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    The man responsible for one of the most sadistic murders in recent history was back in court Friday where Circuit Court Judge, Chris Patterson decided his fate.

    Ultimately, Patterson followed the jury's recommendation and sentenced Johnny Skeeto Calhoun to the death penalty for the murder of Esto store clerk, Mia Brown. He also added 100 years for kidnapping.

    In 2010, Calhoun kidnapped Brown, put her in the trunk of her own car, and burned the car with her alive inside in a wooded area near Heartford, Alabama.

    Family and friends have been waiting for this day for over a year, and Friday, Browns killer was brought to justice.

    "This man will not suffer the way my daughter did. And we're not vengeful people I don't want him to suffer that way, But I really think there's some things that you need to lay down your life" Mia's father, James Blake Williams told us.

    And some family members felt that justice wouldn't really be served until Calhoun was executed. "Average inmates stay about 13 years [before execution] so that's something I'll think about everyday" said Chuck Biddle, Mia's brother.

    And although Mia can never be replaced, her family said they're humbled by the outpouring of support they've received during this time. They said they are thankful for a community that has helped keep the legacy of Mia alive.

    "Mia had a very kind heart and a wonderful smile and it brought her great joy to bring joy to others" said Mia Browns Mother, Nancy Williams.

    Under Florida law, all cases that receive the death sentence are automatically appealed. But, state attorney, Glen Hess said he believes the verdict and sentence will be upheld. "'This was the correct sentence. I'm confident this will be upheld on appeal. They're going to have a hard time finding error" Hess told us.

    Mia's family established the Mia Chay Brown scholarship fund to carry on her memory. Donations can be made at the Bonifay Credit Union.
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    Calhoun's sentence brings closure

    Judge Christopher Patterson delivered the final sentencing to Johnny Mack Sketo Calhoun at 1 p.m. Friday, May 11.

    The jury had convicted Calhoun of the first-degree murder of Mia Shay Brown and recommended the death penalty. At the time of the conviction, both sides were allowed to plea for or against the death penalty.

    Though reversals are rare, the judge has the power to overturn the jury’s decision if he sees an error. Patterson reviewed both arguments for more than a month before Friday’s final sentencing.

    Five minutes into the sentencing session, Patterson said that for the first-degree murder of Brown, Calhoun would be sentenced to death, and for the second charge of kidnapping. He would serve a 100-year imprisonment to be served in the Florida Department of Corrections.

    “The defendant shall be remanded to the Florida Department of Corrections for execution of his sentence,” Patterson said. “May God have mercy on your soul.”

    Calhoun had the same reaction to the sentencing that he did when he walked into the courtroom so many times before, somber and unresponsive.

    “He’s had a year to think about this,” said State Attorney Glenn Hess. “He knew when he first walked into court what he had done and what his sentence would be.”

    Hess said with the help of modern technology and the immense cooperation of all the emergency, forest and law enforcement agencies, the case was able to “come together efficiently and justice could be executed swiftly.”

    Members of the Brown family said they were relieved the painful ordeal was over.

    “The death of my daughter has impacted my family and myself in countless ways,” said Nancy Williams, Brown’s mother. “Minds are forever etched with pictures and testimony of a life cut short in a horrific inferno. Mia, her family and friends are not the only victims; everyone who has had to participate in viewing this monstrous treatment of humanity is a victim, too.”

    She said for her, the healing process starts now, with closure found in the final sentencing of Calhoun.

    “I would’ve have preferred that he receive a life sentence in solitary confinement, but this will have to do,” Nancy Williams said.

    James Williams, Brown’s father, said he felt justice was served. “It’s a life for a life,” he said. “He said he gave his life to God, and now it’s time for him to man up and lay down his life for the life he has stolen.”

    A scholarship has been set up in Mia Brown’s name at Bethlehem High School. For those who are interested in donating, an account is set up at the First Federal Credit Union under the Mia Shay Brown Scholarship.

    “This is the best way we can honor her memory,” Nancy Williams said. “Helping others as we know she would have done herself.”
    A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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    DC Number:................Q26629
    Name:.......................CALHOUN, JOHNNY M
    Hair Color:..................BROWN
    Eye Color:..................HAZEL
    Weight:.....................228 lbs.
    Birth Date:.................07/19/1977
    Initial Receipt Date:.....05/23/2012
    Current Facility:..........FLORIDA STATE PRISON
    Current Custody:.........MAXIMUM
    Current Release Date:..DEATH SENTENCE

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    State Supreme Court Upholds Conviction & Sentence In Mia Brown's Murder

    TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Supreme Court has upheld the murder conviction and sentence of a Holmes County man who burned a woman alive.

    Johnny Mack Skeeto Calhoun was sentenced to death, plus 100-years, for the brutal murder of Mia Brown.

    Calhoun kidnapped the Esto store clerk in December 2010. He put brown in the trunk of her car alive, then drove to Hartford, Alabama where he set the car on fire.

    All death penalty cases in Florida are automatically appealed. After the sentencing in May 2012, State Attorney Glen Hess said he was confident the case would stand up.

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