence prevented an arrest.

    Keen was then running a car repossession business and frequently worked with Michael Warren, who ran a used car lot and rental car agency, ABC News reports. Witnesses reported that the couple was having an affair, but both denied the relationship.

    Employees at a costume shop recognized Keen as a customer who bought a clown costume just days before the murder and even purchased a balloon carried by the killer – one that read, “You’re the Greatest!” – was only sold at a supermarket near her home.

    But the investigation remained cold until 2014. That’s when the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office contacted witnesses again and conducted additional DNA analysis on evidence from the crime scene, including orange fibers, possibly from a clown wig, ABC News reports.

    In 2002, Sheila Keen and Michael Warren married in Las Vegas before moving to the town of Abingdon on the Virginia border and managed a restaurant called The Purple Cow in Kingsport, Tenn. Some neighbors described them as sociable and friendly, while others told ABC News that Michael Warren could show a temperamental side at times.

    Marlene Warren’s mother said the arrest last month only confirmed what she had suspected all along.

    “I turned angry when I heard…Mike had married Sheila,” she told ABC News. “Remembering that she killed my daughter, and he marries her?

    “There’s got to be something there.”


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    NEW: Woman charged in Wellington clown murder case waives speedy trial

    By Eliot Kleinberg
    The Palm Beach Post

    WEST PALM BEACH - After 27 years, a judge agreed Monday that a few more weeks won’t make a difference in the “killer clown” murder trial of Sheila Keen-Warren.

    Keen-Warren, 54, arrested in September at her home in Virginia, is accused of dressing as a clown and murdering 40-year-old Marlene Warren in Warren’s Wellington Aero Club home in 1990.

    In court Monday, defense attorney Richard Lubin waived Keen-Warren’s right to a speedy trial and Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer set the next status hearing for Jan. 23.

    Feuer retained Keen-Warren’s “no bond” status.

    The judge also agreed to a request by Lubin that Keen-Warren need not be present at status hearings.

    Lubin has said Keen-Warren will plead not guilty .

    In Monday’s hearing, which lasted about two minutes, Lubin told the judge he recently had received a voluminous batch of documents, both electronically and on paper, from prosecutors, as part of the trial’s “discovery,” and wanted time to digest them.

    “Murder cases in general are very complicated. This one is even more complicated and compounded by the age of the case,” Lubin told reporters later. “We just decided to reset it for 60 days and see where we stand. It’s going to take a while. But we’re not going to dawdle.”

    Lubin also would not reveal the contests of a lengthy conversation he had right after the hearing with Keen-Warren, sitting in the jury box with other criminal defendants, all clad in blue jail jumpsuits.

    Prosecutors have said they plan to seek the death penalty. It’s been at least two decades since a jury imposed a death sentence in state court in Palm Beach County.

    Detectives on the cold-case unit at the sheriff’s office had said a new DNA analysis finally got them an arrest warrant for the woman they’d suspected in Warren’s murder for decades.

    In the initial investigation, deputies were told Keen-Warren was having an affair with Michael Warren. Twelve years after the murder, Keen-Warren and Warren were married in Las Vegas 12 years after the slaying.

    Authorities would not say whether they’re investigating Michael Warren or if he may face charges in the fatal shooting.

    Marlene Warren reportedly told her family that she wanted to leave her husband but that it was complicated because the businesses they ran together — several properties and a used car dealership —were under her name. Her family told The Palm Beach Post in 2000 that she warned them if anything happened to her, her husband had something to do with it.


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    Alleged Killer Clown Back in Court to Face Charges in 1990 Cold Case Slaying

    Inside Edition

    A woman charged with dressing as a clown when she allegedly murdered a romantic rival in 1990 was back in court this week.

    Before a judge in West Palm Beach on Monday, Sheila Keen-Warren waived her right to speedy trial on Monday.

    Keen-Warren is facing charges for the death of Marlene Warren.

    Back in 1990, detectives say Keen-Warren knocked on Marlene Warren's door while holding flowers and balloons.

    The clown fired once, hitting the woman in the face. She died two days later.

