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      Michael James Jackson - Florida Death Row

      Reggie and Carol Sumner

      Summary of Offense:

      Alan Lyndell Wade and codefendants Tiffany Ann Cole, Michael James Jackson and Bruce Kent Nixon were convicted for the July 8, 2005, robbery, kidnapping and first-degree murders of Reggie and Carol Sumner, a retired couple living in Jacksonville, Florida.
      The group’s plan to rob the couple originated from codefendant Tiffany Ann Cole’s information, which was gained as a result of a prior relationship with the Sumners. The Sumners had been neighbors of Cole when they lived in South Carolina. Wade knew Jackson and his girlfriend, Cole, because he had visited and partied with them in South Carolina in the summer of 2005 and had known codefendant Jackson for at least a year. In June 2005, Cole and Jackson visited Wade, who lived in Jacksonville. During this visit, the Sumners let Cole and Jackson stay with them in Jacksonville.

      In June, Wade arrived at his longtime friend Nixon’s home in Jacksonville driving a Mazda RX-8 that Cole had rented in South Carolina. Wade told Nixon of a vague plan to rob someone but offered no specifics. Two evenings before the murders, Wade contacted Nixon and asked whether Nixon would like to join him, Jackson, and Cole in digging a hole. Nixon agreed and stole four shovels from his neighborhood before the others arrived at his home in the Mazda.

      The foursome searched for and decided on a good location for the hole—a remote, wooded area just across the state line in Georgia. They dug a large, deep hole and returned to the car. Wade asked Jackson if Nixon could join their robbery plan and Jackson agreed. In preparation, the defendants purchased disposable rubber gloves, duct tape, a large roll of plastic wrap and a toy gun that shot plastic pellets. At approximately 10:00 p.m. on July 8, 2005, Cole drove her three codefendants in the rented Mazda RX-8 to the Sumners’ home. She and Jackson remained in the car while Wade and Nixon approached the residence. When Carol Sumner opened the door, they asked to use her phone, and she invited them in. Upon entering, Wade pulled out the phone line while Nixon pointed the toy gun at the couple. Nixon took the couple into the spare bedroom and used duct tape to secure their hands and legs and cover the mouths and eyes. Jackson then entered the house after being signaled the victims were secured. Wade and Jackson began searching for financial information. A pile of mail and financial statements and Mr. Sumner’s coin collection were taken to the Mazda.

      At Jackson’s direction, Wade and Nixon walked the Sumners out to their own Lincoln Town Car and put the couple in its trunk. According to the plan, the two headed for the pre-dug grave where, upon arrival, Wade and Jackson buried the couple alive. Later, Wade and Jackson drove the Lincoln up to the road where Cole and Nixon waited. Jackson held a yellow legal pad and reported that it contained the previously unknown personal identification numbers (PINS) for the Sumners’ bank cards. Then, with Wade and Nixon in the Lincoln and Cole in the Mazda, the foursome drove to Sanderson, Florida, where they abandoned the Lincoln after wiping it clean of prints. They left the four shovels in the trunk.

      All four defendants then returned to Jacksonville in the Mazda. They withdrew money from one of the Sumners’ accounts at an ATM machine and went to their hotel. They also returned to the Sumners’ home and stole the computer. Nixon stayed with the defendants for another day and then went home. Wade stayed with Cole and Jackson and traveled with them to Charleston, South Carolina. There Cole rented two hotel rooms—one for her and Jackson and one for Wade.

      Carol Sumner reported her inability to contact her parents to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on July 10. On July 12, the car was found. An investigation by law enforcement showed an unusual number of recent ATM withdrawals. Video from the ATMs showed Michael Jackson’s face and a silver Mazda in the background. Wade called Nixon to tell him that the Lincoln had been found.

      On July 14, Jackson, Cole and Wade were located and arrested at their South Carolina hotel and their rooms were searched pursuant to warrants. Carol Sumner’s key ring, which contained the keys to the Lincoln, was found on the nightstand in Wade’s room. In Cole and Jackson’s room, officers found a suitcase full of the Sumners’ financial records, bags of recent purchases made on the Sumners’ accounts, receipts for those purchases and for purchases made earlier in Jacksonville and other items, including the Sumners’ driver licenses, credit and bank cards, and checks and check register. Notably, a check for $8,000 on the Sumners’ account had been made payable to Alan Wade. Officers also searched Cole’s car, a Chevy Lumina, and the Mazda, which had not been returned to the rental agency but had been recovered by law enforcement officers. In the Lumina, the officers found Reggie Sumner’s coin collection and, in the Mazda, they found Wade’s fingerprints on one of the victim’s magazines. They also found an unused roll of plastic wrap with Cole’s and Jackson’s fingerprints on it.

      Nixon was arrested, and he took officers to the Georgia gravesite. A roll of duct tape was found there. On the morning of July 15, law enforcement officers began the excavation of the gravesite. Both victims were found fully clothed and sitting in crouched positions, with at least two feet of dirt over their heads. The medical examiner testified that both Reggie and Carol were alive in the hole before the dirt was shoveled in on them. Their mouths, nostrils, throats, esophagi, and tracheae contained fine sprays of dirt, indicating that the dirt was inhaled. Both victims died of a combination of mechanical asphyxiation, as the dirt compressed their chests and abdomens, and smothering, as the dirt piled up around their heads and obstructed their noses and mouths.

