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Letter Regarding Execution Warrant Time Draft
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Thread: Letter Regarding Execution Warrant Time Draft

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    Letter Regarding Execution Warrant Time Draft

    Greetings [either governor or a chosen state lawmaker],

    I am writing this as a concern regarding the administration of justice in Alabama. As I am sure you are aware, Christopher Lee Price was scheduled to be executed on April 11, 2019, but managed to escape through dilatory tactics. This was an affront to justice, and served to further victimize Bill Lynn's friends and family - wounds of loss were brutally reopened. Indeed, Governor Kay Ivey referred to this travesty as "a miscarriage of justice," and rightly so.

    Of course, the primary cause of this was an egregious abuse of power by a particular panel on the Eleventh Circuit in the form of an improper, immoral stay. Indeed, this panel has a history of trying to interfere with the administration of justice for the most heinous of crimes in Alabama. However, there is another issue that must be examined.

    The aforementioned stay was rightfully vacated by the United States Supreme Court, and the path cleared for Christopher Price to receive his long overdue punishment. However, justice was stopped by a very preventable snag - expiration of the death warrant.

    In Georgia, death warrants are valid for 7 days. In Missouri, warrants are valid for 24 hours (6 pm - 5:59 pm of the next day). Had Alabama's law been like that of GA or MO, Price would have been executed promptly after his stay of execution was vacated. That is axiomatic.

    Furthermore, this is not the first time that Alabama's six hour execution window has proven problematic. In 2018, the execution of Doyle Lee Hamm was called off due insufficient time to find a vein. Had Alabama's law been like GA or MO's, a vein likely would have been found. And in 2017, Thomas Arthur very nearly escaped execution due to the midnight expiration of the warrant - he was pronounced dead after midnight, in fact.

    I do not doubt the competence or commitment to justice that Alabama has. You have proven yourself to be a steadfast champion of justice through your past actions. This change to the statute would provide for more efficient administration of justice, and I do hope you will seek the passage of such a law. As last minute death row appeals become more dilatory and subversive, the need for such a modification to the law will only increase. You have the ability to take a proactive approach and form a bulwark against 11th hour delays that psychologically torture crime victims and draw out the litigation process.


    A concerned American [That part can be changed]

    [End of draft]

    Thoughts? Modifications? If anyone here is from Alabama it'd be better if you sent it. I think it should be sent to either Kay Ivey or State senator Tripp Pittman (introduced nitrogen bill) or whoever introduced the fair justice act (Cam Ward).
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    Sounds good, if it were me it would sound a little more angry. But thats just me lol. Do it up!

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    I suggest that the times should be extended across all active death penalty states from 6 to 24 hours. Texas is conducting executions in less than 6 hours even when appeals are at the US Supreme Court. In hindsight, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia should definitely go to 24 hours before death warrant expiration. However, i think all members should agree to this proposal as a matter of principle to ensure that executions occur in good time. A proposed practice could be put forward to the Governors of all states that are active in death sentences and executions. I do not commit to California as to the course of proposition 66 and Governor Gavin Newsom.
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