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New York Capital Punishment News
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Thread: New York Capital Punishment News

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    New York Capital Punishment News

    Ball wants death penalty for cop killers

    State Sen. Greg Ball, R-Carmel, plans to introduce legislation reinstating the death penalty for those who “intentional(ly) murder . . . a police officer, peace officer or an employee of the Department of Correctional Services.”

    The state Court of Appeals deemed New York’s death penalty unconstitutional in 2004. Since then, Ball said, eight police officers in New York have been “intentionally murdered.” The most recent was John Falcone of the Poughkeepsie city police department, who was shot and killed Feb. 18. Falcone grew up in Carmel. (The man who shot him then shot himself, police said.)

    “If the death penalty serves to save even one innocent life as a deterrence then we will have done our job and this bill will have been a success. Before any thug even thinks about harming a police officer they need to know that such a decision may come with the price of death,” Ball said in a statement.

    Ball will hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m. Friday (3/4) in the Putnam County Emergency Services Building, 112 Old Route 6, in Carmel about the legislation.


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    Ball renews call for death penalty for cop killers, terrorists

    BREWSTER In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people last Monday, and the subsequent assassination of an MIT police officer on Wednesday night, New York Senator Gregory Ball (R-Patterson) Saturday renewed his call for the reinstatement of the death penalty for terrorists and in cases involving the intentional murder of a police officer, peace officer or employee of the Department of Correctional Services.

    Ball, who is chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, said New York State is terror target number one, and we need our governor to make the death penalty for cop killers and terrorists a top priority.

    The senator said the death penalty is a fitting deterrent that will act as protection for those men and women who leave their loving families daily and put their lives at risk every day to protect the rest of us.

    The death penalty was taken off the table after a 2004 State Court of Appeals ruling.

    An uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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    I'm a bit miffed that after three NYPD Cops were murdered in six months and uber-liberal Boston handed a Death Sentence to a Terrorist that nobody in the state of New York is trying to bring it back. For pete's sake, even Michigan had a half-hearted reinstation attempt this year. For point of fact, the state/voters never even technically abolished it! Just fix what the Court shot down! Cuomo and De Blasio will fight it of course but at least try. There's more of a case now than there was in 2013, I'll argue.
    I am vehemently against Murder. That's why I support the Death Penalty.

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    Sort of Related

    Arsonist who torched 87 people in horrific 1990 Happy Land fire dies after apparent heart attack in prison

    Now he can burn in hell.

    The arsonist who killed 87 people when he torched the Happy Land social club 26 years ago in the Bronx died Tuesday after suffering an apparent heart attack in prison.

    Julio Gonzalez, 61, died at 11:30 a.m. at the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh, state corrections spokesman Thomas Mailey said

    Gonzalez was locked up on a 25-year to life sentence in Clinton Correctional Facility after he was convicted of murder following the infamous March 25, 1990, fire.

    At the time, it was called the largest mass murder in U.S. history.

    Gonzalez went to the hospital after suffering what appeared to be a heart attack and died on the catheterization table, said David Doneh, the Clinton County coroner. His autopsy will be performed Wednesday, though formal results likely won’t be released for at least two months, Doneh said.

    Gonzalez torched the illegal nightclub on Southern Blvd. in West Farms after an argument with his former girlfriend, Lydia Feliciano, who was one of six people to escape the flames.

    We all live in a clown world.

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