    The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says Keen-Warren was having an affair with the victim's husband, Michael Warren, who she would later go on to marry.

    Michael Warren has not been charged in connection with the killing.

    The clown left the scene and drove off in white Chrysler LeBaron that was later connected to a car rental company that had ties to Michael Warren’s used auto dealership, investigators said.

    Sheila Keen, then 27, worked for Michael Warren.

    Prosecutors will seek the death penalty against the 54-year-old.

    Keen-Warren has pleaded not guilty.

    “She vehemently denies her guilt and we’ll proceed as usual,” said defense attorney Richard Lubin.


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    Victim's Family Shares Relief and Heartbreak After the Arrest of 'Killer Clown' Suspect


    It’s been nearly three decades since a clown bearing a bouquet of carnations and two balloons shot 40-year-old Marlene Warren in the face in the doorway of her Florida home, leaving her to die.

    For years the May 26, 1990, slaying in wealthy Palm Beach County went unsolved and the killer clown went unidentified — that is, authorities say, until now.

    Armed with new DNA evidence, investigators arrested Sheila Keen Warren on Sept. 26 about a mile from her home in Abingdon, Virginia, where she was living with Michael Warren, Marlene’s widower, whom Sheila wed in 2002.

    Charged with first-degree murder, Sheila was extradited on Oct. 3 to Palm Beach County, Florida, and is being held without bond while awaiting trial. She appeared in court on Monday and is scheduled to return in January for a status hearing.

    She has not yet entered a plea. Her attorney, Richard Lubin, has said she “vehemently denies” murdering Marlene. Sheila, he tells PEOPLE, “is not going to plead guilty and is not guilty.”

    Prosecutors are pledging to seek the death penalty if Sheila is convicted.

    Marlene’s mother, Shirley Twing, 87, says she is relieved her daughter’s alleged killer has finally been caught.

    “I hope justice is served,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s been 27 years.

    Authorities say they had long suspected Sheila, who is now 54 and going by the name Debbie: Not only did she work for Michael, repossessing cars at his used car dealership, she was also rumored to be his mistress.

    Although investigators said they found evidence at her home, they were unable to arrest her, citing a lack of probable cause, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw tells PEOPLE.

    But the case was reopened in 2014 and advances in DNA technology ultimately led to Sheila’s arrest, Bradshaw says.

    Until her arrest, Sheila and Michael, now 66, lived a comfortable life, spending weekends with friends at their lakeside home in Abingdon, Virginia. (Michael, who could not be reached for comment, has not been implicated in Marlene’s death and authorities won’t comment on his status in the ongoing investigation.)

    As the years went on, the couple seemed as in love as ever — with Michael writing on Facebook in 2013 that he couldn’t wait to get home and “be back in my baby’s arms.”

    Marlene’s family, on the other hand, has spent years without their “special girl.”

    Says stepfather Bill Twing, 75: “Everyone got robbed when she was killed.”


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    Prosecutors: DNA Ties Suspected Killer Clown to Getaway Car

    Sheila Keen Warren remains jailed without bond

    By Terry Spencer
    NBC10 Boston

    Two nights before a clown fatally shot a woman at her front door, a customer showed up at a nearby costume shop and begged to be let in.

    On this night 28 years ago, the woman urgently told two clerks she needed a clown suit, an orange wig, white gloves, a red nose and enough white makeup to cover her face completely. She passed on the floppy shoes. One of the clerks in a photo lineup identified the customer as Sheila Keen, who was rumored in May 1990 to be having an affair with victim Marlene Warren's husband. The other clerk thought it might be Keen, but wasn't 100 percent.

    Palm Beach County prosecutors released late Thursday evidence that they say helped them and sheriff's detectives to arrest Keen in September at the Abington, Virginia, home she shared with her husband — Michael Warren, Marlene Warren's widower. The evidence includes hundreds of pages of witness statements, photographs, reports and maps. It also says recent DNA tests conducted by the FBI say hair found in a car linked to the slaying could have come from Sheila Keen Warren.

