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Kevin Michael Watts - Texas Execution - October 16, 2008
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Thread: Kevin Michael Watts - Texas Execution - October 16, 2008

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    Kevin Michael Watts - Texas Execution - October 16, 2008

    Facts of the Crime:
    Convicted and sentenced to death in the March 1, 2002 murders of Hak Po Kim, Yuan Tzu Banks and Chae Sun Shook during a robbery.

    Four employees of the Sam Won Garden restaurant in San Antonio were inside preparing to open for business. Watts entered armed with a .22 handgun and demanded money. He fired one shot into the ceiling, then rounded up the four workers into the kitchen. He then shot the manager, Hak Po Kim, 30, cook Yuan Tzu Banks, 52, and cook Chae Sun Shook, 59, in the back of the head. He then ordered the manager's wife, Hye Kyong Kim, to retrieve her dying husband's wallet and car keys from his pants pocket and ordered her to empty the cash register. He then ordered her into her vehicle and fled with her.

    Watts sexually assaulted Mrs. Kim in her car, then took her to his mother-in-law's apartment, where he again raped and sodomized her and allowed his roommate, Terrance Bolden, to rape her. Watts also forced Mrs. Kim to ingest narcotics and attempted to insert his pistol into her vagina. Mrs. Kim survived the ordeal and testified against Watts at his trial. Watts was captured about three hours after the shootings, after he attempted to flee by ramming two police cars. At the time of his arrest he was still carrying the Tec-22 pistol which was matched to slugs removed from the victims. Upon arrest, Watts gave a complete confession, admitting the murders. Bolden was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

    Victims: Hak Po Kim, Yuan Tzu Banks and Chae Sun Shook

    Time of Death: 6:17 pm

    Manner of Execution: Lethal Injection

    Last Meal: None

    Final Words: In his last statement, Watts expressed love and thanks to his friends. He also spoke words of encouragement to others in prison. "For everybody incarcerated, y'all keep your heads up," he said. "Stay strong and keep fighting, it's not over yet." Watts also asked the Lord to forgive him. He finished his last statement by saying, "I am out of here. I am gone. Keep me in your hearts." The lethal injection was then started. Watts then said, "Can I say something? I'm dying but..." He then lost consciousness.

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    October 16, 2008

    Convict calm before execution

    HUNTSVILLE — The man sentenced to die for killing three San Antonio restaurant employees during a 2002 robbery that netted him $100 was executed Thursday.

    Strapped to the gurney, Kevin Watts, 27, looked at Tiffany Prince, the mother of his 8-year-old daughter, and Sonia Watts, his cousin, and asked that they remember him.

    His final words were quiet, tempered and calm, unlike the outburst seen in the Bexar County courtroom when receiving his execution date, the last time he made a public statement.

    “Thank you for showing me love and teaching me how to love,” he said Thursday.

    Along with thanking his family and friends, he asked for God's forgiveness and then spoke to his fellow inmates.

    “Y'all keep your heads up, stay strong, keep fighting,” he said. “I'm outta here. I'm gone. Keep me in your hearts.”

    Just before the drugs took hold, Watts murmured, “I'm dying, but ...”

    Seven minutes after the drugs were administered, Watts was pronounced dead at 6:17 p.m.

    Prince hugged Sonia Watts as the two cried.

    “He's at peace now,” Prince said.

    “He has a chance to be saved,” Watts said

    No one from the families of the victims was present. Only one relative of a victim agreed to talk to the Express-News before the execution. The rest of the family members asked to be given their privacy or did not return calls seeking comment.

    The triple homicide, robbery and sexual assault committed by Watts shocked the city and shook its small, tight-knit Korean community.

    On the morning of March 1, 2002, after a night of drinking and taking drugs, Watts entered the Sam Won Garden restaurant with the intent to rob the eatery. When he was not given the money fast enough, Watts ordered manager Hak Po Kim, 30, and employees Chae Sun Shook, 59 and Yuan Tzu Banks, 52 to kneel down in the restaurant's kitchen where he then shot each in the head.

    Kim and Shook died at the scene. Banks died a day later at Brooke Army Medical Center.

    Kim's newlywed wife, in America for just two months, was forced at gunpoint into her husband's vehicle and driven to an apartment complex where she was sexually assaulted by Watts and another man.

    Watts was caught by police trying to flee the complex. At the time he had a semi-automatic pistol tied around his neck with a shoestring. The gun was later determined by ballistics tests to be the murder weapon.

    Watts said in a jailhouse interview eight days before his execution that he was remorseful for what happened but said he did not intend to kill the three people. He blamed the mixture of alcohol, cocaine, Xanax and ecstasy.

    “At the time I did a lot of drugs, and you hear voices, you know, to do this or that, and I don't know what I was thinking,” he said. “It just got so out of control.”

    Watts is the 11th prisoner to be executed this year, and 10 more Texas inmates are scheduled to be executed by the end of 2008.


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