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      Frank Athen Walls - Florida Death Row

      Facts of the Crime:

      According to statements made by Frank Walls, in the early morning of July 22, 1987, he entered the mobile home of Edward Alger and Ann Peterson with the intention of committing a burglary. Walls purposefully knocked over a fan while entering the house, waking both Alger and Peterson. When the two came to investigate the noise, Walls told Alger to lie on the floor and had Peterson tie his hands behind his back, bind his ankles and gag him. He then told Peterson to lie on the floor so he could restrain her in the same manner. Alger managed to free himself from the restraints and attacked Walls.

      While struggling, Walls cut Alger’s throat with a knife that he had brought with him. Alger then bit Wall’s leg, causing him to drop his knife. Walls then shot Alger in the head three times. Walls returned to where Peterson was restrained and found her crying, attempting to speak through the gag. Walls removed the gag from her mouth and untied her. After learning Alger was dead, a struggle ensued between Walls and Peterson, during which time he tore off her clothes. Walls then shot Peterson in the back of the head. Peterson survived the first shot and continued to scream. Walls forced her face into a pillow and fatally shot her again. The bodies were discovered later that day when Alger failed to show up for work. Investigators obtained a warrant to search Walls’ mobile home based on information provided by Walls’ former roommate, who lived near the victims. Investigators seized evidence from Walls’ residence linking him to the murders, which subsequently led to his arrest.

      Walls was re-sentenced to death in Okaloosa County on July 29, 1992.

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      WALLS v. BUSS

      In an opinion dated September 28, 2011, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals AFFIRMED the district court's DENIAL of Walls' petition for habeas relief.

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      In today's United States Supreme Court orders, Walls' petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis was DENIED.
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      About six months ago, somewhere on this website, which I cannot find now. There was a post talking about "Frank Walls needed to die, and so should his mother". Now I certainly understand why people would feel the way they do where Frank is concerned, I just don't comprehend the comment where his mother is concerned? He was raised in a good household, with a career military father and his mother from Germany with very old world values. They raised their son with morals and values and certainly never thought they would see the day that their son would do what he did. Now as a result of their sons crimes they have had to live a life as "hermits". They do not make friends because it is too hard when people find out about their son. Should every parent be blamed for crimes their child may have commited? As I live in Ohio and was not in FL when these events occurred, is there something that everyone else knows about the parents that I don't? This families lives has also been a nightmare since Frank committed his crimes. His parents feel awful about what their son did to these people and their families. I understand people's need for "justice" and I hope that when Frank finally has to serve out his sentence, that is brings some type of peace and justification for the families of the victims. I also hope, that at that time, there is some peace for his parents. Although, this is a nightmare that will follow them until the day they take their last breath also. Just remember, it is not always the parents fault.
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      Matt Gaetz: Legislation could shorten Frank Walls’ stay on death row

      State Rep. Matt Gaetz is eager to give serial killer Frank Walls something to contemplate as he sits in his cell on death row at the Union Correctional Institute.

      Gaetz believes legislation he has introduced, if passed, could significantly lessen the time Walls will have left before his date with the executioner.

      “If the Timely Justice Act becomes law, Mr. Walls is going to have to start thinking about what his last meal is going to be,” Gaetz said.

      The Fort Walton Beach Republican last week sought to add language to the Timely Justice bill that would require the governor to sign execution warrants within 30 days of the conclusion of a death row inmate’s appeals.

      Read the bill for yourself. >>

      He said Scott “has engaged in the language of the bill and is involved in drafting the legislation.”

      Walls, described in long-ago news articles as an itinerant dishwasher, petty thief and horror movie buff, was convicted July 18, 1988, for the murders of Edward Alger Jr. and Ann Peterson during a burglary at their house trailer in Ocean City on July 22, 1987.

      The heinous nature of the crimes — he shot both victims and slashed Alger’s throat — convinced a jury that Walls deserved to be executed. He was put on Florida’s death row Aug. 24, 1988, and has remained there for almost 25 years.

      Walls was suspected to have been involved in as many as four other local killings.