    Prosecutors released the evidence without comment. Her attorney, Richard Lubin, did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment. Michael Warren, reached by phone, declined comment. Detectives have declined to rule him out as a possible suspect. Keen Warren, now 54, remains jailed without bond. Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty.

    According to the documents, she became a suspect shortly after the slaying.

    Marlene Warren, 40, opened her door on a Saturday morning to find a clown in an orange wig, a red nose but normal high-top shoes holding two foil balloons and carnations. Her then 20-year-old son and his friends, who were in the house, say the clown handed her the gifts. The clown without saying a word then shot her in the face, walked slowly to a Chrysler LeBaron convertible and drove away.

    Michael Warren at the time owned a used car lot and Sheila Keen did repossessions for him. Other employees, according to the document, told detectives Warren and Keen had been seen kissing and having sex in the office and her neighbors said he was frequently at her house. Warren and Keen denied a relationship. They married in 2002.

    The documents show that immediately after the shooting, detectives worked to find where the clown costume, the balloons and flowers had been purchased and to find the car. Along with the costume shop employees, the detectives learned the flowers and balloons came from a supermarket a half mile from the victim's home, bought by a woman who looked like Keen who wore white gloves.

    The LeBaron was soon found abandoned in a parking lot. It had been reported stolen by a Payless rental agency near Michael Warren's car lot, Bargain Motors. The couple who rented it last told detectives they had arrived after-hours at the Payless, hoping to leave the car. Finding no employees, they went home, looked in the Yellow Pages and called what they thought was Payless. A man told them to leave the car with its keys in the visor in front of the lot and someone would get it. They reluctantly did.

    When they went back later, the car was gone, so they called the number again and the same man acted like he never spoke to them. The next morning they realized they had called Bargain Motors — its Yellow Page ad read "Payless!" The rental agency had previously sued Michael Warren over the ad and an employee told detectives Michael Warren and another employee had pulled the ruse to steal the car as payback. No one was ever charged with the theft.

    Warren told detectives he and his wife had a good relationship, but his employees and her family said Marlene Warren had been threatening to divorce him over numerous affairs and a beating she said he had administered a year before. Warren's employees told detectives he had said he would never divorce because his wife would get half his assets.

    Keen was interviewed by detectives shortly after the shooting and blood and hair was drawn. She denied being the shooter, saying she was in another part of the county looking for cars that needed to be repossessed.

    Michael Warren was convicted in 1994 of grand theft, racketeering and odometer tampering and served almost four years in prison. After his wedding to Keen, they settled in Virginia just across from Kingsport, Tennessee, where they operated a popular restaurant that they sold just before her arrest.

    Dp for me. Thanks. God bless America.

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    Trial in Wellington clown homicide likely to begin in 2019

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — An attorney for Sheila Keen Warren told a Palm Beach County judge that he needs 60 more days before he can set a trial date for his client.

    Keen Warren is accused of killing Marlene Warren in 1990.

    Marlene Warren was shot twice in the face by a person dressed as a clown who had knocked on the door of her Wellington home.

    Warren’s then-22-year-old son was home at the time, and saw the suspect drive off in a Chrysler LeBaron. That car was found abandoned days later, and tracked back to Warren’s husband’s used car dealership.

    Police began to suspect Michael Warren and a woman he worked closely with: Sheila Keen. But for years, the case went cold.

    Keen and Warren married in 2002 and moved to Virginia. But in September 2017, detectives used new DNA technology and matched hair at the scene to Sheila Keen Warren.

    Just last week, WPBF 25 News got to look at evidence from the case for the first time, including a receipt from a costume store for a clown outfit and photos from Marlene Warren’s funeral.

    On Tuesday, attorneys on both sides said they need more time for depositions. The judge set another status hearing for September 24. At that hearing, they will set a trial date.

    Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in this case. Sheila Keen Warren has maintained her innocence.

    Dp for me. Thanks. God bless America.

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    Killer Clown Case: Witness says he has new info

    WELLINGTON, Fla. - You never know when a witness may come forward with new information. For John Moran Jr., that moment came 27 years after a Wellington mom was shot in the face by a killer dressed as a clown.

