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      Mark Taylor Sentenced to Life in 2010 KY Slaying of CaSondra Evrard

      MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. Three family members will head to trial on murder charges Sept. 10, 2012.

      Mark, Jamie and Jasmine Taylor face murder charges in the death of CaSondra Evrard.

      Mark Taylor's attorney asked for an 11-month delay because the prosecution is now seeking the death penalty.

      In court Friday, Jasmine Taylor's attorney also asked to suppress some of her statements to sheriff's detectives, claiming her miranda rights weren't given properly.

      Her attorney also questioned her ability to comprehend questioning and reasoning and questions if coercion was used to pressure statements out of her.

      Prosecutors and detectives said everything was done by the book.

      At a hearing Nov. 9, the judge will decide if death can be considered as a penalty in this case.

      A decision on Jasmine Taylor's suppression motion is expected at a pre-trial conference Dec. 7.


      MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky- A young lady missing- then found.

      "I was able to make an immediate determination that this little girl had been murdered," Sheriff Jon Hayden said, flashing back to the afternoon of December 11th.

      Hayden was the one to discover the body of CaSondra Evrard dumped near a creek off of Wilmington Road. The cause of death, according to the coroner, was due to "sharp force injuries."

      He has dedicated the days and nights since to the case, "This has been very, very stressful on the department."

      That is because Hayden had nearly all the pieces to this puzzle, "We were fairly sure from the onset what the motive was and who the people involved were."

      He will not discuss the motive. But he is confident, thanks to evidence collected at the scene and at the suspects' home, he has the right people.

      The arrests were made Tuesday evening beginning at 5:45. Father Mark Taylor, 46, is charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence. Investigators say he and his wife were the ones to dispose of the Evrard's body.

      Mother Jamie Taylor, 44, faces the same charges. Their daughter, Jasmine, 21, is charged with murder.

      According to Hayden, Jasmine and Evrard were friends. With one of the Taylor children recently out of the hospital, Jasmine had invited her over to celebrate.

      "We believe CaSondra was lured over to that residence on false pretenses," he said.

      "She had no idea what was gonna happen," he continued.

      Hayden says he was pleased with the arrests and relieved to begin to offer the family some closure.

      Carla Cruse, Evrard's mother said, "This is the only Christmas present we could ask for. We are so thankful to Jon Hayden and his team of investigators who have worked so hard and shown us such compassion."

      Still Hayden says it is never enough, "No matter what we're able to do or a jury is able to do, it is still not gonna bring CaSondra back."

      Additional charges for the Taylors are forthcoming. Hayden says the case is "far from over" and more arrests could follow.

      Three more charged in CaSandra Evrard case
      Web Editor - Jay Marchmon

      Story Created: Mar 22, 2011 at 4:43 PM CDT

      Story Updated: Mar 22, 2011 at 7:57 PM CDT

      PADUCAH - As the investigation continues into the December 10, 2010 murder of CaSondra Evrard, three more people are charged in connection with the case.

      After gathering more evidence and conducting additional interviews, McCracken County Sheriff's Department Detective Division arrested two adults at their home in Paducah Tuesday morning.

      Paducah residents Zachary J. Finley, 19 years-old, and Brandi A. Marshall, 21 years-old, are both charged with Complicity to Kidnapping. The third individual charged was a juvenile at the time the crime was committed.

      Since the victim was murdered, this is a capitol offence whereas the penalty could be life in prison.

      All three were transported to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department so they could be interviewed by detectives, and then lodged in the McCracken County Jail.


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      PADUCAH, KY- When lawyers met in McCracken Circuit Court Friday it should have been to tie up lose ends. After all, August 10th was exactly one month from when Mark Taylor's trial was scheduled to begin.
      But instead, both sides were debating when the trial would get underway. Several attorneys, citing conflict of interest, had backed out of the murder case just weeks before.
      It forced the defense to start from square one. It is why Craig Newbern, a capital case specialist with the Department of Public Advocacy, pleaded with the judge for more time.

      "How long are you thinking you need to be ready to start trial?" Judge Craig Clymer asked.
      "I'd be looking at the earliest July," Newbern admitted.
      The thought of waiting even longer for brought tears and frustrations to the family of victim CaSondra Evrard.
      Evrard, 21, was discovered murdered December 11, 2010, just one day after her family reported her missing. Mark Taylor, his wife, Jamie, and daughter Jasmine were charged in connection to the murder in the days that followed.
      On Friday, Newbern was officially joined by Jason Pfeil, also with the Department of Public Advocacy. Newbern cited his co-council's lack of knowledge on the case and the fact that his client's life was hanging in the balance, as the case is death-eligible.
      But the prosecution fired back, saying most of the discovery has been done by previous lawyers and the trial had already been pushed back twice.
      In the end, Judge Clymer denied the defense's request, and set the trial for January 2-4, 7-11, and 14-18.
      Commonwealth's Attorney Dan Boaz said later he was pleased to speed up the process for the victim's family, "That is the most important thing, the family. CaSondra's family, that's what we're looking for."
      A trial date was also set for Jasmine Taylor. Her case is on the docket for March 18-29. Carbondale-based attorney Tim Capps, meanwhile, officially took on the case of Jamie Taylor. He asked for more time to prepare because her case, like her husband's is death eligible. A pre-trial conference in that case is scheduled for September 5th.


