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Carey LaGrant Davis, Jr. Sentenced to LWOP in 2017 AL Murder of Tiara Alexandra Cole
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Thread: Carey LaGrant Davis, Jr. Sentenced to LWOP in 2017 AL Murder of Tiara Alexandra Cole

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    Carey LaGrant Davis, Jr. Sentenced to LWOP in 2017 AL Murder of Tiara Alexandra Cole

    Carey LaGrant Davis, Jr.

    Georgia man indicted in Alabama killing of girlfriend who was shot in the head

    By Ashley Remkus

    Carey Davis Jr.
    A Georgia man accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend in the head and stealing her car has been indicted on a capital murder charge in Alabama.

    Carey LaGrant Davis Jr. is indicted in the July 22, 2017 killing of Tiara Alexandra Cole, Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson's office announced this week. Davis is one of three accused killers indicted by the county's most recently convened grand jury.

    Davis, a 26-year-old from Norcross, Georgia, is held in the Morgan County jail without bail.

    He's accused of killing Cole, a 22-year-old from Lawrenceville, Georgia, inside a Decatur, Alabama motel. Davis became angry with Cole and shot her in the head, Decatur police Detective Mike Burleson wrote in court papers. Police found Cole's body at the Quality Inn, 2120 Jameson Place S.W.

    "Davis then fled back to (Georgia) in Cole's vehicle," Burleson wrote in an affidavit.

    Davis was captured in Gwinnett County, Georgia just hours later. Gwinnett County is just northeast of Atlanta.

    If convicted of capital murder, Davis faces either the death penalty or life without parole. Prosecutors haven't said whether they will seek the death penalty.

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    Jury selection begins for Georgia man accused of shooting girlfriend in Decatur

    By Bobby Stilwell
    WHNT News

    DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) Jury selection for a Georgia man accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend in Decatur in July 2017 is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

    Carey Lagrant Davis, Jr. was indicted on the capital murder charge in 2018.
    </aside>Davis is accused of shooting 22-year-old Tiara Alexandra Cole in the head while in Decatur and stealing her car before fleeing back to Georgia where the two were from.

    Investigators say a maid found Coles body at the Decatur Quality Inn and made the initial call to police. Decatur Police Chief Nate Allen says after speaking with the victims family, detectives were able to determine that Cole had traveled to Decatur with Davis.

    Police say after shooting Cole, Davis left the hotel in Coles 2003 Toyota Camry. Hours later, Davis was found in Coles car in Norcross, Georgia, northeast of Atlanta.

    If convicted, Davis faces either the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. He is currently being held in the Morgan County Jail without bond.

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    Witnesses ask jury to spare murderer's life

    The Decatur Daily
    By Michael Wetzel

    Two women tearfully pleaded Monday afternoon for a Morgan County jury to spare the life of a Georgia man convicted of capital murder in the death of a woman in a Decatur hotel in July 2017.

    The jury of eight women and four men on Friday convicted Carey Lagrant Davis Jr., 30, of Norcross, Georgia, in the shooting death of Tiara Alexander Cole, 22, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, at a Southwest Decatur hotel on July 21, 2017. Police reports said Cole was shot once in the back of her head while she slept and her body was found by a housekeeper in the room the next day.

    Morgan County Circuit Judge Jennifer Howell said this is the first case in the county in which the jury will have the final say in whether to sentence a convicted defendant to life in prison without the possibility of parole or with the death penalty. The Legislature in April 2017 ended the state's practice of allowing a judge to hand down death sentences even if a jury recommends life in prison.

    Davis' older sister, Marshan Cook, 32, testified that she and Carey, also known as C.J., have always been best friends.

    "We did everything together. He was always supportive of me. He has supported me even after he was locked up," she told the jurors. "It is a forever thing. We've been inseparable. We went to football games, parties. We did sports together."

    According to court testimony last week, Davis said he killed Cole because she gave him herpes.

    Cook told the jurors she became addicted to cocaine after giving birth to her only child, a daughter nearly 10 years ago, and her brother encouraged her to go clean.

    "It was a bad time for me. I didn't want him to see me like that," she said. "He encouraged me to get my life together. ... C.J. kept me from feeling alone. He always played with my daughter, always talked with her. He would watch her when I was working."

    Another woman, Epiphanie Hardimon, said she and Davis had an on-again, off-again relationship for the past decade and called Davis a "great friend."

    "He's always been there for me," said Hardimon, who lives outside of Atlanta. "We have an unbreakable bond." She said they stay in touch "two to five times a week."

    "I love him. I care about him," she said. "We talked about spirituality, books, philosophies, my son. He's never asked me for anything."

    Defense attorney Brian White asked her why Davis took Cole's life.

    "C.J. has gone through a lot," she said. "I don't know the person who did that. He's a great man, a genuine person. We haven't talked about the case, not even a little bit. I'm still in shock. I know C.J.'s heart. It can be a little too big. He wants to make sure everybody is going to be OK. The person that (shot the woman) is not the person I know."

    Hardimon testified for about 30 minutes.

    Also testifying Monday was Leslie Hollins, a specialist with Morgan County Probation and Parole. She said Davis was "uncooperative" with authorities during an interview on Friday after his conviction.

    She said a background check showed Davis had "one arrest and conviction for possession of marijuana in 2010," a misdemeanor. She added that in 2019, during his 4 1/2 years in the Morgan County Jail, Davis had received his GED. Testimony showed he dropped out of high school in 11th grade.

    Another defense attorney, Jim Smith, told the jury that "(everyone) is more than the worst we've ever done. C.J. is more than the worst thing he's ever done."

    Paul Matthews and Stacy Adams, assistant district attorneys for Morgan County, questioned the witnesses but presented no new witness at the hearing.

    According to a police affidavit, Davis and Cole were "a couple" and were in the hotel room with another man and woman when the shooting occurred. The man and woman volunteered information in the case to Decatur police.

    The male informant said the four had checked into the hotel room about midnight and were hanging out and that he and the other female were doing "some coke." He said he heard a gunshot. "I turned around and Carey was still holding the gun," he said.

    After they drove Cole's car back to Georgia, the male told authorities, "Carey was trying to get me to shoot him. He was saying his life was over. Carey told me Tiara had herpes and this is why he shot her. Carey finally left and drove off in Tiara's car."

    The jurors are expected to hear more testimony during the penalty phase of case and a punishment could be handed out by the end of the week, according to the judge.

    Howell told the jurors their decision did not have to be unanimous, but it needed to be at least 10-2 for the death penalty to be imposed.


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    I’m currently in the ER and the news on the television was reporting on Davis and said he was sentenced to LWOP

    Georgia man convicted of Decatur capital murder

    by: Jess Grotjahn

    DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — A Georgia man has been found guilty of fatally shooting his girlfriend in Morgan County.

    A jury convicted Carey Lagrant Davis, Jr., 30, of capital murder

    Davis was charged with the July 2017 shooting death of Tiara Alexander Cole, which happened at the Quality Inn in Decatur.

    Davis was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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