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Thread: Jorge Galindo - Nebraska Death Row

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    Jorge Galindo - Nebraska Death Row

    Summary of Offense:

    Convicted for his role in the 2002 Norfolk bank murders that left five people dead. On the morning of September 26, 2002, Jose Sandoval, Erick Vela and Jorge Galindo entered a bank located in Norfolk, Nebraska. In less than a minute, they shot and fatally wounded four bank employees and one customer: Lola Elwood, Samuel Sun, Lisa Bryant, Jo Mausbach and Evonne Tuttle.

    For more on Sandoval, see: http://www.cncpunishment.com/forums/...aska-Death-Row

    For more on Vela, see: http://www.cncpunishment.com/forums/...ght=erick+vela

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    Inmate Personal Information

    Race: Hispanic
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 05/18/1981

    Crime and Trial Information

    * County of conviction: Madison
    * Number of counts: Five
    * Race of Victims: All White
    * Gender of Victims: 4 Female/1 Male
    * Date of crime: 09/26/2002
    * Date of Sentencing: 11/10/2004

    Legal Status

    Current Proceedings:
    Party in 1983 prisoner civil
    rights case in D. Neb. 4:84‐cv‐
    00712‐WKU; Post‐conviction


    Douglas Stratton
    Andrew Weeks

    Court Opinions

    State v. Galindo, 774 N.W.2d 190 (Neb. 2009), cert. denied, 130 S.Ct.
    1887 (2010).

    Legal Issues

    On direct appeal:
    1. whether the statutory amendment requiring a determination by
    jury, rather than sentencing judge, as to existence of aggravating
    circumstances was procedural rather than substantive under ex post
    facto analysis;
    2. whether the application of the amendment to defendant violated
    due process;
    3. whether the amendment to capital sentencing procedures, requiring
    that jury, rather than sentencing judge, determine the existence or
    absence of aggravating circumstances rendering a defendant eligible
    for death penalty constituted a “bill of attainder,”

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    An inmate on Nebraska's death row for his part in the 2002 Norfolk bank slayings has asked a judge to throw out his conviction.

    Jorge Galindo says in the 225-page appeal filed this week in Madison County District Court that the death sentence shouldn't apply in his case because Nebraska didn't have a valid death penalty at the time of the crimes, among other things.

    The 29-year-old Galindo who was among three men who burst into a U.S. Bank branch and killed five people in a botched robbery attempt on Sept. 26, 2002. He was convicted of five counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. No execution date has been set.

    The Nebraska Supreme Court previously upheld his conviction.


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