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John Matthew Chapman Charged in 2019 NV Murder of Jamie Rae Feden
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Thread: John Matthew Chapman Charged in 2019 NV Murder of Jamie Rae Feden

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    John Matthew Chapman Charged in 2019 NV Murder of Jamie Rae Feden

    Married man charged with kidnapping, killing girlfriend he lured to Nevada desert

    By Stephen Sorace
    Fox News

    A married Maryland man has been federally charged with kidnapping and killing his girlfriend after luring her to the Nevada desert, where he says he tied her to a post and suffocated her last year, according to new court documents.

    The FBI charged John Matthew Chapman, 39, with kidnapping resulting in death in a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District court, news outlets in Nevada and Pennsylvania reported.

    Chapman is accused of kidnapping and murdering 33-year-old Jamie Rae Feden, of Bethel Park, Penn., last September. Her body was identified in November, a month after her remains were found in the desert.

    Chapman was arrested in November in Pennsylvania, and told police he took Feden on a cross-country road trip to Las Vegas to look at homes, FOX5 Las Vegas reported, citing court documents.

    Chapman came up with the plan to kill Feden before they left Pennsylvania, and even had a “kill kit” ready, the document said. Authorities have alleged his motive was money.

    He told police he lured Feden out to the desert under the guise of a bondage photoshoot, according to the documents. He told police he used zip ties to bind Feden’s hands and feet and tied her to a signpost. He then covered her mouth and nose with duct tape and watched her suffocate.

    He removed the zip ties, tape and Feden’s clothing before leaving her body near the signpost and driving back to Pennsylvania, the documents stated.

    Feden was just over 4 feet tall and weighed 75 pounds, police said. She suffered from VATER syndrome, a rare congenital condition. The letters stand for vertebrae, anus, trachea, esophagus and renal (or kidneys), which are the areas of the body that are affected.

    While Feden was missing, the FBI said Chapman lived in her house and sent her family messages on Facebook to cover up her death, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

    After Chapman was taken into custody, he called his wife, Maureen, and said, “I killed her because I had to,” Maureen told WPXI-TV at the time. She said her husband was living a “double life” and had told his family he was going to Las Vegas on a work trip.

    Chapman has remained in custody since his arrest. He will appear before a judge next month.


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    Judge Orders Man Suspected In Kidnapping, Death Of Bethel Park Woman Transferred To Nevada To Face Federal Charges

    By Amy Wadas

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – John Chapman was ordered to be transferred to Nevada in the kidnapping and death of Jaime Feden.

    On Monday, Chapman appeared in court in Pittsburgh. The federal complaint was filed a week ago in Nevada, federally charging Chapman with kidnapping resulting in death.

    KDKA’s Amy Wadas reports the judge looked at Chapman and said, “You are facing a very serious charge involving the death of a person.”

    Despite the seriousness of the charge, Chapman had no emotion on his face. He was represented by a public defender.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office says if convicted, he will face life in prison and could be eligible for the death penalty.

    According to the complaint, 40-year-old Chapman allegedly admitted to Bethel Park Police that he had taken Feden to Nevada in mid-September. The federal complaint says he allegedly told her they’d be going so they could get a home in Las Vegas together.

    However, he allegedly told police that he had intended to kill her for her money. The complaint says he had a “kill kit” ready before they left for the trip.

    In his alleged confession, he told Bethel Park Police he drove from Pennsylvania to Nevada. The complaint says he then took her out to the desert, tied her to a signpost and suffocated her.

    The complaint goes on to say that in the deleted photos section of Chapman’s phone, detectives found a picture of Feden under a Las Vegas sign and a picture of Feden bound in the Nevada desert with duct tape on her mouth and zip ties securing her to a signpost where her body was found.

    After her murder, the complaint says Chapman tossed Feden’s clothes at various locations on his drive back to Bethel Park from Nevada. It also accuses Chapman of using Feden’s home after her death, allegedly bringing his new girlfriend there.

    The judge mentioned that Chapman had waived his right to a preliminary hearing and ordered him to be extradited to Nevada, where he will have a court appointed attorney.

    The U.S. Marshals can’t release when he will be transferred. He’ll remain in the custody of U.S. Marshals until his transfer.

    Meantime, the Lincoln County District Attorney in Nevada says he will likely be filing separate murder and kidnapping charges in the next week and a half.


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