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Thread: Blaine Keith Milam - Texas Execution - Stayed

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    Blaine Keith Milam - Texas Execution - Stayed

    Summary of Offense:

    Convicted and sentenced to death for the 2008 slaying of his girlfriend's toddler. A jury in Conroe decided on the death penalty for the then 20-year-old Blaine Milam after about nine hours of deliberation. Jurors on May 17, 2010 found Milam guilty of capital murder in the December 2008 beating death of 13-month-old Amora Carson. Prosecutors have said the tot was beaten in an alleged exorcism. Her mother, Jesseca Carson, is jailed and faces trial later on a capital murder charge. The trial was moved 160 miles from Rusk County to Montgomery County due to extensive publicity on the case.

    Milam was sentenced to death in Rusk County on May 27, 2010.

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    TYLER, TX - An East Texas couple is behind bars tonight accused of beating a 13-month old baby to death.

    Authorities say they found the baby Tuesday morning severely beaten by a hammer and other objects. The couple allegedly told police demonic possession led to this crime.

    In court today, Jessica Carson and Blaine Milam were charged with beating 13 month old Amora Carson to death.

    "You're looking at a 13 month old baby that has had her head bashed in with a hammer," said Judge Bob Richardson of Rusk County. "[There were] bite marks all over the baby...that's gruesome."

    Authorities say Carson, Amora's mother, told them the baby suffered from demonic possession, and Milam performed an exorcism to get them out.

    "I can't believe that a man can convince a woman that her child is possessed with demons and you know that's the mother of that child...she should be there to protect that child and stop all this," said Judge Richardson.

    Police say the couple went to a pawn shop in Henderson to sell some tools to pay a priest to perform an exorcism.

    "So, in the meantime the live-in stepfather decided to get the demons out himself," said Judge Richardson.

    Lieutenant Reynold Humber with the Rusk County Sheriff's Department said, "They gave us numerous stories at the onset first that the baby had been involved in a car crash the day before, then the story was that the dogs had gotten hold of the baby, and it was obvious it wasn't dogs."

    That's when authorities say Carson admitted her fiance had killed the baby.

    "There's no logic explanation...even for old seasoned veterans it's still hard to deal with a child especially," said William Brown, the D.A.'s investigator in Rusk County.

    This crime's brutality is even harder for neighbors to understand.

    "To beat somebody in with a hammer...you're not right in the head," said Wendell Moore, a neighbor. "To me, you're not. To me, the death penalty would be fine with me. I mean, what can you get out of killing a little kid?"

    Right now, the couple is in Rusk County's jail on two million dollars bond apiece. Authorities tell us it does not appear that the couple was on drugs, and they did not find any inside their home.

    (Source: The Houston Chronicle)

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    Jury selection to start in Rusk County capital murder case

    Jury selection is set for Wednesday, March 3 in the trial of Blaine Keith Milam, accused of capital murder in the brutal beating death of his girlfriend’s 13-month old baby in Rusk County.

    The case will be tried in Conroe by Rusk County district/county attorney Micheal Jimerson with 4th District Court Judge J. Clay Gossett presiding.The venue was switched to the 284th District Court at the Montgomery County courthouse in an effort to secure a fair trial.

    Officials are tight-lipped about the case after a gag order was issued by Rusk County Pct. 5 Justice of the Peace Bob Richardson, who also arraigned Milam and the baby’s mother, Jessica Bain Carson, also accused in the case.

    Milam, then 19, was a convicted sex offender who reportedly should have been behind bars at the time of the December 2008 killing, according to reports around the time of the death of the infant Amora Bain Carson.

    According to reports in the Kilgore News Herald, Milam and Carson, then 18, beat the child to death last year with a hammer in an effort to “beat demons out of her.” The infant’s body had also been bitten at least 20 times, according to reports.

    Carson also faced capital murder charges.

    Blaine Milam did time for criminal solicitation of a minor related to a March 2007 break-in, when he left obscene notes in the bedroom of a 13-year-old girl.

    The gag order currently in place prohibits those involved with the capital murder case from discussing witnesses, the investigation itself, evidence, the strength of the case and any information that would create a “substantial risk of prejudice” in the case.


