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Thread: Jason Budrow Charged in 2021 CA Slaying of Serial Killer, Roger Kibbe

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    Jason Budrow Charged in 2021 CA Slaying of Serial Killer, Roger Kibbe

    Ca. man pleads not guilty to strangling girlfriend

    A registered sex offender charged with strangling his girlfriend and driving to a Southern California sheriff's station with her body in his trunk has pleaded not guilty to murder.

    Thirty-year-old Jason Richard Budrow entered the plea in a Riverside County court on Friday.

    Budrow is charged with murder and a special circumstance of lying in wait, making him eligible for the death penalty.

    Authorities say Budrow appeared at the Lake Elsinore sheriff's station on Oct. 22 with the body of the woman he had been dating48-year-old Margret Dalton of Perrisin the trunk.

    In a jailhouse interview with the Riverside Press-Enterprise shortly after his arrest, Budrow said he had to kill Dalton because he feared she was a police informant.

    He is being held without bail.


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    Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Woman he Brought to Sheriff's Lake Elsinore Station

    A 31-year-old man who brought a dead womans body to the sheriffs Lake Elsinore substation in the trunk of her own vehicle pleaded guilty to murder Wednesday.

    Jason Richard Budrow, of Good Hope, entered his guilty plea a day before he was to have a two-hour preliminary hearing.

    He was immediately sentenced to two consecutive life terms, without the possibility of parole because of a prior strike conviction, under the California Three Strikes Law.

    In addition to the murder charge, Budrow admitted an allegation of special circumstances in the killing, and a prior felony conviction.

    In 2003, Budrow was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and sentenced to three years in state prison, according to court records.

    According to prosecutors, Budrow flagged down a Riverside County sheriffs sergeant as the deputy walked out of the Lake Elsinore substation about 7:15 a.m., Oct. 22.

    Budrow told the sergeant he had killed a woman and her body was in the trunk of the car, according to John Hall, information officer for the Riverside County District Attorneys Office.

    The sergeant immediately detained Budrow, said Hall.

    Once investigators determined there was a body in the trunk of the vehicle, Budrow was taken into custody, Hall said.

    Investigators subsequently determined that Margaret Dalton, 48, had been killed in a trailer off Highway 74, in Good Hope.

    Budrow had been living in the trailer.

    An autopsy revealed that Dalton had been strangled with some sort of cord, Hall said.

    Budrow, who had been acquainted with the victim for about six months, had asked Dalton over that night, with the intention of killing her, authorities said.

    The defendant reportedly believed that Dalton was a police informant.

    At the time of his arrest, Budrow was on parole from state prison, where he had been sent after violating parole for his sex conviction.

    He was required to , as a sex offender and had a GPS tracking device which he cut off his ankle at the Lake Elsinore Outlets, prior to going to the sheriffs station with Daltons body, Hall said.

    The lying-in-wait special circumstance allegations could have gotten him he death penalty had the case gone to trial.


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    Prosecutor wont seek death penalty for inmate who admitted he killed the I-5 Strangler

    By Ryan Sabalow
    Sacramento Bee

    Prosecutors wont seek the death penalty for the man accused of strangling Roger Kibbe, the serial killer known as the I-5 Strangler, in his prison cell.

    Amador County District Attorney Todd Riebe said Wednesday he filed formal first-degree murder charges against Kibbes cellmate, Jason Budrow, a 40-year-old convicted murderer out of Riverside County.

    Riebe said hed seek life without possibility of parole and forgo a death penalty trial for Budrow.

    There hasnt been an execution in California since 2006, and Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a moratorium on capital punishment after he was elected in 2018.

    At 12:45 a.m. on Feb. 28, a guard conducting a headcount at Mule Creek State Prison in Amador County found Kibbe, 81, lying on the floor of his cell. Budrow was standing over him, prison officials said. An autopsy revealed Kibbe had been strangled.

    Budrow, a self described Satanist and sex offender with a "666" tattoo over his right eyebrow, was convicted in 2011 of strangling his then-girlfriend in Riverside County.

    The woman was able to escape and flag down a passing police officer, who spotted Kibbe throwing a bag out the window when the officer pulled him over.
    In the bag was a garrote fashioned out of a pair of dowels and some parachute cord, a pair of scissors, a sex toy, some womens hair ties and a set of handcuffs, detectives said.

    The evidence in the bag proved critical to securing Kibbes conviction for Frackenpohls murder.

    Later, DNA evidence linked Kibbe to two other murders, and he confessed to four more in exchange for prosecutors not seeking the death penalty.

    His other victims included Lou Ellen Burleigh of Walnut Creek in 1977 and the 1986 murders of Stephanie Brown, 19, of Sacramento; Charmaine Sabrah, 26, a mother of three from Sacramento; Lora Heedrick, 21, of Modesto; Katherine Kelly Quinones, 25, of Sacramento, and Barbara Ann Scott, 29 who was kidnapped in Pittsburg.

    Kibbe was dubbed the I-5 Strangler because some of his victims were abducted from their cars and their bodies dumped along highways. He was known for leaving his signature random cuts on the womens clothing using scissors.

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