      Jackson was sentenced to death in Duval County on August 29, 2007.

      Co-defendant information:
      Tiffany Cole was sentenced to death. For more on Cole, see: http://www.cncpunishment.com/forums/...t=tiffany+cole
      Alan Wade was sentenced to death. For more on Wade, see: http://www.cncpunishment.com/forums/...rida-Death-Row
      Bruce Kent Nixon received two concurrent sentences of 45 years (pleaded guilty to second-degree murder).

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      September 24, 2009

      TALLAHASSEE, FL -- The state Supreme Court has denied the appeal of the man convicted and sentenced to death for the 2005 murders of a couple from Jacksonville.

      Michael James Jackson maintained his innocence in the deaths of Carol and James Sumner in July 2005.

      He was tried and convicted, as were three others, for the murder, robbery and kidnapping of the Sumners.

      In Jackson's case, the jury voted 8-4 in favor of the death penalty.

      Jackson appealed both the conviction and the sentence.

      In the high court's opinion, they point out that Jackson apologized to the victims for their loss, but said he couldn't feel remorse for something he didn't do.

      On the other hand, the court also points out that Jackson had many chances to help the investigation, but declined to do so every time.

      Jackson said the plan was to rob the couple, not kill them.

      After the Sumners disappeared, but before they were found, the court notes that Jackson removed about $5,000 from their bank account.

      When he tried to withdraw more than the limit for the account, he called the bank, pretending to be Sumner. He also called JSO for help getting the money, again impersonating Sumner. Another suspect pretended to be Carol Sumner when police asked to speak with her.

      Jackson and the other suspects were arrested a couple of weeks after the murders.

      Upon reviewing the case, the Supreme Court denied the appeal.

      Jackson remains on death row


      Opinion is here:


      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

      On January 19, 2010, the US Supreme Court denied Jackson's certiorari petition.


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      Cape Coral woman's documentary shows effect of bad choices

      Everyone knows the dangers of straying outside the law.

      But one Cape Coral woman is betting that message will resonate a bit louder coming from the mouth of a convicted killer sitting on death row.

      Debra Flinn, owner of Doggy Day Spa on Pondella Road and aspiring film producer, has spent hours interviewing young adults in prison for a documentary — and potential series — on the lasting consequences of bad decisions.

      Dubbed “Fatal Choices,” Flinn’s effort is scheduled to be released this fall and will focus on the series of choices that led to the 2005 murder of Carol and Reggie Sumner in Jacksonville.

      After learning the couple had recently sold their condo for $95,000, the four killers — Bruce Nixon, Tiffany Cole, Alan Wade and Michael Jackson — kidnapped the couple and gained access to their bank account before dumping the Sumners, who were still alive, into a hole they dug beforehand in Georgia.

      Cole, Wade and Jackson were all sent to death row, while Nixon was sentenced to 45 years.

      “My heart is grieved by what’s happened to them,” Flinn said. “The biggest lesson was: some choices have irreversible consequences.”

      Jackson, who was 23 at the time of the killings, has undergone the biggest transformation in prison, finding religion and finally confessing to his role in the crime while Flinn’s camera was rolling, she said.

      “You really see that change in him,” she said. “He wants to help others.”

      Flinn said Jackson’s biggest piece of advice to young adults who don’t want to end up in his shoes was, “You need to listen to mom.”

      She said she hopes to screen the documentary at schools around the country to make kids aware where their actions can lead them.

      Jenn Seipel, an intern at Teen Challenge International’s Southwest Florida Women’s Home, said she could have benefited from a similar warning.

      “I wish that somebody had come around to my college or my school and told me about the risks, the situations, that I was going to have to face,” Seipel said.

      After finishing nursing school, she said her easy access to prescription pain medications proved too much of a temptation and she began stealing pills from the doctor’s office and writing herself prescriptions.

      That eventually led to the suspension of her nursing license and a host of other repercussions.

      “I had my nursing license taken away, my career taken away, my marriage, I lost everything,” she said.

      She said she learned many nurses lose their way due to pills and wonders how things could have turned out if others had shared their stories with her.

      She said she now works with other women who struggle with addictions and other demons at the Teen Challenge home.

      For those heading down the same path, she said surrounding yourself with the right kinds of people is key, as well as realizing that the downward spiral is often a gradual process. “I think we begin to slip one bad choice at a time,” she said.

      Flinn said Jackson echoed that sentiment in his interview with her, explaining how he began by stealing and writing bad checks. Before long, he was plotting and executing a murder, which has all but sealed his fate.

      “You ain’t coming back from these kinds of choices,” she said.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      In today's opinions, the Florida Supreme Court DENIED Jackson's petition for a writ of habeas corpus.
      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      On November 27, 2013, Jackson filed a habeas petition in Federal District Court.


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