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    John Edward Robinson, Sr. - Kansas Death Row

    Facts of the Crime:

    Convicted of capital murder in the deaths of Izabel Lewicka and Suzette Trouten and of first-degree murder in the case of Lisa Stasi, who disappeared in 1985 and was never found.

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    Very long article if you're interested:

    John Edward Robinson

    At 10.15am on Friday 2nd June 2000 at #36 Monterrey Lane, Santa Barbara Estates, Kansas, two police officers knocked on the door of John Robinson Snr and told him he was under arrest. He would be later charged with the aggravated sexual battery of two women. His wife, Nancy, would be bought in for questioning but had nothing to offer the investigation.

    The next day a team of detectives and forensic investigators set up base on Robinson’s farm in La Cygne. Five large metal barrels would be quickly found with the use of cadaver dogs. When opened, the first barrel would uncover a naked, blindfolded and decomposing body lying face down in the fetal position. A second barrel was opened where another decomposing body would be found. The bodies are removed from the scene and taken to Dr Donald Pojman for autopsy.

    Over the weekend, search warrants would be signed approving a search of two storage lockers owned by Robinson in Raymore. Monday June 5th the task force moved in and opened locker #E2 finding inside 3 barrels each marked “Rendered Pork Fat”. Kevin Winer (Kansas City PD Crime Lab) opens the first barrel, in which he finds amongst other items a shoe, which when picked up has a leg attached to it. Immediately the barrel is resealed. All 3 barrels are taken away for autopsy to Dr Thomas Young in Jackson County.

    That afternoon John Robinson made his first appearance since the discoveries on his property. Wearing standard issue prison orange, Robinson was in Johnson County Courthouse where he would here that his bond was being raised to $5 million. Tuesday afternoon at another press conference DA Chris Koster would announce that each of the 3 barrels found in the storage locker would contain a female body. Wednesday morning and one of the bodies would be named as Suzette Trouten who has been missing since March 1st 2000. On June 12th Beverley Bonner would be named as the first of the three bodies found in the storage locker barrels.

    The next day, June 13th, John Robinson was charged with 5 counts of first degree murder for the bodies found in Kansas and Missouri, the death penalty would be sought by both states. In Johnson County District Court, Kansas, Robinson is formally charged with 2 counts of murder for the deaths of Suzette Trouten and Izabela Lewicka in addition to the kidnapping (aggravated) of Suzette. In Cass County he was charged with the murders of Beverly Bonner and the 2 still unidentified women found in the storage locker. They would be identified in late June via their dental records as Sheila Faith and her disabled daughter Debbie.

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    "The Internet's First Serial Killer:" 45-minute documentary on Robinson:

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    Documentary about the case "FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Internet Slave Master".

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