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    Adam William Davis - Florida Death Row

    Vicki Robinson

    Summary of Offense:

    On June 26, 1998, Vicki Robinson ran errands with her daughter, Valessa Robinson, her daughter’s boyfriend, Adam Davis, and a mutual friend of her daughter and Davis, Jon Whispel. After dinner that evening, Davis and Whispel left the Robinson home and went to a Denny’s restaurant. Later that evening, Valessa Robinson sneaked out of her home and joined Davis and Whispel at the restaurant. The trio left the restaurant in search of drugs, bought and took LSD, and returned to the restaurant. While at the restaurant, Valessa Robinson stated that the three should kill her mother. Whispel thought Valessa was joking, but Davis and Valessa began to plan how to carry out the murder, agreeing on a lethal heroin overdose of Valessa’s mother. The three went back to Ms. Robinson’s house, took her van without her knowledge, and attempted to buy heroin and a syringe. Unable to purchase heroin, Davis purchased a syringe. Davis suggested that they kill Ms. Robinson by filling the syringe with bleach and an air bubble.

    In the kitchen, Davis put Ms. Robinson into a “sleeper” hold, trying to render her unconscious. Davis injected Ms. Robinson with the syringe, but after a few minutes, the bleach did not kill Ms. Robinson, so Davis stabbed her with a knife. Shortly thereafter, the three heard moaning from the kitchen, so Davis grabbed the knife and left the room. Davis later told Whispel that he stabbed Ms. Robinson two more times and tried to break her neck. A few hours later, the three cleaned the kitchen with bleach and towels. Davis put Ms. Robinson’s body into a trash can, and loaded the trash can, along with shovels and a hoe into Ms. Robinson’s van and drove to a wooded area to bury her. The digging was unsuccessful, so they concealed the trash can with foliage, planning to come back later. The three later returned to Ms. Robinson’s house and obtained her credit cards, cash, and ATM card since Valessa knew Ms. Robinson’s personal identification number. The three spent the next few days in Ybor City, using Ms. Robinson’s money to get tattoos and stay at motels. They also purchased twenty bags of concrete, a bucket, and a trash can, with the intention of dumping the body in a canal. While Davis, Valessa, and Whispel were in Ybor City, Florida, Ms. Robinson’s boyfriend, Jim Englert, reported her missing. Davis learned from a friend that both Davis and Valessa were on the news, so the three decided to leave town and flee to Phoenix, Arizona. They never returned to complete their plans to dispose of Ms. Robinson’s body. Ms. Robinson’s credit union tracked the use of her credit card, and Davis, Valessa, and Whispel were apprehended in Pecos County, Texas, after a high-speed chase.

    Davis was sentenced to death in Hillsborough County on December 17, 1999.

    Co-defendant information:
    Valessa Robinson was tried and convicted on charges of third-degree murder and grand theft auto. On May 30, 2000, she was sentenced to fifteen and five years, respectively.
    Jon Whispel pled guilty to charges of second-degree murder, third-degree grand theft, and grand theft auto. On June 29,1999, he was sentenced to twenty-five years for the crimes.

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    FL Supremes Uphold Conviction for Adam Davis FL DR in 1998 Murder

    June 5, 2008

    Conviction in Vicki Robinson murder upheld

    The Associated Press

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The state Supreme Court is rejecting an appeal by convicted murderer Adam Davis, who helped his teenage girlfriend murder her mother.

    The Supreme Court unanimously rejected Davis' appeal on claims that his legal representation was ineffective, a confession was improperly admitted and that there was false testimony at his trial.

    Davis was convicted along with Valessa Robinson of the murder of Valessa's mother, Vicki Robinson, in 1998. The Tampa woman was choked, injected with bleach and stabbed. Davis was 19 at the time. Valessa Robinson was 15.

    Davis is on death row for the murder. Valessa Robinson was sentenced to 20 years in prison. A third defendant, Jon Whispel, was sentenced to 25 years.

    After the murder, the three friends stole Vicki Robinson's car and credit cards and set off on a cross-country escape before being caught in Texas.

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    Factors Contributing to the Delay in Imposition of Sentence:

    The Direct Appeal was pending from 02/14/00 – 09/11/03.

    Case Information:

    Davis filed a Direct Appeal with the Florida Supreme Court on 02/14/00, citing issues such as evidence admitted at trial, finding of aggravating circumstances, and the constitutionality of the death penalty. On 09/11/03, the convictions and sentence were affirmed.

    Davis filed a 3.851 Motion with the Circuit Court on 02/01/05. On 02/10/06 and 04/20/06, Evidentiary Hearings were held. On 06/21/06, the CC denied the motion.

    Davis filed a 3.851 Motion Appeal with the Florida Supreme Court on 07/18/06, which was denied on 06/05/08.

    Davis filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus with the United States District Court on 09/17/08, which was denied on 10/15/09.

    Davis filed a Habeas Appeal with the United States Court of Appeals on 04/09/10. This appeal was denied on 09/16/10.

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    In today's United States Supreme Court orders, Davis' petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis was DENIED.

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    Valessa Robinson set to be released from prison Friday

    Stephanie Hayes, Times Staff Writer

    TAMPA — Valessa Robinson, once a curly-haired teenager infamous for the role she played in the murder of her mother, is scheduled to be freed early from prison Friday.

