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Thread: Endgame: The End of the Death Penalty

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    Alabama and Texas are the only two that can execute right now. If both of them somehow comply with the standards set for by the Supreme Court and TCCA doesnt stay every execution this year like they usually do.

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    The pro-life coalition relies on support of Roman Catholics and Lutherans who tend to be more likely to oppose capital punishment than those of the evangelical Protestants most associated with the South, like Baptists and Methodists. Supporting abolition is not a career-killer for Republicans in purple states, whereas for Democrats it is nearly mandatory to avoid a serious primary challenge.

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    Don’t forget about Missouri, They executed Walter Barton during the pandemic and Ernest Johnson should be denied cert soon. Florida could also execute if DeSantis wasn’t being a tithead
    I believe in the death penalty

    ~James Dobson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven AB View Post
    JLR + Neil = DPIC

    Who want to believe this trick?:

    If you have a badly enforced death penalty, it dont fulfill its purpose. If you have a well enforced death penalty, you have frequent miscarriages of justice.

    Both claims are indeed grounded on anecdotes and abusive generalizations.

    As for Covid it is not an excuse it can be a serious problem. But it will not be eternal.
    I didn't say that and it wasn't the argument I was trying to make. My point was that If you didn't have several layers of appeals and just automatically executed inmates after a direct appeal, you would end up executing innocent people. I gave several examples of inmates who were denied multiple times in the courts before correctly winning relief. A "well enforced death penalty" would have have an effective appeals system with several layers of oversight because if something is efficient and well enforced then it doesn't make mistakes.

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