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      Refugio Ruben Cardenas - California Death Row

      Refugio Ruben Cardenas

      Facts of the Crime:

      On October 9, 2003, Refugio Ruben Cardenas used a sawed-off shotgun to shoot Gerardo Cortez, 19, of Bakersfield and Jorge Montes, 25, of Visalia. Cortez, shot in the head, died at the scene; Montes, shot in the chest, spent a month in the hospital. Cardenas thought Cortez, Montes and three others were rival gang members, said Shani Engum, a supervising district attorney. He fired at another man but missed.

      Cardenas was sentenced to death in Tulare County on March 29, 2007.

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      Counsel was appointed to represent Cardenas on direct appeal on 01/10/11.


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