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    James T. Conway III - Ohio Death Row

    Andrew Dotson

    Summary of Offense:

    Death Sentence (1)

    On January 19, 2002, Conway murdered 25-year-old Jason Gervais and attempted to murder Mandel Williams in the parking lot of Dockside Dolls, a strip club in Columbus. Mr. Gervais was an innocent bystander in a fight between Mr. Williams' friends and Conway's friends. After Conway's brother claimed that he had been stabbed by Mr. Williams, Conway retrieved a gun from the trunk of his car, ran toward Mr. Williams and opened fire. Conway shot Mr. Williams, but Williams survived. Conway also shot Mr. Gervais four times, once in the back, causing his death. After police arrested Conway several weeks later for an unrelated shooting, he confided in a fellow cellmate that he was unremorseful for shooting Mr. Gervais.

    Death Sentence (2)

    In September 2001, Conway murdered 20-year-old Andrew Dotson in Prairie Township. Conway feared that Mr. Dotson would inform police about Conway's involvement in an earlier shooting, so Conway told two friends, Mike Arthurs and Shawn Nightingale, to kill Mr. Dotson. Arthurs and Nightingale could not go through with the murder and brought Mr. Dotson back to Conway. Conway then took Mr. Dotson to a cornfield and stabbed him twice in the chest with a pickax. While later incarcerated, Conway tried to hire a fellow inmate to kill Arthurs. At the time of his trial, Conway was serving a death sentence for an unrelated 2002 murder. Arthurs and Nightingale are in prison for their involvement in the murder of Mr. Dotson.

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    No. 06-6744 *** CAPITAL CASE ***
    James T. Conway, III, Petitioner
    Docketed: September 25, 2006
    Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Ohio
    Case Nos.: (2003-1964)
    Decision Date: June 21, 2006

    ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Sep 19 2006 Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due October 25, 2006)
    Oct 19 2006 Brief of respondent Ohio in opposition filed.
    Nov 2 2006 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of November 21, 2006.
    Nov 27 2006 Petition DENIED.

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    On March 17, 2010, Conway filed a habeas petition in Federal District Court.

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