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    Trial to begin for man accused in child's death

    CONROE, Texas (AP) - The trial is set to begin for a man accused along with his girlfriend in beating the woman's 13-month-old daughter to death with a hammer in what authorities say was called an exorcism by the couple.

    The capital murder trial for Blaine Milam of Rusk County was set to begin Monday about 160 miles south in the Houston suburb of Conroe. A judge moved the trial out of east Texas because of publicity in the case.

    If convicted in the December 2008 death of Amora Bain Carson, Milam faces the death penalty.

    Milam's girlfriend is awaiting trial.

    Authorities say Milam and his girlfriend told law enforcement officials they were trying to get rid of "the demons" in the child.

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    Was Evidence Mishandled in Toddler Death Murder Trial?

    CONROE, Texas (AP) - Attorneys for an east Texas man accused with his girlfriend of beating her toddler daughter to death with a hammer -- question whether evidence was mishandled.

    Testimony resumes today in the capital murder trial of Blaine Milam. The trial was moved to Conroe due to pretrial publicity in Rusk County.

    Attorneys for Milam voiced multiple objections on the trial's first day and repeatedly asked for a mistrial -- which Judge Clay Gossett denied.

    A jail nurse testified yesterday that Milam confessed to the 2008 crime while behind bars.

    According to court records, Milam and his girlfriend told authorities they were trying "to beat the demons out" of Amora Bain Carson. Authorities say the 13-month-old girl was beaten with a hammer and bitten more than 30 times.

    Milam's girlfriend awaits trial.


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    'Shocking' trial testimony brings jurors to tears

    A forensic pathologist told a southeast Texas jury on Wednesday that a slain toddler's injuries were "shocking."

    Dr. Keith Pinckard of the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences testified in the capital murder trial of Blaine Milam, who is accused with girlfriend Jessica Carson of beating Carson's 13-month-old daughter, Amora Bain Carson, to death with a hammer in 2008. Both have pleaded not guilty.

    According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Pinckard told the Montgomery County jury he had no trouble remembering the autopsy he performed on the child.

    "This particular body ... the word ‘shocking' comes to mind," he said.

    He provided jurors a lengthy list of injuries inflicted on the child, a number of which could have been fatal. He told of numerous broken bones, lacerations of her brain and liver, and severe tears to her sexual organs that he said happened hours before the child died.

    He said the potentially fatal injuries were so numerous he couldn't determine a specific cause of death.

    Also testifying Wednesday in Conroe were Rusk County sheriff's Lt. Charles Helton and district attorney's investigator William Brown, who described the blood-spattered crime scene in Henderson.

    The case was moved 160 miles from Henderson in Rusk County to the Houston suburb of Conroe because of potentially prejudicial pretrial publicity.

    According to court records, Milam and his girlfriend told authorities they were trying "to beat the demons out" of Amora, who died in 2008. Authorities say the girl was also bitten more than 30 times.

    As Tanner and Pinckard looked at a human skeleton marked with red tape to indicate all of the broken bones, several jurors dabbed at their eyes.

    Tanner asked for a description of the injury to Amora's liver, and Dr. Pinckard said he found a 6 centimeter by 4 centimeter tear, which also showed blunt force trauma.

    With a sexual assault kit used during the autopsy, Pinckard said he found extensive injuries with severe tears, which ripped the child apart inside.

    "I've never seen anything like it," he said of the injury, "never."

    Pinckard said any number of injuries could have killed Amora, but he said she was alive for every bite, every bone break, the sexual assault, and that high amounts of Tylenol and Benadryl did nothing to mask the pain.

    As the jury got up for an afternoon break, some jurors glared at Milam, several with tears streaming down their faces.

    "We could not determine which injury caused her death, so we classified it as death by homicidal violence," he said.

    Upon returning to the courtroom several jurors stared angrily at Milam while Pinckard continued his testimony.

    Earlier in the day, defense attorneys attempted to prove a violation of chain of custody in evidence and then questioned its integrity, but Judge Clay Gossett overruled each objection after listening to sometimes lengthy arguments.

    Stephen Jackson, a member of the defense team, asked repeatedly what evidence Rusk County Sheriff's Lt. Charles Helton touched or found at the scene the day of the homicide and questioned Helton's memory

    "I can tell you I found that deceased baby. I can tell you I touched that deceased baby. I can tell you that," Helton said.

