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      Tennessee Death Row Facts

      Number of Death Row: 86
      Numbers Breakdown: 85 males and 1 female
      48 White, 35 African Americans, 1 Hispanic, 1 Native American, 1 Asian
      Where are they from?
      55 inmates are from the largest metropolitan counties of
      Shelby (33), Davidson (11), Knox (7), and Hamilton (4)
      26 inmates were convicted in East Tennessee
      21 inmates were convicted in Middle Tennessee
      39 inmates were convicted in West Tennessee
      Oldest on Death Row:
      John Henretta, 2/12/43, 67 years old
      Convicted in Bradley County
      On Death Row since April 2002
      Youngest Female on Death Row:
      Christa Pike, 3/10/76, 34 years old
      Convicted in Knox County
      On Death Row since March 1996
      Youngest Male on Death Row:
      Devin Banks, 8/2/83, 27 years old
      Convicted in Shelby County
      On Death Row since April 2005
      Longest Time on Death Row:
      Donald Strouth, 1/9/59, 51 years old
      Convicted in Sullivan County
      On Death Row since September 1978
      Last Person Sentenced to Death Row:
      Howard Willis, 3/17/51, 59 years old
      Convicted in Washington County
      On Death Row since June 2010

      Most male inmates are housed at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville, but for security reasons, some of them can be housed at the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Wartburg. Three inmates with the death penalty are currently housed at Morgan County.

      Female inmates sentenced to death are housed at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville.

      The following number of inmates have multiple death sentences: 14 inmates with two death sentences, four inmates with three death sentences, one inmate with four death sentences, and one inmate with seven death sentences.


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      Life on Death Row

      Today, inmates sentenced to death are primarily housed in a separate unit at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution except for a few inmates who may be housed at the Morgan County Correctional Complex located about 45 miles northwest of Knoxville. The one female inmate sentenced to death is housed at the Tennessee Prison for Women located in Nashville.

      The housing and supervision of "death row" inmates are strictly guided by policies and procedures developed by the department. For example, the department has developed a management tool of behavioral levels to supervise these inmates on a daily basis. They are all maximum-security inmates, but they are classified into behavioral levels of A, B, and C. When an inmate sentenced to death first enters the prison system, he or she is a level C, the lowest level. After 18 months, the inmate is reclassified, based on behavior, with the possibility or reaching the next level of B. Then level A can be attained by the inmate. Reaching level A or B means more privileges for the inmate, such as more phone and visitation privileges. Only those inmates with the level A can apply for the few jobs available of death row-- cleaning, food preparation and data entry. An inmate can go to a lower level for misconduct.

      The inmates at Unit 2 at Riverbend are awakened around 5:30 a.m. Three meals per day are served to them in their cells. Two meals are served on weekends and holidays. Breakfast is at 7 a.m., lunch at 11, and dinner at 5 p.m. Lights are out by 9 p.m. daily.

      For the very few death row inmates housed at Morgan County Correctional Complex, life consists of being locked in their cells 23-hours a day except for an hour of the day for exercise. They have been placed there for a specific reason, such as behavioral problems or security.

      Female death row inmates are subject to similar policies as their male counterparts; however they are not housed in a separate housing unit because of the small number of females sentenced to death.


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