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    John M. Stephenson - Indiana Death Row

    John Stephenson

    Facts of the Crime:

    Stabbed and shot John Tyler, 29, Cathy Tyler, 29, and Brandy Southard, 21, with an assault rifle in Yankeetown, Warrick County.

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    Appeals Court to judge: Reconsider decision to throw out Stephenson verdict

    By Mark Wilson

    Thirteen years after he was condemned to die by lethal injection, the guilty verdict and death sentence of convicted triple murderer John Stephenson remains in legal contention.

    A federal appeals court today ordered a federal district court judge to reconsider her decision to throw out the sentence and verdict.

    A Warrick County jury found Stephenson guilty of murdering Brandy Southard, 21, John “Jay” Tyler, 29, and Kathy Tyler, 29, as they sat in the Tylers’ pickup truck at a rural intersection in the county on March 28, 1996.

    U.S. District Judge Theresa Springmann ruled in July 2009 that Stephenson did not have effective legal counsel because his attorney, Anthony Long, did not object to Stephenson’s having to wear a stun belt in the court room. The judge ruled that wearing the stun belt violated his right to presumption of innocence when he appeared before the jury that convicted him.

    Warrick County Prosecutor Todd Corne said today the appeals court was critical of the district judge for not considering other issues raised by Stephenson.

    Because of that, the appeals court said in its decision, said it was bound to send the decision back to district court for consideration of other issues raised by Stephenson. The appeals court ruled that had the judge considered those issues, it could have upheld the judge’s decision on other grounds even if it disagreed on the stun belt decision.

    Corne said the length of time that Stephenson’s case has been pending degrades the deterrence of the death penalty.

    “The quicker it is imposed, the more of a deterrent it is going to be,” he said.

    Opinion is here:

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