    Jackson continued then by asking why Helton had defense attorneys change gloves each time they handled a new piece of evidence in February 2010 when he didn't change gloves at the scene in 2008.

    "Because I know how defense attorneys are," Helton responded.

    A few moments later, Jackson handled several pieces of evidence with one pair of gloves, and Jimerson questioned Helton if he saw the defense attorney's actions.

    "Yes, and I guess he should practice what he preaches," he replied.

    Gossett recessed the trial until 9 a.m. today to give the defense team the time to look at several photographic slides of the autopsy before they could be admitted for evidence.

    If convicted, Milam faces the death penalty. Ms. Carson remains jailed awaiting her capital murder trial sometime early next year.

    Milam's girlfriend, Jessica Carson, awaits trial.

    (Source: The Henderson Daily News)

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    Prosecution rests in Texas tot slaying

    CONROE, Texas — The prosecution has rested in the capital murder trial of an east Texas man accused of fatally bludgeoning his girlfriend's toddler.

    The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports the defense is scheduled to begin presenting its case to a Montgomery County jury on Wednesday in the trial of Blaine Milam.

    The last prosecution witness Tuesday was bite mark expert Robert Williams, who examined more than two dozen bite marks on the body of 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson. He testified that he believed Milam made the marks.

    Milam is accused of fatally beating Jessica Carson's daughter with a hammer in an alleged 2008 exorcism. The mother will be tried separately later.

    The trial was moved 160 miles from Henderson, in Rusk County, to Conroe because of potentially prejudicial pretrial publicity.


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    Delusional' mother killed child, attorney says

    CONROE, Texas — An attorney for Blaine Milam, who is on trial for the capital murder of a 13-month-old girl, told jurors Wednesday that his client's mentally ill girlfriend was responsible for the child's death.

    Jessica Carson was depressed and so delusional that “she lost touch with reality and lost touch with her daughter,” said attorney Rick Hagan during the first day of the defense's case. “She acted out on those delusional thoughts.”

    Milam, 20, and Carson, 19, who will be tried separately on a capital murder charge, are accused of killing Carson's daughter, Amora Bain Carson, on Dec. 2, 2008, in Rusk County. The trial started last week with Rusk County District Attorney Micheal Jimerson and state Assistant Attorney General Lisa Tanner calling several witnesses, including a medical examiner who described Amora's numerous injuries.

    Prosecutors said the couple called 911 to report the child was dead. They told authorities they had gone to look at land to buy and when they returned home, she was dead. When police arrived they found the lifeless child with 24 human bite marks all over her body and multiple red and purple bruises covering her entire head.

    The trial was moved to Conroe because of pre-trial publicity. Rusk County Judge J. Clay Gossett is presiding over the case.

    Change in demeanor

    On Wednesday, Hagan called Jessica Carson's mother, Heather Carson, to testify about her daughter's demeanor, which appeared to have changed drastically before Amora's death. She said her daughter had become quiet, subdued and stopped taking care of her personal appearance. She also said that the last time she had contact with Jessica, Milam and Amora was in November 2008, when they visited her at her Longview apartment. Jessica was submissive and appeared depressed, she said.

    On cross-examination, Tanner asked Heather Carson if her daughter suffered from postpartum depression. She said no and characterized her daughter as a good mother.

    “She did everything for Amora,” Heather Carson said.

    She also said her daughter's behavior did not change until after she moved in with Milam in August 2008, and that concerned her.

    Family friend Lisa Taylor, of Elba, Ala., also testified that Jessica Carson was acting “a little weird.” Hagan asked her to describe what she meant.

    “There was nothing in her eyes,” Taylor said. “It was like looking into a dark space.”

    Longtime friends

    Taylor's oldest daughter and Jessica Carson are best friends. They met in junior high school when the Carsons lived in Alabama. Jessica Carson, Milam and Amora stayed with the Taylors in November 2008. The couple had planned to move to Alabama and Taylor had agreed to help them find jobs and a place to live. But they abruptly left four days later and returned to Texas after a disagreement with Taylor's youngest daughter, Taylor said.

