I normally stay away from making lists and "collecting" DR inmates and other murderers. However this is to show how disastrous the decision of Furman was. Not only did it effectively destroy capital punishment, but it resulted in the murders of innocent people. The 5 Justices who voted in favor of Furman have blood on their hands. Any judge who knowingly and willingly shows leniency to a murderer, who then goes on to kill again, should be sued, disbarred, beaten to near death by a mob, and then imprisoned. If it were up to me, they would be executed themselves. Same goes to anyone on the parole board who votes to release a murderer, when they have the option of keeping them behind bars.

Bennie Demps - sentenced to death in Florida for a double murder in 1971. Commuted to life after Furman, killed another inmate in 1976, sentenced to death and executed in 2000. I was reluctant to include Demps because the inmate he killed was also a murderer, so therefore he committed a property crime in my eyes.

Robert Massie - sentenced to death in California in 1965. Commuted to life after Furman, he was paroled in 1978, murdered another innocent person in 1979 and was sentenced to death. He was executed in 2001.

Kenneth McDuff - Everyone is familiar with this case. Sentenced to death in Texas for a triple murder in 1966. Commuted to life after Furman and paroled in 1989. He then went on to murder at least 6 other people, and was sentenced to death and executed in 1998.

Darryl Kemp - sentenced to death in California for killing a woman in 1959, commuted to life after Furman, paroled in 1978 and killed again. He was not caught for that killing until decades later, and was sentenced to death in 2009. He will die of old age on California's death row.

Anyone I missed feel free to add on here.

This also shows that while there is no evidence the death penalty is a proactive deterrent, it absolutely IS a reactive deterrent. Had these murderers been executed when they were first sentenced to death, at least 8 innocent people would not have been murdered (excluding Demps' victim). Judges and parole board members who show leniency to murderers when they have the option not to, and those murderers go on to kill again, are guilty of aiding and abetting murder in my eyes, and they deserve to die themselves.