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Thread: Update on Tennessee Death Row Inmate Status

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    Update on Tennessee Death Row Inmate Status

    The Following TN DR Inmates have been denied through at least the 6th Circuit as of 08 September 2010:

    Edward Harbison Execution Scheduled for 2/15/11

    Billy Irick Execution Scheduled for 12/7/10

    Donnie Johnson Execution Scheduled for 10/25/06


    John Middlebrooks 6th Circuit Denied COA 9/1/10

    Stephen West Execution Scheduled for 11/9/10

    Charles Wright 6th Circuit Denied COA 8/31/10

    Edmund Zagorski Execution Scheduled for 1/11/11

    Oscar Franklin Smith 6th Circuit Denied COA 6/21/10

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    The following Tennessee Death Row inmates have been denied through at least the Sixth Circuit as of February 19, 2019:

    Name - Case Status
    Byron Lewis Black - cert denied 6/4/18
    Tony Von Carruthers - cert denied 2/19/19
    Jon Douglas Hall - cert denied 3/27/17
    Leroy Hall, Jr. - execution scheduled for 12/5/19
    Henry Eugene Hodges - cert denied 3/23/15
    Donnie Edward Johnson - execution scheduled for 5/16/19
    James Lee Jones aka Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman - execution scheduled for 4/9/20
    Terry Lynn King - 6th Circuit denied COA 2/9/17
    Donald Ray Middlebrooks - cert denied 12/4/17
    Farris Genner Morris, Jr. - cert denied 1/14/19
    Harold Wayne Nichols - cert denied 12/1/14
    Pervis Tyrone Payne - cert denied 10/1/18
    Gary Wayne Sutton - cert denied 10/1/18
    Nicholas Todd Sutton - execution scheduled for 2/20/20
    Stephen Michael West - execution scheduled for 8/15/19
    Charles Walton Wright - execution scheduled for 10/10/19

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