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Thread: Mitchell Carlton Sims - South Carolina Death Row

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    Mitchell Carlton Sims - South Carolina Death Row

    Gary Melke - 12/3/1985 - Hanahan, SC
    Christopher Zerr - 12/3/1985 - Hanahan, SC
    John Steven Harrigan - 12/10/1985 - Glendale, CA

    Summary of Offense:

    On December 3, 1985, Sims invaded the Dominos restaurant in Hanahan, South Carolina, where he had recently been working, holding two employees, Gary Melke, 24, and Christopher Zerr, 24, at gunpoint and torturing both before he shot them, execution-style. Zerr was killed outright; whereas Melke, hit four times, managed to reach a police station, naming Sims as the gunman before he collapsed. The charge was double murder when his second victim died.

    Sims was also sentenced to death in California.


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    The town this occurred in was Hanahan, SC There IS NO Wanahan, SC.

    The victims' names were: Gary Melke, 24 and Christopher Zerr, 24. He invaded the store, tied, shot and killed both, and the other, Melke managed to escape being tied up, drive and crawl to the Hanahan Police Station where I worked at the time and reported the crime.

    Sims left the area, went to California and ordered a Domino's pizza, robbed and killed the delivery man, and stole his uniform, and did an invasion - robbery of the Domino's in California. He tied up two employees in such a way they had to stand on tip toes to avoid being strangled by their bindings.

    His California victim was named John Harrigan. He delivered the pizza, was tied up and drowned in the bathtub of a motel where Sims was holed up. He stole Mr. Harrigan's uniform to get in the Domino's location and finish his robbery.

    He had never worked in Hanahan, he had been fired from the West Columbia location of Hanahan over a dispute on lowered bonus payments for managers.

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    Thanks for the correction Hanahan PD!

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