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Thread: Need some advice.....

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    Need some advice.....

    In the month of October my home was robbed.

    Robbed by juveniles i knew intimately.

    I have fed these boys, let them spend weekends in my home, fed them, given them rides to their other friends house and occasionally gave them money to eat or what ever.

    They stole 7 high powered, semi-automatic weapons from me.

    They were stupid enough to capture themselves via cell phone video with my guns.

    Before I get judged.....I had all my weapons, unloaded and in gun safes. They happened upon my keys to my safes.

    I'll leave it at that for now because I have come to learn that the DA's office has made decisions on MY behalf without consulting me.

    Their offer to the magistrate is probation without the being shown the videos of these kids shooting, in broad daylight, next to my home, and a video of them driving around shooting my semi-auto weapons while driving around my city, at night, in a random neighborhood.

    They still have the keys to the remainder of my gun safes and have broken in twice to retrieve the remainder.

    I live in fear. I come home and sweep my house with my 9mm to feel semi-safe.

    I'm sooooooo pissed with the DA's office for offering these thugs probation and having them pay restitution.

    Thet have a class 5 felony.......where the **** do you think gonna they can get a job with a felony?

    They also stole 30 watches and emptied a full size fire extinguisher into my shed.

    I have been turned into the defendant and those pieces of bat dung into the victims.

    More to the story if your interested and/or have some advice.

    thanks for reading if you did.....................
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    Vote that prosecutor out.

    Also more reason to end the war on drugs. People are being locked up for decades for non violent drug offenses while serious criminals like this are getting off.

    Also even though they wronged you and deserve to be punished, at the end of the day they are juveniles who committed a non violent property crime. No one was hurt. Sure I think they should do some time, but their lives shouldn't be ruined because of this.

    Thet have a class 5 felony.......where the **** do you think gonna they can get a job with a felony?
    I have 2 felonies and i have a decent career. Its possible.

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    I have an aunt that was in a very similar situation.

    Get all of your locks changed immediately, leave lights on at your house on al' the time so they won't know if you are home or not. Get the police office on speed dial and make sure that some of your local police officers know your situation, and if police know if there is a constant threat to a property they will regularly patrol it. Inform your neighbors about this as well and tell them to call the police if they see anything that looks strange.

    If they get the idea in their heads that the place is being monitored, and that you may be home they will stop coming to your house. Sadly this process takes months. I hope you don't have anymore incidents with these scumbags.

    I work in security so if you have any questions send them to me.
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    Sadly, I think the horse has left the barn in this case.

    But for the future, you also might want to consider installing a home security system. Vivint and SimpliSafe are two systems that come immediately to mind. There are many others.

    And many of them come with video plus a hookup to your cell phone so you can warn the intruders to stay out of the house, get off your property, or whatever.

    You'll have to shell out a couple to a few hundred dollars for the hardware. But some are DIY, to save you installation expense. After that, a system is a dollar or two per day for monitoring services and cloud storage of digital video.

    Plus you get snazzy lawn signs to discourage bad guys.

    Efficient defense usually deters offenders.

    I'm sorry this happened to you.
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    when my home got burgled several times several years ago, i hired a private detective who was an ex-cop to act as a go-between for me and the police, in order to have him advocate on my behalf with the people on the force and also the DA. it helped some. i'm really sorry this happened to you. it's really terrifying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by one_two_bomb View Post

    I have 2 felonies and i have a decent career. Its possible.
    I have no criminal record, am a veteran, used to work in corrections, and have no career. At least one of us is doing well (I really should stop quitting jobs after a year, but on the bright side I have lots of experience in lots of different fields)

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