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Christopher Lee Price - Alabama Execution - Stayed - Page 6
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Thread: Christopher Lee Price - Alabama Execution - Stayed

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    We already went through this song and dance with Arthur and Hamm. They will never change the warrant time.
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    A Bitterly Divided Supreme Court Allows Execution of Alabama Inmate

    The court’s conservatives argued that Alabama inmate Christopher Price waited too long to ask for nitrogen gas as an alternative to lethal injection.
    By Lisa Hagen, Staff Writer April 12, 2019, at 1:13 p.m.

    A DIVIDED SUPREME COURT on Friday ruled to allow the execution of a death row inmate in Alabama to go forward, as tensions on the high court broke out early in the morning.

    In a 5-4 vote, the majority – made up of the court's conservatives – lifted the stay on the execution of Alabama inmate, Christopher Price. The court's majority argued that he waited too long to ask for nitrogen hypoxia as opposed to execution by legal injection.

    Supreme Court: Constitution Does Not Guarantee Condemned Inmates a 'Painless Death'
    The court's decision came hours after the death warrant for Price expired at midnight. Alabama officials plan to schedule a new date for his execution. Price was convicted of a sword and dagger stabbing an Alabama minister to death in 1991.

    In a scathing dissent released around 3 a.m., Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that he asked the majority to hold off on a decision and discuss the case at a private conference Friday morning. He argued that his request was "warranted," despite delaying the execution by 30 days.

    "To proceed in this way calls into question the basic principles of fairness that should underlie our criminal justice system," Breyer wrote.

    "To proceed in this matter in the middle of the night without giving all Members of the Court the opportunity for discussion tomorrow morning is, I believe unfortunate."

    Last year, Alabama gave death row inmates a month to choose to be executed by nitrogen gas rather than by lethal injection, but Price didn't make the selection. In February, he argued that lethal injection would cause him severe pain and asked to use the gas instead.

    Two lower courts asked for a stay on the execution on Thursday, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Alabama Attorney General Mike Lewis to lift the stay.

    "He then waited until February 2019 to file this action and submitted additional evidence today, a few hours before his scheduled execution time," the majority wrote in an unsigned order.

    The Supreme Court has ruled on a number of death penalty cases this year that have bitterly divided the court.

    Earlier this month, the high court ruled that the Constitution doesn't guarantee a prisoner a "painless death" in the case of a Missouri inmate who suffered from a rare disease and argued that lethal injection would cause him pain.

    The court ruled that the pain caused wouldn't necessarily violate the Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment.


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    Christopher Price’s stay has officially been lifted. A new date must be set immediately

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    We already went through this song and dance with Arthur and Hamm. They will never change the warrant time.
    Arthur was successfully executed and Hamm was run of the mill. It's very unusual for a governor to castigate a stay as a miscarriage of justice, as Ivey did.

    This guy killed a preacher in Bible Belt Bama. He'd have been executed if the warrant lasted longer. This is THE perfect case to drum up public outrage and get them to change the law.
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    Plus, the warrant start time was changed from 12am to 6pm in Missouri as recently as 2015. It’s not impossible for Alabama to do the same, especially when their current warrant timing has proven to be a pain in the backside multiple times now.
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    Ivey calls stay of execution for Christopher Lee Price a miscarriage of justice

    Late Thursday night, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) called the granting of a stay of execution for death row inmate Christopher Lee Price “a miscarriage of justice.”

    “This evening, the state of Alabama witnessed a miscarriage of justice,” Gov. Ivey said. “Just days before Christmas in 1991, Christopher Lee Price brutally took the life of Pastor Bill Lynn. This horrendous crime left Pastor Lynn’s wife and family to grieve, and now, almost 30 years later, the family is still left with no closure. ”

    “To Pastor Lynn’s family, as well as the prosecutors and members of law enforcement who have worked on this case for years, I want to offer my assurance that I will continually fight to uphold the laws that bind our state,” Ivey continued. “Rightfully administering justice is a necessary duty as governor of Alabama.”

    “Tonight, in the middle of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, the family of Pastor Bill Lynn was deprived of justice,” said Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R). “They were, in effect, re-victimized by a killer trying to evade his just punishment. This 11th-hour stay for death row inmate Christopher Price will do nothing to serve the ends of justice. Indeed, it has inflicted the opposite— injustice, in the form of justice delayed.”

    “On December 22, 1991, Bill Lynn was wrapping Christmas gifts for his grandchildren when he was ambushed outside his home, slashed and stabbed with a sword dozens of times,” Marshall explained. “His killer has dodged his death sentence for the better part of three decades by employing much the same strategy he has pursued tonight—desperately clinging to legal maneuverings to avoid facing the consequences of his heinous crime.”

    “I can promise you this: Alabama will never forget victims. Justice will be had for Pastor Lynn and his family” Marshall vowed. “As for Christopher Price, his day of justice will come.”

    Thursday evening, Judge Kristi Dubose, of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama, granted Price’s second petition for a stay, which was later upheld on appeal by the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Time ran out before the State’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court could be considered.

    (source: alreporter.com)
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    Following late Thursday's 11th hour reprieve, Alabama will undoubtedly set a date for July or August 2019. Justice Thomas won't interfere in this case again.
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    If they prioritize this case (as I would expect them to), I don’t see why we wouldn’t see a date later next month.
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    They have to wait at least 30 days before setting another date

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    Wow, who comes up with these rules?
    "The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer." -Theodore Roosevelt

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