    During the couple's stay, Taylor said Carson did not pay attention to Amora and that Milam cared for the child.

    But Taylor had told detectives a different story on Dec. 3, 2008, a day after Amora's murder. Tanner read Taylor her statement. Taylor said that Carson had acted pretty normal and that Blaine acted weird.

    Testimony resumes today in Montgomery County's 284th state District Court.


    No testimony from Milam in Conroe cap murder trial

    CONROE, Texas — A man accused in the 2008 beating death of his girlfriend's toddler did not testify before the defense rested in his trial in Conroe.

    Closing arguments are scheduled Monday in the capital murder trial of Blaine Milam.

    Milam is accused of killing 13-month-old Amora Bain Carson during an alleged exorcism. The mother, Jesseca Carson, also is charged with capital murder and faces trial later.

    A dental expert, Dr. George Isaac, who practices in El Paso, testified for the defense Thursday that there is room for error in bite mark comparisons.

    Investigators have said the child was hit with a hammer and bitten more than 30 times. Bite mark expert Robert Williams testified Tuesday, for the prosecution, that he believed some of the bites were made by Milam.


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    Death penalty for Milam in toddler killing

    CONROE, Texas (AP) - Jurors have returned a death sentence for an east Texas man over the 2008 slaying of his girlfriend's toddler.

    A jury in Conroe late Thursday decided on the death penalty for 20-year-old Blaine Milam, after about nine hours of deliberation. Jurors on May 17 found Milam guilty of capital murder in the December 2008 beating death of 13-month-old Amora Carson.

    Prosecutors have said the tot was beaten in an alleged exorcism. Her mother, Jesseca Carson, is jailed and faces trial later on a capital murder charge.

    The trial was moved 160 miles from Rusk County to Montgomery County due to extensive publicity on the case.


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    Carson seemed like normal, grieving mother, paramedic testifies

    A paramedic testified this morning that Jesseca Carson acted like a normal concerned parent when he told her that her 13-month daughter was dead.

    "She (was) like, ‘No, this is not right,'" the paramedic, David Donaldson, said.

    The testimony was part of Ms. Carson's capital murder trial, which began Monday. She stands trial for the sexual assault and brutal beating death of her daughter Amora on Dec. 2, 2008.

    Ms. Carson's boyfriend at the time, Blaine Milam, has already been convicted in the case and sits on death row.

    Donaldson arrived at the scene, Milam's mother's trailer on County Road 2125, about 10:45 a.m. the day of the murder.

    He said there was a lot of debris and trash outside the trailer and, once he entered, he saw Milam on his left and Ms. Carson, then 18, on the floor with Amora, who was lying at the entrance of the bedroom door.

    "They were pretty much (expressing the need for) ‘Help,' (and) she was there going ‘My baby. What's going on? Help,'" he said.

    Donaldson told jurors that Amora had a blue skin color and "looked like more of a doll." He said he touched her, but there was nothing he could do to help because it was obvious that she was dead.

    When he told the couple that Amora was dead, he said they acted like normal grieving parents. He said Milam screamed, turned, punched something, sunk to the ground and cried.

    Donaldson told jurors that Milam and Ms. Carson appeared to be genuine in their response.

    He said he later stood with Ms. Carson, and she never stopped talking.

    "She would say, ‘What kind of monster would do this to an infant …,'" he said. "She ended all of her statements with ‘What kind of monster could have done this' … She was just grieving and very upset."

    Rusk County Sheriff's reserve deputy Amber Rogers, who was a criminal investigator in 2008, also testified this morning.

    She said when she arrived at the crime scene, she saw Ms. Carson and Milam standing by a patrol car, talking about getting a cigarette. She later interviewed Ms. Carson.

    During the interview, which was played for jurors, Ms. Carson said Amora was asleep in the home that morning, and she and Milam went to a nearby property within walking distance.

    Ms. Carson said in the interview that they only planned to be on the property a couple minutes, but ended up staying between one and two hours.

    When they returned to the residence, she said, Amora wasn't in her playpen. She was found in another part of the house, and Milam tried to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

    "I feel like this is a dream," Ms. Carson said on the interview recording.

    The trial resumes this afternoon in Judge Clay Gossett's court.


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