    "I did not want my children to have to live with knowing their grandfather was part of Marlene Warren's murder," Moran Jr. told Contact 5 earlier this year. "But he was. He was definitely a part of it."

    Marlene Warren was killed the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in 1990. Her homicide shook up the quiet, exclusive neighborhood in which she lived. Tips poured in and suspects were immediately identified, but the case remained open.

    Twenty-seven years later, detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested a woman, Sheila Keen-Warren, for the killing. But the case remained open and under investigation.

    Contact 5 has learned why. For the last six months, Contact 5 has uncovered records which show detectives are looking at a second suspect, and thanks to new information provided by Moran Jr., they may be able to finally locate key pieces of evidence related to the cold case; evidence like the clown costume and the murder weapon; evidence which may have been buried in Palm Beach County this whole time.


    John Moran Sr. spent part of his career turning back odometers, chopping up cars and dumping the pieces into Palm Beach County's canal system. But on his deathbed, the auto mechanic made sure some secrets didn't die with him.

    "Have you ever heard of a deathbed confession? My father told me everything that happened before he died," John Moran Jr. said, sitting in the living room of his late mother's trailer in Clewiston, Fla.

    Moran Jr. claims his father told him secrets about a used car lot in West Palm Beach where he says they both used to work, Bargain Motors. Moran Jr. says his father also shared secrets about the owner, Michael Warren.

    "Mike used to give my dad orders," Moran Jr. said. "My dad would then drop them down the line to who he could trust…As long as we were doing the dirty work, his hands were free."

    Moran Jr. claims odometer tampering and insurance fraud were part of the job.

    According to a criminal history report provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Moran Jr. was arrested ten times between 1987 and 2006, but he was only convicted once. Records show Moran Jr. got three years in prison for dealing in stolen property.

    "We would repo cars. We would bring them out to [the] cane fields and we would make them disappear forever," said Moran Jr.

    But back in 1990, Moran Jr. says his boss, Warren, would joke about getting rid of something else: his wife, Marlene. "'Can't y'all make her disappear like y'all make those repo cars disappear?'," Moran Jr. said. "I took it as a joke. I mean, it was a once-a-week thing."

    Incident reports show Moran Jr. told detectives about Warren's comments in November 1990, after Marlene was murdered. "[Moran Jr.] informed me that he used to be a part-time employee of Bargain Motors, and he had run a detailing shop at the Farmer's Market for Mike Warren," a detective wrote. "On several occasions, since July 1989 through December 1989, Michael Warren had hung up the phone after arguing with his wife, and made a comment, 'I'm gonna kill the bitch.'"

    Moran Sr. also told detectives similar information a few weeks after the murder, according to other incident reports. "According to Mr. Moran, Michael Warren did hate his wife Marlene," a detective wrote in June 1990. "Moran stated that Michael wished he could get rid of the bitch and wished that he had never married her."

    Warren has never been charged in his wife's killing and has previously denied any involvement. He declined to be interviewed on the record for this story.

    Contact 5 received the incident reports as part of a public records request to the State Attorney's Office; they declined to comment on an active case. Despite numerous interview requests, cold case detectives with PBSO also declined to comment for this story, citing an active investigation.

    The reports show Moran Jr. talked to detectives in 1990, 2014 and 2017. However, it was not until after Sheila Keen-Warren's arrest in 2017, that Moran Jr. says he gave detectives additional information about the killer clown case, including his father's deathbed confession from 1996.

    "I knew everything," Moran Jr. told Contact 5. "My father was directly involved. 100 percent."


    Thanks to witnesses, detectives knew from the beginning the killer clown drove away from the crime scene in a white Chrysler LeBaron. A few days after Marlene's death, detectives found the LeBaron they believed to have been driven by the clown abandoned in a Winn Dixie parking lot in Royal Palm Beach.

    But according to Moran Jr., the LeBaron was not the only getaway car involved in the crime. "There was one car, one car, right after the shooting – absolutely [my father] would not let me touch it," Moran Jr. said. "On his deathbed, he told me that car would get me anything I ever wanted from Mike Warren," Moran Jr. said.

