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Thread: Jackson Chambers Daniels, Jr. - California Death Row

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    Jackson Chambers Daniels, Jr. - California Death Row

    Facts of the Crime:

    On May 13, 1982, Doty and Trust went to Daniels' home to arrest him on a sentencing warrant for a 1980 bank robbery and shootout. Daniels had been wounded during the gun battle with police; a bullet had severed his spinal cord. At Daniels' home, Doty and Trust allowed him to get dressed. When he was handed a pair of trousers, Daniels reached into the bedsheets, pulled out a gun and fired. Daniels was convicted in late 1983 and sentenced to death in early 1984. The case was overturned in late 2005. U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges said there had been insufficient communication between Daniels and his attorneys, who were inexperienced and were handling their first death penalty case. "It is clear in this case that Daniels shot the two officers and is guilty of some kind of unlawful killing," the appellate court said. An experienced attorney had earlier been removed from Daniels' defense because prosecutors said he might be called as a witness. He never was.

    Daniels was originally sentenced to death in Riverside County on January 31, 1984 and was re-sentenced on January 27, 2010.

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    January 27, 2010

    Riverside cop killer gets 2nd death sentence

    RIVERSIDE – A death sentence was reaffirmed a second time Thursday for convicted cop killer Jackson Daniels, Jr.

    Daniels was originally convicted 26-years ago for shooting Riverside police officers Phil Trust and Dennis Doty. An appeals court overturned the verdict and ordered that Daniels be re-tried. Another jury returned a similar verdict last month and recommended execution.

    Judge Roger Luebs denied motions for a new trial and reducing Daniels sentence Thursday. Judge Luebs reaffirmed the death sentence and added a prison term of 7 years 8 months.

    The officers had gone to Daniels’ La Sierra home to arrest him one day in 1982 when he pulled a gun.

    Daniels is now 71 and a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair.


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    On October 21, 2014, counsel was appointed for Daniels' direct appeal before the California Supreme Court.


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