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Thread: Eric Alexander Perkinson - Georgia Death Row

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    Eric Alexander Perkinson - Georgia Death Row

    Facts of the Crime:

    Sentenced to death for carjacking two Dunwoody teenagers on June 6, 1998, forcing them to a rural stretch in Bartow County, fatally shooting one, Louis Nava, 16, in the head and wounding the other, Dakarai Sloley.

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    No. 05-5337 *** CAPITAL CASE ***
    Eric Alexander Perkinson, Petitioner
    Docketed: July 19, 2005
    Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Georgia
    Case Nos.: (S04P1845)
    Decision Date: March 14, 2005
    Rehearing Denied: April 14, 2005

    ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Jul 14 2005 Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due August 18, 2005)
    Aug 16 2005 Brief of respondent Georgia in opposition filed.
    Sep 1 2005 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of September 26, 2005.
    Oct 3 2005 Petition DENIED. The Chief Justice took no part in the consideration or decision of this petition.
    Nov 15 2005 Motion for leave to file a petition for rehearing filed by petitioner.
    Nov 22 2005 Motion DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 9, 2005.
    Dec 12 2005 Motion for leave to file a petition for rehearing filed by petitioner DENIED.


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    On June 10, 2015, Perkinson filed a habeas petition in Federal District Court.


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    Former corrections officer accused of taking payments directed by death row inmate

    By Michael Davis
    The Jackson Progress-Argus

    A former state prison system employee is facing charges of accepting money paid at the direction of a death row inmate.

    Vera Genise Jackson, 48, is charged with two counts each of violation of oath by a public officer and conspiracy to commit a crime.

    Georgia Department of Corrections spokesperson Joan Heath said Jackson was a correctional officer employed by the department since 2009. Jackson has since been terminated.

    According to arrest warrants, Jackson is accused of accepting payments transmitted to her via MoneyGram at the direction of death row inmate Eric Alexander Perkinson. According to the warrants, the payments were made in May and October 2017, for $320 and $100, respectively.

    She is accused of picking one payment up at a Walmart in Griffin and the other at a Walmart in Thomaston.

    According to Butts County Jail records, Jackson was booked into the jail Aug. 29 and later granted $5,000 bond. Records indicate Jackson is represented by a public defender.

    Perkinson is on death row at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison outside Jackson. He was sentenced to death for a 1998 murder in Bartow County.


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    Judge throws out death sentence in murder case involving Dunwoody teen

    A federal judge in Atlanta has thrown out the death sentence imposed against a man who carjacked and killed a 16-year-old Dunwoody High School student.

    Eric Perkinson must stand trial within. 120 days on the question of whether he is intellectually disabled, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg ordered. Alternatively, he could be sentenced to life in prison. If a jury is to find Perkinson to be intellectually disabled, he would be ineligible to get the death penalty.

    In her ruling, Totenberg found that Perkinsons lead attorney, Alan Medof, abandoned his client before and during trial, making him incapable of mounting a defense. Also, Totenberg faulted then-Superior Court Judge Jefferson Davis Jr. for refusing to delay the trial when Medofs co-counsel, Chris Paul, pleaded for more time to prepare.

    During the 1999 trial, Perkinson, of Cartersville, was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Louis Nava, a member of his schools wrestling team. After his death, fellow students, teammates and parents raised money for the Louis G. Nava Memorial Park in Dunwoody.

    The killing occurred June 6, 1998, when Nava and his best friend, 17-year-old Dakarai Sloley, were carjacked in the Mount Vernon Shopping Center parking lot by Perkinson and one of his accomplices. With Nava shoved into the trunk and Sloley sitting in the passenger seat, they drove 40 miles to a secluded road in Bartow County.

    Perkinson marched Nava into the woods and fatally shot him in the head. Sloley was shot in the arm when he fled for his life. He flagged down a pizza deliveryman and later identified Perkinson as the gunman.

    As Perkinsons case neared trial, his lead attorney wasnt ready, Totenberg wrote in a Jan. 31 decision. Medof was incompetent and a nonentity as far as (Perkinsons) legal representation is concerned.

    Medof, who died last year, was suspended from practicing law for two years by the Florida State Bar because of a crack cocaine addiction. He acknowledged that he may have slept during parts of Perkinsons trial, and court records show he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute when he was Perkinsons attorney.

