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China Executions - 2018
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Thread: China Executions - 2018

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    China Executions - 2018

    China Executes 10 People for Non-Violent Drug Offences

    Chinese authorities have executed ten people for non-violent drug offences immediately after a public sentencing hearing.

    On 23 June, the group – who had previously been convicted of drug trafficking offences – lost their appeal against their death sentences, and were swiftly killed by the state. According to China Daily, all ten people were convicted of producing, owning, and trafficking large quantities of illegal drugs in the appeal trial. The hearing took place in public in the city of Lufeng - in Guangdong province, a coastal region in the southeast of the country.

    The court said that one of the executed men, Fan Shuixian, “earned 1.1 million yuan ($172,000) from selling the ephedrine he extracted, and later mixed 16.4 kilograms of methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, with his ephedrine”.

    Ephedrine is a drug with many legal, pharmaceutical purposes, but is also recognised by authorities internationally as a precursor for the production of illegal methamphetamine.

    Lufeng has a notorious association with drug trafficking in China, it having once supplied one-third of methamphetamine produced in the country, according to Chinese newspaper the Global Times.

    This is not the first time that the execution of people for non-violent drug offences in Lufeng has hit headlines. In December 2017, ten people were immediately executed - mostly for drug offences - following a public trial in front of thousands of onlookers at a local sports stadium.

    While the executions take place behind closed doors, the trials are seemingly purposefully turned into macabre public spectacles to dissuade other people from involvement with the drug trade. An anonymous police officer told China Daily that the executions would deter other people from drug trafficking, and help promote the region’s “anti-drug campaign”.

    China continues to be one of the world’s most prolific executioners, however the number of people being killed by the state – for drug offences, and other crimes - is unknown. In a recent report by Harm Reduction International - The Death Penalty for Drug Offences – it was noted that “statistics on death sentences and executions [in China] are considered so sensitive that they remain a State secret, which makes it impossible to know the true figure for the number of executions which take place each year”.

    President Xi Jinping has previously vowed that the country’s repressive drug policy approach will continue; there will be "no rest until a sweeping victory", he says.

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    China has executed Mo Huanjing for the murders of 4 in an arson case.


    More on the Crime

    February 8, 2018

    Chinese nanny sentenced to death in tragic arson case

    SHANGHAI (AFP) - A Chinese nanny with heavy gambling debts was sentenced to death Friday (Feb 9) for setting a fire that killed her employer's wife and children in a tragedy which grabbed national attention and raised questions over official handling of the case.

    A court in the eastern city of Hangzhou found Mo Huanjing, a nanny for a family of five, guilty of arson in the fire that killed a mother and her three children on June 22 last year, and sentenced her to death.

    The case went viral in China due to the tragic circumstances and reported delays in the firefighting response, with Friday's court announcement among the top-trending items on China's Twitter-like Weibo platform, with tens of millions of "reads".

    The Weibo hashtag "Wife and kids in heaven June 22" by 37-year-old Lin Shengbin, who was away when the fire occurred, has generated nearly 1.3 billion "reads" since the tragedy first occurred.

    Mo, 35, was allegedly a obsessive gambler who borrowed and also stole money from the family as her debts mounted.

    The court said Mo admitted to starting a fire in the living room of the family's 18th-floor high-rise apartment in Hangzhou, planning to put it out quickly to play the hero and use the resulting goodwill to seek more money from her employers.

    But the fire rapidly raged out of control and Mo escaped, leaving behind Lin's 34-year-old wife Zhu Xiaozhen and three children aged six, nine, and 11 years, who all died of asphyxiation.

    Lin has gained 2.3 million Weibo followers since he opened an account to document his efforts to seek justice.

    "The devil has finally received the punishment of the law, the death penalty," Lin said in a post on Friday.

    "I have suffered day and night for the past 200 days, and today finally received the verdict."

    Lin said he planned to pursue civil cases against other "powerful" parties who he blames for the deaths.

    He did not offer specific details, but has previously blamed Greentown, the builder of the high-rise and a major listed property developer, saying poor safety features in the apartment complex contributed to a delayed fire-fighting response.

    The fire department last year denied accusations that it was slow to respond, instead blaming low water pressure and a lack of required fire safety features in the building.

    China regularly sees deadly fire disasters, often blamed on the lax enforcement or flouting of fire safety rules.


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    China executes man who killed nine in school stabbing

    By Christian Shepherd

    BEIJING - China executed a man on Thursday for killing nine students and injuring 11 others in a knife attack at a middle school in central China’s Shaanxi province in April, according to a post on a Chinese court’s official social media account.

    Zhao Zewei was sentenced to death in July after being charged with homicide for attacking 19 students near a middle school in Mizhi county in China’s northwestern province of Shaanxi on April 27.

    After receiving approval from China’s supreme court, the death sentence was carried out in Mizhi county of Shaanxi on Thursday, according to the statement from the Yulin City Intermediate Court.

    Zhao had said he had taken knives into his former school in order to vent frustration and anger over his misfortunes in life and the bullying he was subjected to while attending the school, the statement said.

    But the motives for depriving others of life were “despicable” and the methods were especially cruel, and so the supreme court agreed to the use of the death penalty, it cited the supreme court as ruling.

    Violent crime is rarer in China than many other countries, due in part to strict gun controls and tight security in major cities. Recent years have seen a series of knife and axe attacks, however, including one this year in Beijing.

    China does not release official figures for the number of people it executes every year, but rights groups estimate that more people are executed annually in the country than in all other countries combined.


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    Drug producers executed in south China


    HAIKOU, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Two drug makers were executed Friday in south China's Hainan Province for manufacturing drugs, according to a local court.

    The two offenders, identified by their surnames as Xie and Tian only, were the prime culprits of a drug-manufacturing case. In early July of 2015, Xie and Tian who were locals of south China's Guangdong Province conspired to secretly fund the manufacturing of ketamine in a valley in Wenxi Village, Suichuan County in east China's Jiangxi Province, said the First Intermediate People's Court of Hainan.

    The local public security department launched a raid on July 11, 2015, and seized a total of 3.5 tonnes of drugs and raw materials for producing the drugs at the plant.

    The local police apprehended 13 suspects involved in the case from July 11, 2015 to Sept. 13, 2016.

    The court sentenced Xie and Tian to death in the first trial on June 26, 2017. All their properties were also confiscated, according to the verdict. Other suspects were convicted and given jail terms ranging from fixed-term imprisonment to life imprisonment and the death penalty with probation.

    Xie and Tian appealed after the trial. The Hainan Provincial Higher People's Court rejected their appeal and upheld the sentences of the previous trial on Dec. 18, 2017.


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