      Records indicate Walls’ most recent appeal was denied last April, and a “transitional cases” document provided by Gaetz’s office states his is one of almost 100 death row cases in Florida that “appear to have exhausted all filing options.”

      “Frank Walls has no pending litigation before any court. He is warrant ripe,” Gaetz said. “If this legislation passes, my belief is the governor will very promptly be signing his death warrant.”

      Also appearing on the transitional list Gaetz provided is Daniel Peterka, who was sentenced to death in 1990 for the 1989 killing of his roommate, John Russell.

      Read the list for yourself. >>

      They shared a home in Wright, and Peterka apparently killed Russell to steal his identity.

      Nowhere on the transitional list is the name of Edward Zakrzewski.

      In 1994, Zakrzewski brutally beat his wife to death inside the couple’s home in Mary Esther, then chopped up his children with a machete. He was received on death row on April 19, 1996.

      Also not appearing on the list are Jeffrey Hutchinson or Lamar Brooks.

      Hutchinson, who killed his girlfriend and her three young children with a shotgun, has been on death row since 2001.

      Brooks has been on death row since 1998 following his conviction for fatally stabbing an Eglin Air Force Base airman and her 3-month-old child.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      Ruling may delay serial killer’s execution

      By TOM McLAUGHLIN / Daily News

      Rep. Matt Gaetz, who pushed for a state law aimed at speeding up imposition of the death penalty, isn’t happy with Tuesday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

      A signed execution warrant seemed imminent for Frank Walls, a serial killer convicted in Okaloosa County and sent to death row in 1988.

      But the high court ruling will likely change that.

      “I’ve been working for more than a year to introduce that guy to his maker,” Gaetz said.

      The court ruled 5-4 that Florida acted unconstitutionally by using a single “bright line” IQ score of 70 to determine whether a killer could be put to death.

      Walls’ IQ has been pegged at 72. Bill Eddins, state attorney for Florida’s First Judicial Circuit, predicted if his death warrant is signed this year it will be challenged both in the U.S. and Florida Supreme Courts.

      “We’ll make every effort possible to uphold the death penalty in that case,” Eddins said.

      Walls pleaded no contest to the 1987 murder of Audrey Gygi and was convicted and sentenced to die in 1988 for the murders of Edward Alger Jr. and Ann Peterson.

      He also admitted to killing two other women after reaching a plea agreement in the Gygi case.

      Walls’ name appeared last October on a list as one of 123 death row inmates who had seemingly exhausted all or most of their appeals.

      The clerk of Florida’s Supreme Court had sent the certification letter to the governor to comply with the Timely Justice Act of 2013, sponsored by Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach.

      Gaetz said the U.S. Supreme Court decision will likely delay the administration of justice for several death row inmates, including Walls.

      “It is unlikely Gov. Scott is going to be able to sign death warrants for death row inmates with pending appeal hearings based on mental retardation,” Gaetz said. “The Supreme Court has launched countless death row cases into an appeals’ oblivion.”

      Eddins, however, was of the opinion that the Supreme Court was attempting to make sure justices were using criteria other than an IQ score to determine which inmates suffer “intellectual disability” and which others could be put to death.

      He said he’s confident judges in the First Judicial Circuit met the assessment standard the Supreme Court required and his office would not need to review any local death penalty cases.

      “We will not be dramatically affected by that ruling,” he said.

      State Senate President Don Gaetz said the federal court ruling was an admonishment of the high court justices.

      “Florida law provides plenty of ways you can assess intellectual ability,” said Don Gaetz, R-Niceville. “The problem wasn’t the law it was the Florida Supreme Court.”


      Serial Killer Frank Walls is one of six death row inmates from this region who appeared on the Supreme Court list as having exhausted appeals.

      Also on the list are Daniel Peterka, Edward Zakrzewski and Jeffrey Hutchinson of Okaloosa County, Bruce Pace, Gary Lawrence, Jeremiah Rodgers and Michael Hernandez of Santa Rosa County and Ernest Suggs and Thomas McCoy of Walton County.


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