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      Ky. woman pleads guilty in slaying

      A prosecutor says a fifth person has pleaded guilty to charges involving a western Kentucky slaying.

      The Paducah Sun reports Jamie Taylor pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping in a deal that calls for her to serve a life sentence with eligibility for parole in 20 years in the slaying of 21-year-old CaSondra Evrard, whose body was found in December 2010 near a creek. She had faced the death penalty.

      Taylor's husband, Mark Taylor, and daughter, Jasmine Taylor, are also charged with murder and kidnapping in the case, and prosecutors said they may call Jamie Taylor to testify in their upcoming trials.

      Four other defendants in the case have entered guilty pleas on various charges.

      Jamie Taylor will be formally sentenced after the trials of her husband and daughter.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      Mark Taylor trial begins today

      Jury orientation in the trial of a man accused of luring a 21-year-old Kentucky woman to a home and killing her is now underway.

      Mark Taylor could face the death penalty for his alleged role in the killing of CaSondra Evrard. Jury selection will begin this morning in McCracken County.

      The 21 year-old Evrard was killed in December 2010. McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden found her body in the woods one day after her family reported her missing.

      Mark Taylor's wife and daughter, Jamie and Jasmine Taylor, are also accused in this case. In December, Jamie Taylor pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. In return, she will get a life sentence, but it comes with the possibility of parole. She will also testify against Mark and Jasmine.

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      Testimony underway in Mark Taylor trial

      A jury has been seated and testimony has begun in the Mark Taylor murder trial.

      In opening statements, the jury learned more on the background of this case.

      The state says Mark Taylor's daughter, Jasmine, was found wandering the streets out of sorts after a Friday night party she had attended with three young men. Although CaSondra Evrard was not at that party, Taylor was convinced she had something to do with what had happened to his daughter. The state said Taylor then lured Evrard to his home where he stabbed and beat her to death.

      Taylor's team told the jury it was true that Evrard was "senselessly and brutally killed," but Taylor was not the mastermind. The state told the jury Taylor had already talked to two of the young men Jasmine had been with that night, and even tracked a third one down at work. Taylor, not getting the answers he wanted from the young men, became fixated on Evrard, according to the state.

      The jury also heard from the victim's mother and investigators before recessing for lunch.

      Taylor faces the death penalty if he is convicted on charges of murder, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. The charges stem from the death of CaSondra Evrard in December 2010.

      Earlier story:

      MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - A group of people will be narrowed down to 12 jurors plus four alternates before testimony finally gets underway in the Mark Taylor trial.

      Last week, the jurors went through two phases of questioning as a pool of 200 were reduced to the current 37.

      The judge took the extra step because Taylor is eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

      The trial is expected to last up to three weeks.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      Mark Taylor case enters sentencing phase

      A jury will decide this morning whether or not convicted murderer Mark Taylor will face the death penalty.

      Late last night, a McCracken County jury found Taylor guilty on all counts of murdering 21-year-old CaSondra Evrard in December 2010.

      His wife, who has already pleaded guilty, testified earlier in the week. She said the murder happened because they believed their daughter, Jasmine, had been raped and Evrard was behind it.

      When the judge read the guilty verdict, there was very little emotional reaction from Mark Taylor, but there was a strong reaction from the victim's family.

      Evrard's mother, Carla Cruse, says she is "relieved" by the jury's decision.

      The sentencing phase gets underway at 8:30 a.m. The state says they plan on calling Cruse to testify.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      A jury has returned with the second and third of three sentences for Mark Taylor. Taylor received life on the conviction of intentional murder,and an additional five years on the of tampering with physical evidence conviction.

      Less than a half hour ago, Taylor was given life for his of kidnapping conviction. That sentence took the death penalty off of the table.

      A formal sentencing was set for April 3.

      4:39 p.m.

      The 12-person jury returned a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for Mark Taylor on his kidnapping conviction. This decision takes the death penalty off the table for consideration. The jury continues to deliberate the other two charges, intentional murder and tampering with physical evidence.

      3:30 p.m.

      Jurors are deliberating the sentencing for Mark Taylor's kidnapping conviction. If the jury does not come back with a death verdict then capital punishment will not be considered during deliberations over Taylor's intentional murder conviction.

      11:51 a.m.

      The sentencing hearing for Mark Taylor is under way at the McCracken County Court House this morning. Taylor was convicted of murder and kidnapping CaSondra Evrard on Thursday and a jury will now decide his sentence. In the photo, Evrard's mother, Carla Cruse, testifies during the hearing. Other testimony includes discussion of Taylor's mental competency and Tiffany Taylor, one of Mark Taylor's daughters.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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