    Paul, who had not expected to play a major role in Perkinsons defense, discovered only days before trial that he would be lead counsel. He did present expert testimony and evidence, including scores IQ tests Perkinson took as a young child,that indicated he was mildly intellectually disabled.

    But to be found intellectually disabled under Georgia law, defendants must clear a three-pronged test: The must show they have significant deficits in intellectual functioning, deficits in adaptive behavior and the onset of those issues prior to age 18.

    Without enough time to prepare, Paul couldnt present evidence to prove the second prong that Perkinson struggled to adapt in society, Totenberg said. Perkinsons new legal team has since presented testimony by social workers and former teachers who explained how he struggled to adapt, she said.

    Had this been presented during the 1999 trial, theres a reasonable probability the jury would have found Perkinson to be intellectually disabled, Totenberg said.

    In a statement, Perkinsons lawyers, Jill Benton and Doug Bennett, said the state had recognized that Perkinson suffered from an intellectual disability by the time he reached elementary school. The evidence of his disability is wide-ranging, they said. The courts order is simply an acknowledgement that the jury should have been given a chance to weigh it all.

    The state Attorney Generals Office declined to comment on Totenbergs ruling, a spokesman said.

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    Dating from Death Row

    By Jonathan Carlson
    CBS 46

    It was a warm June afternoon like any other for Louis Nava and his friend Dakari Sloley in 1998. But, that day would turn from happiness to horror with the pull of a trigger. And now, the man who allegedly pulled the trigger is looking for love online.

    Nava and his friend were in Sloley’s aunt’s white BMW to pick up a dog from a grooming on June 6, 1998. When they returned to the car that evening after learning the dog wasn’t ready, Eric Perkinson and an accomplice got into the back seat and held both teens at gunpoint while demanding cash.

    The robbers ordered Sloley to drive to a nearby church parking lot where they met up with accomplices. Perkinson put Nava into the trunk and told Sloley to drive away from the area. They ended up in Bartow County, Georgia on Paga Mine Road.

    There, Perkinson pulled Nava out of the trunk and walked him to some nearby bushes where he shot him in the head. Perkinson then took Sloley to the bushes, but he was able to escape. Perkinson shot at Sloley, hitting him in the arm. Perkinson and his accomplices then drove away from the scene.

    It wasn’t until early the next morning that police arrived at Nava’s home and told his family that the teenager was dead.

    “We had the knock on the door from the DeKalb County Police,” said Laura Lynn, Nava’s mother. “I just sat down and knew our lives changed forever.”

    On August 27, 1998, Perkinson was found guilty of murder and on the next day he was sent to Georgia’s death row to await execution for his crimes.

    Twenty-one years later, a dating profile appeared on the website Inmate Mingle that features a man who said he’s single, enjoys nature, and great conversation. The man is Perkinson and he, or someone on the outside on his behalf, is soliciting love.

    “I’m not seeing anything that mentions he carjacked two teenage boys, stuffed one in a trunk and shot them both,” Lynn said. (correct! This is all her, she’s the only sound in the piece) “Wow. Wow.”

    Seeing her son’s killer seeking love is appalling Lynn told CBS46. She was also stunned that he described himself as “lonely.” But it turns out, Perkinson is not the only Georgia inmate looking for love on the Internet.

    CBS46 found five other Georgia inmates with convictions ranging from credit card fraud to murder are on the site too. That prompted the CBS46 Bulldog to pick up the phone and ask the Georgia Department of Corrections if this type of activity was allowed or should be allowed.

    The Georgia Department of Corrections told CBS46 that no offender is allowed open access to the Internet. However, the department can’t control what people on the outside do on a prisoner’s behalf.

    The Department of Corrections said it will investigate complaints of inappropriate online behavior by convicts, but for now, the dating profile is within the current rules.

    For Lynn, she’s hoping that bringing the issue to light, perhaps things will change for sites like Inmate Mingle.

    “People are going to be made aware of it,” Lynn said.

    Perkinson’s appearance on the Inmate Mingle website is not the only reason his name has come back to CBS46’s attention. A federal judge ruled last week that Perkinson should be re-sentenced after calling his original defense team into question.

    No date has been set for Perkinson to be re-sentenced.


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