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      Robert Joe Long a/k/a Bobbie Joe Long a/k/a Bobby Joe Long - Florida Death Row

      Lana Long, 20

      Michelle Simms, 22

      Elizabeth Loudenback, 22

      Chanel Williams, 18

      Karen Dinsfriend, 28

      Kimberly Hoops, 22

      Virginia Johnson, 18

      Kimberly Swann, 21

      Lisa McVey, 17 (survivor)

      Vicky Elliott, 21

      Bobby Joe Long (1984)

      Summary of Offense:

      On July 25, 1986, Robert Long was sentenced to death for the murder of Michelle Simms in Hillsborough County, Florida. On November 16, 1984, Long was arrested and charged for the kidnapping and sexual battery of Lisa McVey. In a confession obtained on that date, Long gave the following account of the events that preceded Michelle Simms’ death. Long bought some rope the night before the murder and cut it into sections before it was put in his vehicle’s glove box.

      Long then went looking for a prostitute along Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa. Long then stopped next to the victim and obtained her company for $50. After the victim entered the car, Long drove approximately one mile before making the victim undress at knife point and reclined the passenger’s seat until it was flat before he tied her up. Long stated that he then drove approximately 15-20 miles before he raped the victim. Long then talked to the victim and told her that he was going to drop her off where he picked her up. Instead, Long drove to Plant City where he attempted to strangle the victim. When that failed, he hit her head with a club and pushed her from the vehicle. Long left her on the side of the road after he slit her throat. Long discarded the victim’s clothing at the scene of the murder.

      The nude body of Michelle Simms was discovered on May 27, 1984, in a wooded area near Plant City, Florida. A rope was tied around the victim’s wrists and around her body to restrict the movement of her hands and her clothing was scattered in the surrounding area. The victim’s throat was cut, there was blood on her face and head and the victim also suffered from rope burns on her neck and chin. The medical examiner stated that the cause of death could have been either strangulation, bleeding from two knife slashes in her neck, or head injuries.

      Long was re-sentenced to death in Hillsborough County on July 21, 1989.

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      Factors Contributing to the Delay in Imposition of Sentence:

      The 3.850 Motion has been pending in the Circuit Court for over ten years and the remanding of the case resulted in the filing of two Direct Appeals in the Florida Supreme Court. A status conference is to be held 10/31/07 to determine competency for an evidentiary hearing.

      Case Information:

      During the trial, testimony was presented stating that Long had suffered from a series of the following head injuries: he had been knocked unconscious for several minutes as a result from falling off of a swing; he had been knocked unconscious for approximately 20 minutes as a result of falling down a flight of stairs; he had been hospitalized for approximately one week as a result of being hit by a car at age seven; he had been knocked unconscious as a result of falling off of a horse; he had been in a serious motorcycle accident in which he had suffered serious head injuries at age 20 while enlisted in the army.

      A Direct Appeal was filed to the Florida Supreme Court on 09/02/86. Issues that were raised on Direct Appeal included whether the trial court erred by denying the defendant’s motion to vacate his plea agreement and whether the use of prior convictions, which were later vacated by the Court, unfairly prejudiced the sentencing proceedings. The Court agreed that the use of the prior convictions as aggravating factors was harmful error and remanded the case to the Circuit Court for resentencing on 06/30/88.

      A second Direct Appeal was filed to the Florida Supreme Court on 08/03/89. Issues that were raised on appeal included whether the trial court erred in denying Long’s motion to withdraw his guilty pleas and whether the trial court erred in allowing the hearsay testimony of two detectives regarding the details of the two other rapes as crimes of violence in aggravation. The Court found all of the issues either harmless or without error and affirmed the conviction and the death sentence on 10/15/92. A Petition for Writ of Certiorari was filed to the United States Supreme Court on 04/26/93 and denied on 10/04/93.

      A 3.850 Motion was filed to the Circuit Court on 12/29/94, which was denied on 08/01/95.

      A 3.850 Appeal was filed to the Florida Supreme Court on 09/11/95 and was dismissed without prejudice at the request of the defendant on 03/18/96 so that an amended 3.850 could be filed; that 3.850 was filed to the Circuit Court on 10/04/95. On 03/31/03, an amended motion was filed to the Circuit Court, which is currently pending.

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      Tonight at 10:00 p.m. EDT on the Investigation Discovery channel, Robert Long will be the subject of On The Case With Paula Zahn episode Hanging By A Thread.

      Detectives engage in a hunt for a ruthless serial killer terrorizing Hillsborough County, Florida, by binding,raping, killing, and dumping a new female victim nearly every other week over the course of eight months in 1984

      For more information on Long click the links below.

      1. The First Body
      2. A Link?
      3. The FBI Gets Involved
      4. Serial Killer at Large
      5. A Survivor
      6. The Takedown
      7. The Classified Ad Rapist
      8. Gathering Evidence - and Victims
      9. The Slippery Con
      10. Bibliography
      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      In today's Florida Supreme Court opinions, the court DENIED Long's petition for postconviction relief under Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.851.

      Among other crimes, Defendant pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Michelle Simms and was sentenced to death. The Supreme Court vacated the death sentence and remanded. After the second sentencing proceeding, the trial judge imposed the death sentence for the first-degree murder. Defendant subsequently filed a postconviction motion, raising claims of ineffective assistance of counsel. The circuit court denied relief on all claims. The Supreme Court affirmed the trial court's denial of Defendant's postconviction motion, holding that the circuit court (1) did not err in denying Defendant's claim of ineffective assistance of defense counsel regarding Defendant's guilty plea; and (2) did not err in summarily denying Defendant's claim of ineffective assistance of counsel for failure to object to prosecutorial misconduct during the penalty phase.
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      On August 12, 2013, Long filed a habeas petition in Federal District Court.


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      Here's the episode of 'Forensic Files: The Common Thread' (Season 02), featuring the Bobby Joe Long case:

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