    A few weeks after the murder, Moran Jr. says his father told him to 'take a car swimming', or get rid of it so they could file false insurance claims.

    "I got the call to go to 'Gate One'," Moran Jr. said, explaining that meant to meet at a specific spot along the bank of a canal, off Highway 80 in Palm Beach County, one of the handful of spots Moran Jr. claims he used to bury cars. "I just thought it was another one of our nightly escapades at Bargain Motors."

    But when he got there, Moran Jr. says he noticed something was different: his father was there waiting for him. "Normally [my father] did not come. He was never involved…He would not let me touch the car. Normally I did all the set up to get the car ready. I was not allowed to touch the car. I was not allowed to look in the car."

    Moran Jr. claims, without touching the car, he helped his father sink it into the canal. "Once the car went in and sunk, he reached in his waistband and grabbed a pistol out, and he slung it. Nothing was ever said. Nothing was ever said, until February of 1996," Moran Jr. said.


    Moran Jr. admitted he could not remember the make or model of the car, but a search warrant filed in Hendry County and obtained by Contact 5 shows he told detectives about the second getaway car and the gun after Keen-Warren's arrest.

    "John Moran Sr. told his son, prior to his death, that he had driven the second getaway car the day of the murder," the warrant reads. "John Moran Sr. told him (Jr.) where the getaway car and the gun used in the homicide were disposed of after the murder. John Moran, Jr. would not provide us with the location but alluded to the fact it was in the water at a location he would have to physically take us to."

    Moran Jr. did not stop there. According to the warrant, Moran Jr. also claimed Warren contacted him through Facebook and phone calls shortly after Keen-Warren was arrested, and "offered to buy him a house" if he testified on behalf of both Warren and Keen-Warren.

    Moran Jr. told Contact 5 that Warren first contacted him looking for his father, Moran Sr. "I let him know that my dad was gone, but I let him know - I'll be honest with you - I could make him or I could break him. I knew everything. I knew where the car was. I knew who planned it. I knew the whole works. I knew where the gun was at."

    Detectives filed the warrant in search of Moran's cell phone and evidence that would corroborate his story. The warrant shows detectives are investigating Warren on charges of homicide and tampering with a witness, but as of this writing, Warren has not been charged with anything related to his wife's murder.

    Detectives have not said if they found the evidence they were looking for as a result of the warrant.


    Moran Jr. told Contact 5 the second getaway car has more evidence buried inside it.

    "The clothes that everybody was wearing that day will be in the car," said Moran Jr., and per his father's deathbed confession, that includes the infamous clown suit the killer wore the day of the murder.

    Moran Jr. told Contact 5 he took detectives to the location of the car a few months after they seized his cell phone.

    He also took Contact 5 Investigator Merris Badcock. "You can see the tire tracks down through here where it looks like they pulled the car out," Moran Jr. said, pointing to markings alongside a seemingly random canal off Highway 80: the spot otherwise known to Moran Jr. as 'Gate One.' "I was told that they had found the car and was waiting on a search warrant to go into it."

    Through public record requests, Contact 5 confirmed PBSO detectives impounded a car in June tied to Marlene Warren's case number. Most of the information is redacted, citing an active investigation, but it is clear detectives filed a search warrant to look inside the vehicle.

    Contact 5 also uncovered dispatch records which confirm firefighters with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue were asked to bring in the "jaws of life" to open "car doors that were rusted shut" related to a "30 yr old cold case". According to the report, the car "was just found underwater."

    Most recently, records filed last month in the case against Keen-Warren show a 1982 Audi 4000s was recently search by PBSO detectives. The warrant was sealed.

    Contact 5 requested the records, but we are still waiting to find out if anything was found inside the Audi 4000s. It's unclear what other implications the car may have on the case.

    "[My father] was determined to make sure I knew where to find that car" said Moran Jr. "I just hope the family can understand and accept that I did come forward and hopefully their mother and their daughter's killer will be brought to justice."

    An uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

    "Y'all be makin shit up" ~ Markeith Loyd

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