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John Henry Ramirez - Texas Execution - September 9, 2020 - Page 9
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Thread: John Henry Ramirez - Texas Execution - September 9, 2020

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    I believe in the death penalty

    ~James Dobson

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    I can't believe a person got killed just for $1.25... I don't want to... And there will be 2 PEOPLE DEAD for $1.25 soon. What a world we are living in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Opinions View Post
    I’m not gonna apologize for offending your delicate sensibilities, bc that’s your problem, not mine, BUT when I read-read, I can see how my wording was insensitive and it was honestly not meant quite the way it came out. My opinion/wording came from what I saw of him, his family and the victims family on Life and Death Row. I don’t recall the exact details, I just remember that, compared to other DP cases, this one didn’t seem like “the worst of the worst,” which is what the DP is supposed to be for. I can usually see why the DA would pursue the DP in the cases they choose to do so, but this one, I didn’t quite get what stood out about it compared to other murders/murderers that receive life sentences.
    That’s all.

    I didn’t realize that (the stabbed 29 times). I didn’t realize he robbed 2 other ppl that night, either.

    Not that I entirely believe him, but the documentary I saw about this case, JR said he saw the victim beating up a woman or something and that was never contradicted. So I wasn’t sure what to believe, it left some doubt in my mind about what happened that night and it left me with the impression that maybe he hadn’t meant to kill him, so I thought maybe the taking the dollar was kind of an afterthought when he realized the dude was dead, like a, “well, he’s dead, might as well check his pockets.” After watching, I came away not knowing what to believe and thinking the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of JR’s version of events the the DA’s version of events and I wasn’t sure which side the truth leaned more towards. I didn’t realize he’d also robbed 2 other ppl that night.

    And for the record, when re-reading, I can see how my earlier post came off as insensitive.
    Lets hope someone you love never gets murdered over couch/pocket change.

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