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    Thank you Heidi.

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    Kevin Lee Harper had one or more partners, one being Tracy Culton, involved in the Goggin Family Murders (Yakima, WA) Feb. 19th 2011. The charge of Burglary for Ms. Culton is because she admitted entering the premises where the theft took place. This gives the authorities the necessary time to collect evidence that will prove Ms. Culton actively took part in the crime of murder, or conspired to commit murder. Since murder is seldom a "spectator sport" the authorities have an unbelievable task to prove murder against a suspect. The proof has to be irrefutable and overwhelming. If not the "smoking gun" then perhaps the "blood dripping off the hands" in a manner of speaking so there can be no doubt of Ms. Culton's guilt or innocence to the crime of murder. The murder weapon(s) have yet to be identified (or made public). The photo is Kevin Lee Harper and partner Desirea Everts. It's not determined at this time if Desirea Everts had any involvement in the Goggin Murders. These two were arrested in Post Falls, Idaho.
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    As of May 2012, the trial of these two suspects has been re-scheduled to sometime around Jan. or Feb. 2013. If we can keep the Yakima District Attorney sober long enough (ref. DWI Conviction) we might get justice in this case.

    Here is the relevant laws in the State of Washing (RCW) [Rev. Code Washington]: According to RCW 10.95.020 of Washington State's Legislative Code -
    A person is guilty of aggravated first degree murder, a class A felony, if he or she commits first degree murder as defined by RCW 9A.32.030(1)(a), as now or hereafter amended, and one or more of the following aggravating circumstances exist:
    (11) The murder was committed in the course of, in furtherance of, or in immediate flight from one of the following crimes:

    (a) Robbery in the first or second degree;

    (c) Burglary in the first or second degree or residential burglary;

    With that being said, it does not matter whether Ms. Culton planned on killing the Goggin's. The fact is she admitted that she planned to burglarize their home and these poor people were killed in the commission of that crime. Hence she should be charged with Aggravated Murder. The fact that she was a drug user is irrelevant. The fact that she had a bad life is irrelevant. The fact is 3 people are dead because of those drug habits and these 3 people deserve justice.

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    This case has taken more twists and turns than a rabbit being chased by a Yakima Coyote. Here's the link:>
    During the week of Oct. 10th, 2012, there was a plea bargain where by the miscreant Kevin Harper won a deal of 80 months in jail for burglary. With credit for time served and good behavior, he'll be out within 36 months. Meanwhile, the Yakima Co. DA's Office is out of public money and competence to do more on this case. The lead detective listened in on eight "privileged" conversations between the defendant and his lawyer. I'm told by a friend of mine, a retired 30 year policeman (LA Area) and who has had extensive legal training, that this case may not be over, not entirely. Despite the fact that the Yakima Sheriff's and DA Departments messed up, there is still evidence available to prosecute Mr. Harper and company for murder. The issue of Double Jeopardy is not involved in this case because the defendant signed the plea deal BEFORE a jury was impaneled. According to my friend, the police and DA can take their time to gather up more evidence. They initially had only 45 days from the time the judge entertained preliminary motions and the time when the jury and trial were to begin. (Speedy Trial requirements in the State of Washington, etc.) The police initially claimed to have a video of Mr. Harper leaving the housing area's front gate in a white Land Rover belonging to one of the victims. I know the video camera well since I have been to that area many times. It only records people and cars leaving but not entering. What was most disconcerting during the trial proceedings was the Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Ken Ramm sneaking out the side door to avoid the press and the public. Hopefully, this case is not over since there were claims of "substantial forensic evidence" by the DA's Office in the beginning.
    The sad fact in all of this is that in the United States today, you have a very good chance of getting away with murder. There's a one in 20 chance of getting apprehended and arrested; then a one in 10 chance of indictment and trial; then a one in 10 chance of being found guilty and going to prison. If criminals were capable of doing a Risk Assessment Analysis before their crimes, we would be in more trouble than we are in now. Just my humble opinion.

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