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Thread: Michael Andre Davis - Oregon Death Row

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    Michael Andre Davis - Oregon Death Row

    Michael Andre Davis

    Facts of the Crime:

    Davis was convicted of killing a man and a stripper in a motel on November 2, 1991. Shortly after the killing, some witnesses came forward and told police that Davis had killed the two, but they later retracted their statements apparently because Davis threatened their lives. Six years later, Davis was sentenced to 60 months in prison on a drug charge. While in prison, he confessed to the killings to other inmates. The inmates were contacted by police and stated that Davis admitted to killing the two people because the stripper rejected him and owed him money, and he was jealous of the man.

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    No. 08-11138 *** CAPITAL CASE ***
    Michael Andre Davis, Petitioner
    Docketed: June 29, 2009
    Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Oregon
    Case Nos.: (S053071)
    Decision Date: December 31, 2008
    Rehearing Denied: March 26, 2009

    ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Jun 24 2009 Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due July 29, 2009)
    Jul 22 2009 Order extending time to file response to petition to and including August 28, 2009.
    Aug 25 2009 Brief of respondent Oregon in opposition filed.
    Sep 10 2009 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of September 29, 2009.
    Oct 5 2009 Petition DENIED.


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    Death row inmate with low IQ can't be executed for double murder, judge says

    A Portland judge has ruled that a double murderer sent to death row for shooting his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend has an "intellectual disability" and shouldn't be executed for his crimes.

    Multnomah County Circuit Judge Michael Greenlick issued his written ruling after noting that Michael Davis' IQ was measured as low as 61 or 62 when he was a schoolboy. An IQ of 100 is considered average and people with IQs of below 70 are considered to have an intellectual disability.

    The term has replaced the phrase "mental retardation" in professional circles. As the judge noted, it encompasses more than an IQ score: It also is defined by a person's inability to function in society.

    The judge noted that ample evidence existed that Davis had such difficulties -- likely stemming in part from being beaten in the head and suffering brain damage as a child. Davis, who attended Los Angeles public schools, stuttered and was teased by classmates. He was labeled "educable mentally retarded" while he was in high school.

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    On November 9, 2020, Davis filed a habeas petition in Federal District Court.

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