    Robinson is 30 now with cropped hair and hollow cheekbones, almost unrecognizable from the 15-year-old face behind one of Tampa's most chilling crimes.

    Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jessica Cary confirmed Robinson's release date, which is more than a year earlier than originally expected.

    Friday's release is subject to change pending several factors including gain time or review, Cary said in an email message.

    "But as of this time, that is the date," she wrote Monday.

    Robinson is serving her sentence at Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County.

    In 2000, a Hillsborough County judge sentenced Robinson to 20 years in prison for third-degree murder in the death of her mother, Vicki Robinson, plus grand theft of a motor vehicle.

    Vicki Robinson, a 49-year-old real estate agent, was murdered in her Carrollwood home on June 27, 1998. Valessa Robinson, her boyfriend, Adam Davis and another friend, Jon Whispel, teamed up to kill her.

    Under the law, Robinson had to serve 85 percent of her sentence, two years of which she served awaiting trial. She was not expected to get out of prison until 2015. Earlier this year, her release had been moved up to February. Release dates can change based on several factors. Robinson has been disciplined in prison over the years, but was also taking classes.

    Davis is on death row. Whispel was sentenced to 25 years and is currently scheduled to be released in 2020.

    Back in 1998, Vicki Robinson had struggled to get control of her 15-year-old daughter, who was acting out and dating Davis, a 19-year-old with a criminal past. The night of the murder, the teens went to a Denny's restaurant and hatched the plan to kill Vicki Robinson.

    According to state records, the three went back to the house, took out Vicki Robinson's van, and tried to buy heroin and a syringe. Davis bought a syringe, and back at the house put Vicki Robinson in a sleeper hold and injected her with bleach. When that didn't kill her, he stabbed her multiple times.

    Six days after Vicki Robinson disappeared from her home, the three youths were arrested in a high-speed chase in Texas.

    Vicki Robinson's body was found in a garbage can in the woods near her home.

    Just before the murder, she had planned to send her troubled daughter to a Christian residential program called Steppin' Stone Farm.

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    Florida woman convicted of killing her mother intends to reside in a St. Martin subdivision

    By Warren Kulo |
    The Mississippi Press

    OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi -- Valessa Robinson, convicted when she was 15 of the murder of her mother in their Florida home in 1998, was released from prison in early December and intends to reside in the St. Martin community just north of Ocean Springs.

    According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Robinson, now 30, has registered an address in the Windsor Porte subdivision in St. Martin as her place of residence.

    The subdivision is just north of the Ft. Bayou Bridge.

    Because Robinson served her entire term, she is not under any kind of post-release supervision -- probation, parole, etc. -- according to Grace Simmons-Fisher, Communications Director for the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Fisher said she had contacted the Florida Department of Corrections to confirm Robinson's status.

    In addition, Ocean Springs Police Capt. Chuck Jackson said Robinson would not be required to notify local law enforcement of her residence here if she is not under post-release supervision.

    It is unknown if Robinson is or will live at the registered address alone or with family members. Robinson's aunt had lived there until her death in October and Florida media reports indicate her father picked her up upon her release.

    A Mississippi Press reporter knocked on the door of the Windsor Porte home Robinson registered with the FDOC, but no one answered.

    Robinson was arrested in 1998 for the killing of her mother, Vicki, a Tampa real estate agent, in their home in Carrollwood -- a Tampa suburb.

    According to the Tampa Tribune, on June 27, 1998, Vicki Robinson, 49, was attacked in her kitchen by her daughter, then 15, Valessa's 19-year-old boyfriend, Adam "Rattlesnake" Davis, and Davis' friend, Jon Whispel, also 19.

    The three teens had planned the murder of Vicki Robinson so that Valessa Robinson and Davis could be together. Testimony during Robinson's trial suggested she hatched the idea because she feared her mother was going to force her to end her relationship with Davis, who already had a criminal past, and send her to a boarding school

    The night of the murder, Valessa Robinson held her mother down while Davis stabbed at Vicki Robinson's throat with a syringe filled with bleach. Ultimately, Davis fatally stabbed Vicki Robinson with a knife.

    The body was dumped in a trash can roughly six miles from the home and the trio headed to Ybor City, where the three got tattoos and purchased drugs. The left Tampa and headed for Arizona with an ultimate goal of making their way to Canada.

    A few days later, however, the three were captured in Texas following a high-speed chase.

    After a trial which captivated the Tampa community over the course of two years, Robinson was convicted in a Hillsborough court and sentenced to 20 years in prison for both third-degree murder and the theft of her mother's van.

    Robinson's case has been the subject of an episode of "American Justice" on A&E, as well as on the Biography channel.

    She was released Dec. 6, having been given credit for the nearly two years she served awaiting trial and for good behavior, although she did have run-ins with prison authorities between 2001-04 for sexual acts or unauthorized physical contact, possession of narcotics and making threatening statements.

    Visitors during her incarceration included her father, Charles Robinson, and sister, Michelle.

    Davis was convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced to death and is awaiting execution. Whispel was convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 25 years and is due to be released in 2020.

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