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Thread: Ricardo Serrano - Oregon Death Row

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    Ricardo Serrano - Oregon Death Row

    Summary Of Offense:

    The Washington County man was convicted on 10 counts of aggravated murder for killing Melody Dang and her two teenage sons in 2006. The jury recommended the death penalty for each of the killings during the sentencing phase.

    The state portrayed Serrano as a vengeful husband who killed the family as retribution for his wife's infidelity with Dang's live-in boyfriend. Jurors reached a guilty verdict less than 10 days after the capital murder case began. Dang, 37, and her sons Steven, 15, and 12-year-old Jimmy were found dead in November 2006, months after Serrano's wife informed him that she was pregnant with another man's child.

    Serrano was sentenced to death on March 11, 2010.

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    March 23, 2010

    Death warrant starts a new life for Serrano

    Regardless of individual sentiments regarding the efficacy of Oregon’s death penalty, the system nearly assures the Aloha man who brazenly gunned down three people in Bethany in November of 2006 will never see the outside of a prison again.

    Judge Steven A. Price signed three death warrants for 34-year-old Ricardo Serrano Tuesday, ordering all Serrano’s prison earnings surrendered to pay his burgeoning legal costs, currently topping $363,000.

    Perhaps secure in the knowledge the state hasn’t put a person to death in over a decade — and provides a seemingly endless appeals process for the condemned — Serrano hardly seemed ill-at-ease waiting for Price to officially lay the ink.

    Instead he sat calmly, clad in orange-striped jail garb and wrist and leg restraints. His feet were crossed comfortably in front of him as he leaned back in a courtroom chair.

    The beginnings of a smirk pulled at the corners of his mouth throughout the proceeding.

    The same jury who convicted Serrano Feb. 26 of 10 counts of aggravated murder handed down the death sentences last week, one for each of his victims: Melody Dang, 37, and her sons Steven, 15 and Jimmy, 12.

    Mike Nguyen, Melody Dang’s longtime domestic partner, had an affair with Serrano’s wife, Melinda Serrano. When she got pregnant and told Serrano it wasn’t his, he began plotting revenge.

    On Nov. 2, 2006, Serrano entered the home at 3906 Telshire Terrace and took away the lives of three innocent people, said close Dang family friend Dan Thompson. He showed photos of the victims, who will not get to live the lives they dreamed of because of Serrano’s acts.

    “His family can still come and visit him on death row,” Thompson said. “Mike Nguyen can never see Melody or Steven or Jimmy again.”

    District attorneys noted Serrano’s single-minded and hypocritical desire for control.

    He thought nothing of going out dancing on the weekends and sleeping with other women while he was married. When he was home, he berated Melinda for being overweight, beat her and sexually assaulted her, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Rob Bletko.

    “He treated all women as if they were his property,” Bletko said.

    At least some things seemed certain as deputies led Serrano away.

    He won’t have anyone to control on death row.

    According to the Oregon Department of Corrections, he’ll be in a single cell, and will have the same personal property rights as all other inmates, including a TV or radio.

    He’ll get 90 minutes of exercise per day at least five days a week. Inmates are allowed reasonable visitations, but all visiting is non-contact and must be scheduled in advance.

    He won’t have a closet to keep stocked with fancy boots and his favorite cowboy hat he wore to nightclubs on weekends. Inmates don’t get a change of clothes in their cells, but rather must exchange items on a one-for-one basis, three times a week.

    The cell phone records tying Serrano intimately to the murder scene won’t be a problem, either. Inmates may place collect telephone calls using the inmate telephone system from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., by signing up.

    And as good a worker as his boss at Tualatin Lumber Products said he was for the last seven years, he may be able to find work in the Pen as an orderly or a painter.


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    Oregon Supreme Court upholds conviction of Ricardo Serrano, on death row for slaying Bethany family

    The Oregon Supreme Court has upheld the aggravated murder conviction and death sentence of Ricardo Serrano, who killed the family of his wifes lover.

    Serrano, of Aloha, fatally shot Melody Dang, 37, and her sons Steven, 15, and Jimmy, 12, in their Bethany-area home Nov. 2, 2006.

    Prosecutors said Serrano sought revenge on Mike Nguyen, who had an affair with Serrano's wife and got her pregnant. Nguyen discovered the bodies when he returned from work.

    On appeal, the high court affirmed Serranos conviction and sentence Thursday.

    The justices rejected the defendants arguments, which included: the trial judge had erred in failing to acquit him on the aggravated murder charges; there was insufficient evidence that the murders occurred in furtherance of a burglary and theft; the trial judge failed to strike testimony in the penalty phase about racially-organized prison gangs.

    Read the state Supreme Courts full opinion.

    Past coverage:

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    In today's orders, the United States Supreme Court declined to review Serrano's petition for certiorari.

    Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Oregon
    Case Nos.: (S058390)
    Decision Date: April 17, 2014
    Rehearing Denied: January 15, 2015


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