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Charles Francis Rumbaugh (JUVENILE) - Texas Execution - September 11, 1985
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Thread: Charles Francis Rumbaugh (JUVENILE) - Texas Execution - September 11, 1985

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    Charles Francis Rumbaugh (JUVENILE) - Texas Execution - September 11, 1985

    Summary of Offense: Killed an Amarillo jeweler during a robbery in 1975

    Victim: Michael Fiorello

    Time of Death:

    Manner of execution: Lethal Injection

    Last Meal: One flour tortilla and water

    Final Statement: "D.J., Laurie, Dr. Wheat, about all I can say is goodbye, and for all the rest of you, although you don’t forgive me for my transgressions, I forgive yours against me. I am ready to begin my journey and that’s all I have to say."

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    September 11, 1985

    Injection Puts Killer To Death Texas Man, 28, Spent Half Of Life Behind Bars

    HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS (UPI) — Convicted killer Charles Rumbaugh, who committed his first robbery at age 12 and was sentenced to death at 17, was executed by injection early Wednesday.

    Rumbaugh, 28, of San Angelo, Texas, was executed for the 1975 shooting death of a jeweler in a robbery that netted $54.

    He was the 48th person put to death in the United States since the Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, and the 10th in Texas.

    Rumbaugh had spent 10 1/2 years on death row, receiving stays of execution in 1982 and 1983, but refused to authorize lawyers to seek another stay, saying, ''I don't care anymore. I'm bored.''

    Rumbaugh spent his final hours calmly visiting with friends and relatives, Texas Department of Corrections spokesman Charles Brown said. For his final meal, Rumbaugh drank part of a glass of water and ate one flour tortilla.

    The last visitor Rumbaugh saw was Dolus Jane Stubben, who helped him write a book on his life and agreed to witness the execution. Rumbaugh visited earlier with three sisters, a brother-in-law, a television reporter and a friend from Wisconsin.

    After his last visitor left, Rumbaugh began typing a statement that he said should be opened in 13 years.

    Rumbaugh admitted killing Amarillo, Texas, jeweler Michael Fiorillo. He said he was forced to shoot Fiorillo after the jeweler grabbed a gun.

    ''I would run in and stick a gun in someone's face and say give me your money and they'd give me their money,'' he said. ''Finally someone called my bluff.''


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